News! Disney’s Animal Kingdom to Debut Kiosk for Guests with Special Dietary Needs

Awesome news for those with special diets at Disney World!!!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is continuing its status as a great park for guests with special dietary needs or restrictions introducing a brand new kiosk focused on helping us more easily navigate food choices.

The kiosk, called the Gardens, will be located on Discovery Island adjacent to Adventures Outpost.

As always, we’ve got great info for folks visiting Disney parks with special diets on our Special Diets Resources page here on DFB, so I can’t WAIT to find out more about this option.

The Gardens Special Diets Kiosk at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Opened daily from 9am until 3pm, the Gardens will be a great resource for guests seeking information about where they can dine within the park. Cast members will be able to discuss best options for guests who have a wide range food allergies or intolerances, including peanuts and tree nuts, lactose or dairy, gluten or wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, corn, and eggs.

Rocky Mountain Gluten and Nut Free Caramel Popcorn

In addition to receiving information, guests will also find a selection of pre-packaged snacks that are geared toward guests with special dietary needs. Snacks will include popcorn, chips, hummus and vegetables, granola bars, sweets — and even gluten-free beer!

BabyCakes NYC will also have a selection of vegan sweet treats here as well! And like all of BabyCakes’ baked goods, the sweets will be wheat and gluten-free, and will contain no dairy, casein, or eggs.

Babycakes NYC chocolate chip cookie frosting sandwich

Look for the kiosk to open this Sunday, August 4. At this time, the Gardens kiosk is the only stand of this type located within Walt Disney World.

And note — while the staff at the kiosk will make recommendations regarding best options for dining within the park, guests will still be advised that they should still speak to a manager or chef once they are at the restaurant to ensure a safe dining experience.

Are you excited to see this special diets kiosk at Animal Kingdom? Do you think the idea should be expanded to other parks?


  1. says

    I’m super excited about this! I have a gluten and lactose intolerance so having a special diets kiosk at DAK is so nice instead of having to bring my own snacks. I’m mainly following a Paleo diet but would love to try new gluten/dairy-free treats occasionally.

  2. Dana says

    I was a little skeptical about this at first, I have to admit. I do have a gluten allery, but most of the restaurants are so good when dealling with allergies, I didn’t see what the point of this stand was. But the second I read that Babycakes will be there, I completely changed my mind!

  3. Hauntedmansion138 says

    This makes my week. I’m visiting in September and I’m growing tired each trip searching and asking everywhere I go if there is vegan items I can eat. This lifestyle is my choice but still. This is great I can finally get a snack like friends and family too :)

  4. Essie says

    Boy, I have no diet restrictions whatsoever, but I think that this is just wonderful for all of the guests who do. I have people in my family who have different allergy problems and the number of people worldwide is staggering. This is just another example of how Disney tries to make vacations great for everybody.

  5. Frankie says

    Disney has always been great with our family’s many allergies,it is great to have this as another resource to use in AK, I hope all the parks get these kiosks! Now if Disney could make nutritional info and calorie counts available!

  6. Stacy says

    Even though the chefs and kitchen managers address allergy issues so very well, I think this is a wonderful idea. My 4 year old has peanut and dairy allergies. I would be happy to stop at the kiosk at the beginning of the day to make sure I could pick a safe place for him to eat. It is very hard on him that his sister can eat treats that he cannot. Looks like this kiosk would be a perfect place for him to pick out something special! Disney thinks of everything. Thank you for your great blog! I enjoy reading it each day.

  7. Chrissy says

    Wish that Disney would start making sugar-free things for diabetics! It’s so hard to manage my blood sugar/carb intake while I’m there. *sigh*

  8. Julie says

    My daughter and I are so very excited for this and truly hope it expands to the 4 other parks and that other places beyond Disney will catch on to what a delight this type of info and catering to children/adults with food allergies/intorlences can be. My daughter ( 6) can not have gluten, egg, dairy, or nuts. So she is thrilled that she will be able to get TREATS just for her! Just another reason we love Disney!

  9. Jenny says

    I just noticed that the website is starting to provide decent menus to several of their dining locations. I always went to other sites for menus. So far, only the Be Our Guest lunch menu has any nutrtitional content published. I suppose because it is a newer establishment. Hopefully, this will expand to all of their menus so we all can make the best choices!

  10. says

    YES!! We are VERY excited. My kids (9 & 11) just screamed out (about the cookie sandwich), “IT LOOKS REAL!!”…which means it looks like a baked good with gluten ;) We need lots more options for people with allergies and intolerances readily available in shops and at stands. Disney is so great. I know they will continue to improve and wow us!

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