Review: Breakfast Cone and Pear of Dice Soda at Cars Land’s Cozy Cone Motel

I was SO excited to try this new Breakfast Cone at Disney California Adventure’s Cozy Cone Motel, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

This super-themed snack stop comes to you straight from the animated feature Cars, and it figures prominently into the landscape of the park’s newest area, Cars Land.

Cozy Cone Sign

I headed over to the popular spot one sunny morning to try out something we hadn’t seen here on Disney Food Blog firsthand yet — the Breakfast Cones! Time to see if they lived up to my expectations!


If you are a fan of the Disney Pixar film Cars, then you are going to love Cars Land. Everywhere you turn, you feel like you’ve wandered into the movie. And nowhere is that more apparent than at the Cozy Cone Motel.

And look! Mater is parked out front of the office, waiting for Sally! (And check out the taillight coneflowers in the garden. :-) )

The Cozy Cone Motel in Disney California Adventure Cars Land

Have a peek through the windows to look around the office before moving on. You’ll see lots of thoughtful details from the movie, and you’ll even catch a glimpse of another Pixar hero — Buzz Lightyear — peeking from under a pylon.

Buzz Lightyear Peeking Out From Below a Cone

Beyond the front office building, where guest cars would check in to the motel in the movie, you find the various cones, which serve as rooms for tired travelers heading down Route 66. In Cars Land, rather than providing lodging, the cones serve snacks!

The different cones feature different snacks. Head to Cone #1 for Churro Bites; Cone #2 features soft-serve ice cream and “Route” beer floats. Cone #3 where you’ll find the main “meals” of this stop — breakfast in the morning, and Cone Queso later in the day. Number 4 will be your headquarters for Pretzel Bites and Red’s Apple Freeze, a fun frozen drink. And at Cone #5, you’ll find some delicious gourmet popCONE flavors as well as beverages.

Today, we were headed to Cone #3 early for breakfast treats! Note that many of the cones don’t open until 11am, but you can get breakfast cones and churro bites earlier.

Cozy Cones Where You Place Your Order

Comfortable, retro-styled tables are shaded — by more cones, of course! And dressed in safety orange, you’ll be hard pressed to miss them.

Cozy Cone Seating

But I was ready for some breakfast. Time to see what the Cozy Cone held in store for us!


When we approached Cone #3, we were greeted by this cute breakfast menu in the window outlining our options. There are only two, but they both sounded pretty delicious.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

For me, the Bacon Scramble Cone held the slight edge over the Verde Scramble Cone. Scrambled eggs served with bacon and cheddar cheese sauce in a bread cone? Sounded pretty fabulous to me.

YUM! And yes! — plastic cheese!

Bacon Scramble Cone

I stirred the cheese into the eggs, and it made for a creamy, soft consistency. I loved how the slices of bacon were just poking out of the side. I got two slices of bacon, but I’ve heard reports of there being just one, so cross your fingers for a generous cast member!

Bacon Scramble Cone -- Mixing the Plastic Cheese In!

So, I was actually pretty surprised after digging in how much I enjoyed this!! I was expecting standard breakfast eats, but the flavors actually popped. And the plastic cheese had quite a zing to it.

Bacon Scramble Cone -- Up Close

I opted to eat my eggs and bacon directly out of the cone, and then I nibbled a bit at the bread. The firm consistency outside reminded me of pretzel-crossed-with-pizza dough.

But there’s no reason that you couldn’t enjoy this like a breakfast sandwich, taking bites from the bread with the filling included. It would be a bit like a breakfast burrito, I’m thinking.

Bacon Scramble Cone -- Inside

I also stopped by Cone #5 for Ramone’s Pear of Dice Soda — inspired, of course, by the autobody artist character in the film. And this truly is a work of art! Prickly pear flavoring is squirted into the glass first, then topped with Sprite for a gorgeous ombre pink look!

Pear of Dice Soda

I thought it might be boring, but it was actually pretty refreshing!

Fueled up and ready to go, it was time to hit the other fun attractions in Cars Land.


Cozy Cone Motel has it all — spectacular themeing, tasty and interesting food, and a good location. I’m so glad I made it in time to enjoy one of the most fun breakfasts I’ve had in a long time!

Lines can be long here, but I encourage you to try the Cozy Cone Motel when you get the chance. For delicious eats and awesome detail, it simply can’t be beat.


  1. Jacky says

    It would be awesome if they had that breakfast cone at Art of Animation food court. I think it would fit right in! I love breakfast and that breakfast cone looks delicious!

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    If I were to sing the song “My Favorite Things,” fitted to my own likes, the list would definitely include scrambled eggs, bacon, plastic cheese, and items made with pretzel-crossed-with-pizza dough! In that respect alone, this must surely be one of the world’s most perfect combinations of food.

    Sadly, I missed “Cars” when it was released and knew nothing about the movie. It was your initial review of the Cozy Cone a little over a year ago that changed that, and I’ve since discovered a hidden gem of a film, one I’ve come to greatly appreciate for its heart and nostalgia. The super-theming of the Cozy Cone at Carsland works brilliantly on two levels: it faithfully evokes the setting from the film, and it also evokes, for those of us who remember them, the independent, quirky, roadside motels that were really the only choice if you were on a driving trip through any rural area in the forties, fifties and sixties.

  3. Sue says

    Two questions, AJ — First, did the cheese sauce meet your expectations for “nachioness” (as coined in your last podcast) and second, are the cones the size of a regular ice cream cone or of a waffle cone? I’m not getting an idea of how much of a meal you are getting. They look tasty, though.

  4. David says

    Prof. Brainard – whenever my family stopped at one of those motels in the 60s my father would always say, I wonder if Norman Bates is home tonight! My brothers and I though it was hilarious but it always made my mother mad when he would say it.

  5. Wendy Darling says

    If I ever am able to go to Cars Land, I would definitely get this! Would you be able to get this without cheese though? Because I personally do not like cheese (of the fake or real variety) very much.

  6. Chrissy says

    These look delicious. The “Cars” themeing is outstanding, and I can’t wait to visit. I’m wondering if you saw anything about gluten-free (cone-free) options in this area. It seems like most items include bread. Thank you!

  7. says

    Jacky — That’s an awesome idea!! I hope they do bring it over to AoA!

    Prof Brainard — I was SO pleasantly surprised by this one. You must try it! And I think the Cozy Cone is one of my favorite spots in Cars Land for that nostalgic reason as well. :-)

    Sue — Ha ha! Yes; the cheese sauce absolutely met my expectations! And the cones are HUGE compared to any ice cream cones you’ve seen. Definitely waffle cone proportions.

    Wendy Darling — You’re breaking my heart! Get your cheese on the side and mail it to me. ;-) (Yes, you should be able to ask them to skip the cheese if necessary — they make these to order.)

    Chrissy — The pop”cone” may be gluten free, and I’ll do some research on the rest!

  8. Sheilla says

    AJ it looks good and I’m glad to hear they make these to order, cause I can’t stand runny eggs so I often skip eggy things if I’m not sure I can get them scrambled hard. The plastic cheese does look generous too. It’s going on my list of must eats for our October trip!

  9. says

    Sheilla — Welp, I’m not sure they make the EGGS to order; I know they put the cones together after you order them — so you could skip the cheese or bacon or something — but the eggs may be pre-made in batches. :-(

  10. Essie says

    It looks delicious, the entire package! I’d love to get out to Calif. someday, but in case I don’t, I hope they get it at AoA, also. I agree that 2 slices of bacon would be nice.

  11. craigfuntime says

    A vegetarian option for a breakfast cone with that cheese sauce would be greatly appreciated!

  12. Corey says

    I had one of the Bacon ones for breakfast during spring and thought it was interesting/good for something different. I would have liked the Bacon to be incorporated a little differently than whole slices. I also think a chorizo version would do well out in CA, and that meat could be crumbled/incorporated better than Bacon.

    I also had the churro bites, and thought they were so much better than a full churro.

  13. Joni says

    WOW that looks amazing. Love, eggs, love bacon, LOVE cheese and bread what’s not to like. Anybody know if Cars land will ever come to Orlando? It is so cute and would be a nice thing for the boys in the family since there is so much princes stuff. Love it.

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