Review: Main Street Bakery Starbucks in Walt Disney World

We shared a few inaugural images of the newly opened Disney World Starbucks in the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom with you on Saturday. But I always LOVE seeing as many pics as I can of new Disney World spots, so I wanted to share a few more today!! (Don’t worry — we’ll have another great non-Starbucks food review this afternoon!)

Disney World Starbucks Window Display

Upon walking up to the shop, you’ll see both the familiar and the new. Starbucks coffee bean bags have joined the standard window display now, and Starbucks signage is prominent outside of the bakery.

Starbucks Signage is Prominent

Starbucks Window Signage Features the Older Starbucks Logo

But this newly refurbished facade still indicates the turn-of-the-century charm that we expect to see on Main Street USA.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks facade


Inside the bakery, you’ll find that the dark woods and Victorian decor continues — reminiscent of the former incarnation of Main Street Bakery.

Cast members are still clad in Victorian costume, and chandeliers remain turn-of-the-century true.


Main Street Bakery Starbucks ledge for coffee and new decor

Of course, there have been some changes. Example #1: the dishware has gotten a makeover!

Disney Parks Starbucks Cups

And the set-up has changed to offer better flow for a typical coffee shop…minus the indoor seating.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

The menu features Starbucks coffees and drinks…note the Disney Dining Plan snack credit options!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks Menu -- click for larger image

When you get to the front of the line and are ready to make your selections, Cast Members dressed in Victorian costumes are ready and willing to take your order.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Baked goods here are now primarily Starbucks “brand,” but you will find a few Disney-made options, too.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Once you choose your eats and coffee, you’ll have the option to pick up some fresh fruit, grab-and-go items, or drinks from a refrigerated section.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Since the cinnamon rolls were not available, we chose another favorite classic Main Street Bakery treat — the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

Since seating is all outdoors now (and there’s not too much of it to go around, so plan accordingly), we took a seat outside to watch the goings-on of Main Street.

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

The cupcake hit the spot and we’re hoping it will continue to stick around! It really is one of my favorite Main Street Bakery treats!

Main Street Bakery Starbucks

I’m eagerly awaiting the official opening of the Bakery on June 18th! I’m sure there will be some changes in the first few weeks and months, so please drop us a line with your perceptions and experiences!

Will you frequent Main Street Bakery for coffee on your way to grab fastpasses? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks Dave Manning for photos!


  1. Derek says

    This is one of the worst decisions ever by Disney. It was a feature of so many people’s vacations; sitting watching the crowds go by while enjoying fresh baked tempting goodies (and if you had the specials) very nice coffee. Now its nothing but a Starbucks outlet (and even high street Starbucks have seats and tables).

    I am not exaggerating or overreacting but this may actually influence whether we continue to have two weeks every year in future. I think we’ll be cutting down.

    Bad bad move Disney.

  2. Paul says

    I would like to know the reasoning behind the decision to remove seating from both the Starbucks at the MK and EPCOT. Is is especially troubling for me at the Fountain View at EPCOT where we enjoyed watching and listening to the music while enjoying the food/desserts/ice cream. :( After all, there has always been seating at Starbucks except for perhaps their kiosk locations.

  3. Spartangirl says

    Oh my – where to begin! Seating is definitely an important issue for true coffee aficionados (including me), and to make things worse, Starbucks food has a very poor reputation (certainly far below WDW standards). Add to this the fact people either love or hate SB coffee (an acquired taste for many) I think we have a losing proposition. I’ve crossed MS Bakery off my stops during my next visit to the MK.

  4. Lynn says

    Very sad as there is no imagineering even though it replaced an icon. My local Starbucks are much more themed-but Starbucks is Starbucks and has a commercial look. Starbucks baked goods are not good and the food is below Disney quality. All I did when I was there is take a picture to show how plain and un-imaginative it is. No charm, no goodies that I want even though I love coffee. I can get that at home.

  5. Lynn Chevalier says

    Having been there, it is less imaginative than my local Starbucks. There is no Disney magic in the atmosphere and it is hard to believe this passed the Disney standards to replace a beloved Main Street institution.

  6. Adam Squarepants says

    This is the best move that they ever made. I was there December of 2011 and couldn’t find a decent cup of coffee anywhere. Now I’m psyched for some quality java while I’m there. Thanks!

  7. Debbie says

    I think this is fantastic! I’m very happy Starbucks is finally at Disney World! Can’t wait to get there next month!!

  8. Lynn Chevalier says

    I’ve been there a few times now and if you care about coffee but not imagineering then it is the place to be. I understand wanting good coffee too but would have thought whoever took it over would have been required by Disney to maintain the Main Street charm. It is much less charming than the Starbucks in my own neighborhood.

  9. Cindy Edwards says

    I agree that something is surely missing from the Starbucks/Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom. What used to feel warm and inviting is now quite empty and plain. It’s missing the “Disney” touch and specialness that it used to hold

  10. Mike says

    The Disney charm is lost in the Starbucks on Main Street USA. Huge mistake by Disney corporate wannabes! All the baked goods that lured you in are gone. When I’m in there which was only once and my last time, I felt like I was in any Starbucks in any huge city……Disney failed this time!

  11. Derek says

    Have now been and seen the damage in person (November ’13) . Its a good deal no doubt – a large cup of specialist coffee for one Dining Plan snack credit. BUT, where is the charm, where are the tempting freshly baked pastries and, most important, where are the seats! We have a Starbucks not 1/2 a mile from where I live. Why would I want to travel 5000 miles to go to one which is more soulless than the one down the road?

    Disney could have done this AND kept charm, good food and seating but unfortunately, more and more, Disney is just run by accountants. Maximise income at all costs. Trouble is its all short termism and sooner or later the bubble will burst.

    An institution has been removed.

  12. Mark says

    We are at WDW now-I can’t begin to say how disappointed we are that The Main Street Bakery has been turned in to a Starbucks.. I agree witH some other folks they could have put the Starbucks anywhere in Disney. But to remove a Disney icon is just wrong..

  13. Anonymouse says

    I am so disappointed! I’m suspicious of any large chain moving into a DW park, but I truly thought that Disney would make it worth the compromise by imagineering the heck out of Starbucks. I was expecting more than just Disney-themed cups. I actually thought that this location wouldn’t even be recognizable as a “Starbucks.” I was hoping for Disney-themed drinks, real MS Bakery food, strategic ambient noise…basically, a Disney experience. Way to cheap out, Disney. And really – no tables or chairs? If they wanted a Starbucks with 0 seating, why couldn’t they have left MS Bakery alone and put the Starbucks in a kiosk somewhere outside? Ah, well. At least now we have a place to ditch that annoying family member who hates Disney and needs a ‘break’ from all the magic!

  14. Matt says


    I was very excited when I read about the renovation. What could be better than a Starbucks + Main Street Bakery (our go to place EVERY time we hit MK, before starting our day). We even turned our friends on to this place. Grab a nosh, grab a seat and get your morning started right.

    Boy was I wrong – beloved bakery gone completely in favor of one of the 10,000 sbux in the nation… And not a seat in the place. Someone got big bag of cash for this deal – plus the two new ones at DD.

  15. Michael says

    I have visited main st bakery many times in my visits to WDW and have always enjoyed the food until Starbucks arrived, the food and atmosphere is not the same and I am personally not happy Starbucks is even there. Walt Disney would have never allowed this to happen, I am very disappointed in this decision to allow an outside coffee vendor to have such an impact on the happiest place on earth!!!!!!! Walt Disney said himself, I want people to forget the world they came From when they visit Disney World, what happened to that!!!!! How could the Disney executives allow this to happen for no other reason than to make money, what’s next Burger King or Dairy Queen. This to me is totally disgusting and has upset many, many people and changed Disney World forever

  16. Paul says

    Disney did not need to have Starbucks take over the MSB. They could have just added Joffrey’s coffee to the old bakery and it would have been wonderful. IMHO, they chose Starbucks so that they would pay for the renovation to move more people through the place, i.e., no seating. I agree with many that this place is no longer special. Even the Starbucks in the “real” world have tables and chairs. They also ruined the Fountain View at Epcot for me. :(

  17. Tracy Ayres says

    Why not just trade out the Emporium for a Wal-mart? This move to destroy the Main Street Bakery is an epic fail.

  18. sergio says

    worst disney decision !!!
    a place where my parents used to take seat while eating something from the bakery, that was a reason for them going into an amusement park, very bad decision by disney !!!

  19. amy giordano says

    i’m glad to see so many others share my feelings. It was a HUGE mistake to put Starbucks on Main St. It was my first stop in MK for years, miss the chocolate chip muffins, and the seating. Main Street is no longer magical, its all about making money and its horribly evident everywhere you go- the magic is gone and i think Walt would agree. It seems that guests opinions no longer matter to ‘corporate’ disney any longer. :(

  20. Lynne says

    I Always have to chuckle when people say “Walt” would not be happy over this. I think you need to look at the facts. If you looked at the food and rides at Disneyland when it opened and see that everyplace had a corporate name on it. Most of the food was out sourced to other known food suppliers and restaurants. Plus look around starbucks, McDonald’s, Chevy, Joffreys, HP, Kodak to just name a few. Disney has ALWAYS had other corporations in it. Plus, I find it hard to believe that the change in 1 restaurant ruins the “magic” on Main Street

  21. Anita says

    This is so terribly disappointing. Disney has made this decision thinking on their pockets only and not taking into consideration their guests opinions. The corner bakery would always be our first stop on all our Disney family trips, now we’ll be skipping this stop for sure. What’s the next move? Selling out the Crystal Palace to McDonalds? If Walt were alive he would have never allowed this, specially with such an iconic place in the Main Street. Plus, can’t seem to understand what benefit Disney can receive from this partnership, if anything the other way around? Does Disney REALLY need a partnership with Starbucks? Bleah… Bad move.

  22. Rachel says

    Oh jeez enough with the claiming to know what “Walt would or wouldn’t want”. Starbucks has been there for months now, it’s always packed and parents are grateful for the caffeine burst they need to get through the long day! It doesn’t take away from the look of Main Street it fits right in

  23. Stephen says

    Walt actually made it clear what his vision for the park was. I don’t think Starbucks fits in with his turn-of-the-century home town Main Street idea that was based on what he fondly remembered from his childhood. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a Starbuck’s in his vision. Just because people are in there getting a coffee fix doesn’t mean it’s a good idea or in line with good imagineering for the park.

  24. Stephen says

    It is supposed to be a small town bakery not a coffee chain that you can go to ANYWHERE. They should have kept it as is, with the specialty baked goods they had before. Just switch out the coffee. No branding on the main sign, just a Stabucks sold here on an old timey sign in the window… and yes, they did have caffiene there before Starbucks! And seating! And charm! And respect for established imagineering smarts!

  25. Lynne says

    For all you people who knew Walt so well, I guess you missed that almost every spot in disneyland had a corporate sponser when they opened. FYI they had McDonalds french Fries all over the parks and got rid of them about 6 years back. We miss those giant fries they were a great snack that we could all share. Its OK that YOU just don’t like it. Me on the other hand love it and I go everyday while I am there. If I am in the MK I grab my coffee walk to Gastons and get my cinnamon roll and am 1 Happy Camper!!!

  26. Kristina says

    I don’t like it either. Oh the coffee was much needed but there is no place to sit and that’s a real shame. I wish I could get my coffee and then after waiting in that line for ages walk all the way back to Gaston’s for a Cinnamon roll but I’m usually in a bit of pain by then. Besides for me it wasn’t about the pastries but more about sitting and enjoying my coffee and what not inside the Bakery on Main Street.
    I don’t know why they didn’t open up some space behind their Starbucks and create a seating area, but they like us to keep moving it seems.

  27. Derek says

    The plus is reasonably decent coffee at last and if you are on the dining plan, a free (effectively) GIANT cup of coffee that’s enough for two.

    But I’m afraid to say, this is completely outweighed by the fact that you can’t get anything freshly baked to eat , you can’t sit down and the place has as much ambiance as …well… a high street Starbucks”!

    Whether Walt would have approved or not is irrelevant. He’s not here and nobody knows what he would have thought. What matters is the visitors and all the comments on all the forums seem overwhelmingly anti- Starbucks (10-1 I’d guess??). But as many have said Disney Corp don’t give a damn what visitors think, only how much money they are raking in from franchises. In ten years of two week vacations (almost 6 months stay in total) I have never been asked my opinion of the parks, attractions or food outlets by Disney polsters. I have been surveyed countless times but only to find out where we come from, are we in a Disney resort and how long we are staying. ie are they marketing the product successfully to the right people.

    The magic gets a little less each year as the accountants gradually take control and MSB is an good example.

  28. Rachel says

    The bakery was traditionally our breakfast stop everytime we went to MK. If they wanted to add a Starbucks to the park why not put it on a kiosk somewhere? I loved the baked goods and sitting in the bakery eating breakfast. If wasn’t about the coffee for me.

  29. Colette says

    On my last trip I went to the MSB Starbucks about 3 times. It’s not the same, they sell baked goods but it’s not the same. They sell stuff you can buy at Big Top treats. I preferred the original MSB.
    If I remember correctly a drink will cost 2 snack points on the DDP.

  30. Thomas M. says

    My beloved Apple turnovers were a casualty of the changeover. A family favorite gone forever. Simply tragic.

  31. Gayle says

    Disney ruined the magic. Every year for 20 years we went into the bakery to get a warm cookie ice cream sandwich and then sit opposite the bakery and wait for the parade to come by. A tradition. Ruined by commercialism. I didn’t think Disney would take the magic and wonder of Main Street and ruin the experience by Replacing a beloved landmark with Starbucks!! Of all things. Starbucks is NOT a coffee everyone likes. Obviously this was a money decision. So disappointing. In addition we are presented with tgeur VERY LACKLUSTER food items. Mundane and tasteless at best. NOT what we have experienced in the past years on Main Street. The cinnamon rolls? Really? Items that were looked forward to on return trips. SHAME on Disney for compromising the integrity of the Disney Experience. I’m thinking this might change how we view the magic that makes Disney the happiest place on earth.

  32. Karla says

    I also agree this was a complete shock to our family that the Main Street Bakery is now gone. We use to stop there before we were getting ready to leave the park as our family tradition. We would sit and eat the wonderful desserts and talk and listen to the parade go by. It was magical. It is truly a major dis-appointment to our family . Starbucks could be anywhere. Why get rid of the Disney Icon that made Main Street what it is. We are so very upset about this decision and have hope that Disney will bring the Bakery back. Here’s holding out HOPE.

  33. Derek says

    Don’t hold your breath Karla. As stated many times in this thread, Disney is now managed by money-grabbing accountants who don’t care a jot about Disney magic, only by how much money is rolling in from franchises.

    Its a very dangerous game to play though. All of a sudden they will find that the “magic”, the one thing that keeps people coming back and staying for weeks (which they certainly don’t do at other parks) will have been thrown away. People will vote with their feet.

    Main Street is symptomatic of that change. We have been regular visitors since the eighties. When we first came it really was lots of little shops selling different merchandise. Now its essentially a huge department store masquerading as little shops and a Starbucks masquerading as a bakery!

  34. Dan H says

    Well, first off, I must say I’m as disappointed as many (the overwhelming majority) of you. The old Main Street Bakery was once a much looked forward to breakfast spot for my wife and I after a few days of eating cold breakfasts in our motel room. If we darken the door of the place in the future, it might just be for an afternoon pick-me-up out of necessity (and lack of other choices nearby).

    I also want to say that… all of you should let Disney know your feelings on the matter. Don’t rely on them to peruse the blogs and forums out there (they might, don’t know). Send a quick email to them. I’ve had several phone calls where they reached out to me wanting to know more about our dissatisfaction with something and find out what they could do to make it better. And they genuinely seem to want to know. They are in the business of keeping as many people happy as possible and if enough speak up…

    Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  35. Judy says

    After all this time im still disappointed at the change from the bakery to a Starbucks. We do so miss the wonderful sandwiches the bakery served. They were delicious!

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