DFB Podcast Episode 15: Unique Disney Snacks!

Howdy, Disney food aficionados! Exciting news today for all you hungry commuters, walkers, runners, gym-goers, Disney summer road-trippers, and other assorted podcast listeners!

DFB Podcast 15: Unique Disney Snacks

The DFB Podcast is back with another great show! The 15th episode of our DFB Podcast is now up and ready for downloading!

In this episode, AJ and Brad cover the latest Disney food news and discuss unique snack finds at each Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme park. We also answer a couple of great listener questions, and reveal the answer to our Episode 14 trivia question (and stump ya with a new trivia question)!

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Take a listen and as always, let us know what you think! Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, follow @DFBPodcast on Twitter, and leave your comments below!


  1. Prof. Brainard says

    The wait is over! A.J. is back with her happy, giddy voice, and Podcast Brad is back with his deep, ultra-manly-man voice! (I’m glad that Podcast Brad is no longer under the weather and that he didn’t die.) I love snacks! The time passed too quickly listening to this talk of snacks! I’d listen to it again, but I have to leave to deliver a lecture on ancient China this evening. Some people lecture on snacks and some people lecture on ancient China. Life is tough.

  2. says

    Prof. Brainard — Ha ha — I’m SO glad you’re pleased! :-) And I think I would rather lecture on snacks, but I’d be happy to ATTEND a lecture on ancient China!

  3. Jeff C says

    Awesome podcast – thanks AJ and Brad! Snacks make me drool.

    Glad you are feeling over the weather now, Brad.

  4. Angelina says

    I get so excited when I see that new podcast is up!!! Its like Christmas morning! Though I find it is best to listen after lunch when my stomach is full and doesn’t feel cheated that its not getting the awesome snacks that you guys are talking about. :)

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