Fun Find: Limited Edition Beer Steins in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

Time for another fun tour of the awesomeness that is Epcot’s World Showcase! I like shopping there almost as much as riding Soarin’! Today, we’re checking out more fun finds at one of my favorite stops on the trip around the World — the Germany Pavilion.

Limited Edition Beer Steins

As I headed back through the shops in Germany, I didn’t have to go very far before I found two different limited edition Disney and Epcot Beer Steins.

Front and Back of First Stein

Resplendent in the colors of the German flag, the first stein depicts Disney characters against the background of the Germany Pavilion itself!

The design includes Mickey, Donald, and Goofy all dressed in lederhosen and playing instruments. The image is straight out of Oktoberfest!

Close Up of Mickey on First Stein

Check out Donald’s cheeks! I didn’t know ducks HAD cheeks.

Close Up of Donald on First Stein

The second stein features a lighter color palette of tan, blue, and green, and depicts statuary and banners.

Second Beer Stein with Epcot Logo

I love the Epcot logo and elderflower at the bottom!

Second Beer Stein with Epcot Logo -- Up Close

The bottoms of the steins also feature the hand numbering of the painter, and are signed by the modeler.

Limited Edition Marks and Pricing

Each of the tankards comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, which gives a brief history of the designs of the steins themselves (did you know why they had lids? I didn’t!). It also provides the number of the stein. Limited to a lot of 5,000, these are true collector’s items.

Certificate of Authenticity -- Click to Enlarge

The price is a little steep for my pocketbook, but if you’re a Beer and Epcot fan these are the perfect keepsake! And given the popularity of beer stands around World Showcase, we know that there are a lot of folks who are both. ;-)

Will you be adding one of these beautiful steins to your collection during your next visit to Walt Disney World?


  1. Otis III says

    I just got home and missed these. Any idea how I can get them now? Not going back til F&W Festival this fall.

  2. Marc says

    Otis III — you should be able to call WDW Merchandise with the UPC code (see picture above) and, hopefully, they’ll be able to pull one off the shelves for you.

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