Review: Mickey Mouse Beignets at Disneyland’s Mint Julep Bar

Guess where WE’RE going today!!!! Yep — you and I are headed to Disneyland’s Mint Julep Bar in beautiful New Orleans Square! But we’re not having Mint Juleps…

Mint Julep Bar in Disneyland's New Orleans Square

Nope! We’re having BEIGNETS!!

Disneyland Resort offers beignets at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express, and I’m head over heels for the Mickey-shaped beignets that they serve as a dessert offering at Cafe Orleans.

But on a recent trip to Disneyland, I decided to finally try these classic eats as they come quick-serve!


You’ll find the Mint Julep Bar tucked into one end of the courtyard that serves as seating space for the French Market, the neighboring counter service spout. It’s a handy stop if you’re just after a snack or drink, versus a full meal.

Seating Shared by French Market and the Mint Julep Bar

Since it shares seating with the French Market, you can also take advantage of that restaurant’s live musical entertainment if you time your visit just right. But let’s take a look at the eats first!


While it’s called the Mint Julep Bar for the iconic bright green non-alcoholic drink they serve, the Mickey-shaped Beignets take center stage on the bar’s menu.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Inside the windows of the walk up space, there’s a display of cup sizes so that you can be sure to know exactly what you’re getting. If you look closely, you’ll also see a list of flavors that you can choose from to spice up your coffee.

Julep Bar Drinks, Flavors, and Sizes

Beverages are all well and good, but I was here for the eats! And so I chose a bag of three Mickey-shaped beignets. (You can also get a six count if someone expects you to share. :-) )

One thing I was surprised by: the beignets are not necessarily freshly made (unless you get there at exactly the right time when they’re pulling them from the fryer). They have pre-bagged beignets that they’ll give you, so they may not be piping hot.

Also note that the beignets at the Julep Bar don’t come with the yumm-o dipping sauces that accompany the beignets at Cafe Orleans. Sigh.

Beignet Bag

But, let’s be honest. They’re still pretty awesome!!

One look inside the white paper bag — and that glorious smell that wafts out when you uncrimp it — tells you these are gonna be good. Nestled among piles of powdered sugar, you can see the perfect golden color peeking through.

A Look Inside the Bag at the Goods!

Out of the bag and onto a napkin, they’re beautiful, pillowy, and perfectly brown. And that smell! Heaven.

Here’s a good time to mention that if beignet eating is in your immediate future, you might want to skip the black attire. That powdered sugars seems to leap with voracity upon anything dark you might be wearing.

Mickey Beignets -- Up Close

These are, indeed, quite delicious, and are one of the more unique Disneyland snack items that you’ll find at the park. And my batch wasn’t hollow, as I was expecting — they were more like a fried bread.

But they weren’t doughy or underdone, and they tasted fantastic.

Inside the Mickey Beignet

Still, lack of hollowness aside, they were incredible and fresh, and I was so glad to have them all to myself.


Do Mickey-shaped beignets taste better than square ones? Well, I wouldn’t want to have to defend my opinion in a blind taste test, but I’m going to say yes. There’s something so cool about taking a traditional, regional food like beignets, and putting a Disney spin on it.

Personally, I’m not sure I would feel like a trip to Disneyland was complete without sampling these wonderful treats in New Orleans Square. I definitely recommend that you give them a go, too.

Do you love Mickey-shaped beignets from the Mint Julep Bar? Leave a note and tell us about your experience!


  1. Pamela says

    And the pumpkin, gingerbread, and banana fosters beignets offered at Disneyland seasonally are amazing too. I can not wit to get my hands on some pumpkin ones come this fall.

  2. Angelina says

    I am so looking forward to trying the seasonal beignets. I’m not sure what I enjoy more: NOS in DL or NOLA itself!! Such great food in both!

  3. Dawn says

    I’m torn (no pun intended). As a New Orleanian, there’s no way I could call those things true New Orleans beignets. They’re far too thick, they come in flavors (sacrilege!), and they are not served fresh out of the hot oil and alongside a shaker of powdered sugar so you can powder to your heart’s content and try to sneakily fling more sugar on your friend’s dark clothing than you have on your own. The very idea of pre-bagged beignets makes me need to lie down and get my vapors.
    BUT, I also have to say, they look completely delicious. I can imagine the bananas foster ones are really tasty. Bananas, cinnamon, and dough fried in oil? Yes, please! So I’ll just have to tell my brain that they are some kind of “Special Disney powdered doughnut” and that way I’ll be able to enjoy them without reservation! ;-)

  4. Lisa says

    I moved away from CA 6 years ago so my experience isn’t recent but I always remember the beignets as being freshly made and warm, and not Mickey shaped. It was always one of my must eats at the park. So are you saying they don’t have those anymore at the mint julep bar?

  5. Essie says

    I’ve often heard about the goodness of beignets at WDW’s Port Orleans resort and they’ve always sounded yummy. One of these trips I want to visit these two wonderful resorts and then I’ll get to sample them!

  6. Venessa Hinojosa-Wright says

    I finally got to try both the ones from DL and DTD over at the Jazz Kitchen Express and I’m sorry but the Jazz Kitchen ones were WAY BETTER. <3 I did love the Mickey Shape of the ones in DL though =) Either way, I ate them both ahahha.

  7. Kyle says

    At Christmas they serve the gingerbread beignets. But they don’t have a sign up for them (at least they didn’t when I went last Thanksgiving/Christmas). You have to ask for gingerbread specifically. So worth it.

  8. Jodi S. says

    We went for a “Once in a Lifetime” trip to DL but missed doing this because there is so much to do but not enough time! So wish I wouldn’t have forgotten before leaving :(

  9. CJ says

    I do agree with Dawn regarding some of the beignets being thick. But for those of us who grew up elsewhere, I have to get my beignets somewhere and why not Disney World. The ones made at the Port Orleans Resort are like the real thing, airy and light.

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