Snack Series: Churro Bites at Disney California Adventure Cozy Cone Motel

I’m pretty sure that Disneyland is the Churro Capital of the World. So when the good folks there decided to build an awesome snack stand in the brand new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure, you better believe there were going to be some tasty takes on churros involved.

And that is how the Churro Cone came to be at the Cozy Cone Motel!

Churro Cone at the Cozy Cone Motel

With its spot-on themeing and delicious food and drinks, we are already big fans of the Cozy Cone. I find that I have to make at least one stop here every trip just to take in the sights! I’m sure I’m going to spy Sally pulling around the corner one of these days. :-)

We’ve raved about all of the dishes here. Most recently, I really enjoyed the Breakfast Cone paired with a Pear of Dice Soda. But we are also big fans of the Chili Cone Queso and gourmet flavored popcorns that they serve, too!

On a recent visit, though, I learned something new! Many of the cones don’t open until 11AM…but the Churro Bites are available for BREAKFAST! :-) You’re welcome.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

The bite-sized treats are rolled in cinnamon sugar (natch) and are served with a Cinnamon-Spiced Chocolate Sauce! Here they are, just as they were handed to me. And I have to say, I normally love the cone shape for eat-and-stroll foods. But when there’s a sauce involved that I’d rather consume than wear…well, a flat surface is best. There was definitely some spillage about to occur! ;-)

Churro Bites and Dipping Sauce in Their Cone

And so I found a nearby cone-topped table and dug in. There are no surprises here where the churros are involved — they are hot and fried, perfectly done inside, and rolled in that crunchy sugar mixture that makes your day even better than it was before.

The sauce is great, if a little watery. (Anyone know why the chocolate sauce at Disney always seems a little thin?!?) Chocolatey and cinnamoney, it’s a good complement to the bites.

Churro Bites with Dipping Sauce -- Up Close

Overall, for the price, I might like to have my churro cone filled just a little bit more. Still, regarding taste and quality, this fun take on an old classic wins top marks from me!

Will the Churro Bites with Cinnamon-Spiced Chocolate Sauce be a must have for you on your next visit to the Cozy Cone Motel? Let us know your thoughts in comments!


  1. Corey says

    Had these back in March and liked the bites so much better than the full churros we’ve tried.

    I dumped the sauce – like you said, too watery.

  2. Erin says

    My husband is obsessed with anything that combines chocolate and cinnamon…sounds like I know where we’ll be having breakfast (and most likely lunch & dinner too!) whenever we make it out to Disneyland!

  3. Essie says

    I’ve never had a churro, but that said, these crunchy sugary bites look very tempting to me. And for breakfast? Yes, please. They remind of my favorite crispy, crunchy, French toast from the Crystal Palace in Disney World. And, I love chocolate, but I have to agree that that chocolate sauce looks rather pitiful and weak.

  4. Boso says

    The thinness of the chocolate sauce makes it easier for drinking after you run out of churro bites to dip. :)

  5. Louise says

    Straight up churros for me, please. They’re a much better deal for the price, and I’d dump that chocolate sauce anyway.

  6. Sandra says

    I suspect that they are not stirring the sauce before serving, leaving the solids at the bottom of the container. Or it may be collecting moisture as it sits on a low simmer. My son tried the churros at WDW at the Mexico CS, and I believe they did serve them with a caramel sauce–which he distained because it was not chocolate or ketchup.

  7. Angelina says

    My boyfriend LOVES DL’s regular churros so we may have to give this stop a try next time we are there. The sauce looks like it may have seperated a bit giving it a watery consistency. I’m thinking that those warm churros would taste great with a little ice cream over the top….ooooh or maybe a cone made out of churro to hold the ice cream!!!!

  8. Choc says

    I shared one with my sister one night and we really liked it, even the chocolate sauce. We just wished there was a compartment to hold the chocolate sauce in. Or at least a lid!

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