New! Test Track “Cone” Cup in Epcot

I finally got a chance to spend an exorbitant amount of money on one of the new Test Track Cone Cups this weekend!! Woo-hoo!

Test Track Cone Cup

This souvenir cup emblazoned with the Test Track logo is, I’m pretty sure, the same type of cup that Cozy Cone Motel guests receive in Disney California Adventure.

Test Track Cone Cup at Cool Wash

In Florida, you can find it at Cool Wash, right outside of the Test Track fastpass machines. This spot isn’t often open, but when it is, you can find a variety of frozen drinks.

Cool Wash Menu

On my visit, I went with the “icee” version of Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade.

Get frozen coke or frozen raspberry lemonade in your cone cup!

Frozen raspberry lemonade inside the cone cup

While they really don’t put much of the frozen drink in there (what you see is how much was in the cup when I received it), you’re really getting the cup for its re-useable souvenir qualities, right?

Oh, and the cup comes with a re-useable hard plastic bendy straw, so don’t forget to wash out your cone cup and take it home when you’re done!

What are your favorite souvenir mugs or cups from Disney World? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Sue says

    I want one! To answer your “favorite souvenir mug” question, mine is my “Please stand clear of my coffee” monorail cup. I also love my husband’s Nemo seagull mug that says “Mine! Mine! Mine!” but I can’t call it my favorite because I only get to use it when he’s out of town. ;-) And, yes, I will be buying a second one next time I’m at WDW.

  2. Rebecca says

    I’ve only recently discovered the fascination of the souvenir cups, so the only one in my collection is the Beast/Gaston stein from Gaston’s Tavern. I think next time I go to Epcot I’ll be looking into the Doofensluper drink!!

  3. Galloping gourmand says

    My my. That will look nice next to my Little Orange Bird cup. I’m glad to see WDW getting on the souvenir cup bandwagon. I’m not much for souvenirs because I would rather spend my money on food, but some of these cups are things that i’ll be sure to buy.

  4. Janet Sala says

    Used to buy Food and Wine Fest coffee mugs with the year on them. The year disappeared after 2006. I miss that, but right now, the 2006 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival mugs are my current favorite.

  5. Janice Dion says

    We loved the reusable slushie cups that were previously available at Goofy’s Kitchen in Downtown Disney. There was a slushie station right at the main entrance. You could choose your slushie flavors – just one or mixed together. The cup was a large rigid plastic drinking cup (probably 16 oz.) that came in one of four colors that said “Goofy’s Glaciers”. The cup had a black plastic cover and reusable straw. The best part was that you then chose mix and match Disney character feet and hats to add on the cup. These included Stitch’s ears, Minnie’s shoes or bow, Goofy’s hat… Unfortunately, the shop no longer carries these cups and adornments. We have all the feet and hats but our dog, as a puppy, ate 2 of the cups. we do so wish that they would bring the cups back!

  6. Roz Vining says

    The cone cups are cool—the price is not. We are avid WDW visitors, but I feel like they are starting to outprice themselves. In the past couple years we have noticed how much their Disney merchadise has gone up in price. I’m sure they would sell so much more if they kept the prices lower. Just sayin!!!

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