Review: Red Velvet Peppermint Shake and Other Holiday Snacks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thanks in part to a little annual shindig known as The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, Hollywood Studios has a reputation for spreading holiday cheer in its own unique way… and that’s right down to the snacks!

This year there are a few newcomers to the mix as well as some old favorites. We were so excited to find these killer new snacks to share with you!

Red Velvet Peppermint Shake

Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner is playing host to a VERY hidden holiday gem… so well hidden, in fact, that you can’t even see it on a sign.

Min and Bill's Dockside Diner

Min and Bill's Dockside Diner Menu

On the menu, you just see the simple mention of “Seasonal Shakes.” I took it upon myself to find out exactly what that means in regards to the Yuletide… and THIS is what I found: the Peppermint Shake!

Seasonal Peppermint Shake

The name “Peppermint Shake” is actually a bit misleading. The peppermint comes solely from the crushed candy cane on top of the whipped cream. The base, however, is made of Red Velvet ice Cream.

Seasonal Peppermint Shake

That mild cocoa flavor that Red Velvet is known for is exactly what prevailed. Quite different from what I expected, but yummy all the same! So it’s kind of like a chocolate peppermint shake when all is said and done.

Oh, and P.S. The shake is $4.79 (including tax) and counts as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

Strawberry Seasonal Muffin at Writer’s Stop

If you’re looking to start off your day with a festive turn, you may want to head over to Writer’s Stop. This red and green muffin is Strawberry, topped with sugar crystals.

Strawberry Seasonal Muffin

NEW Joffrey’s Coffee Stands

Prefer your holiday fix served up with a jolt of caffeine? Head over to one of the two Joffrey’s Coffee kiosks for a seasonal beverage: your choice of a Peppermint Mocha Latte or a Gingerbread White Mocha Latte.

Joffrey's Coffee Kiosk at Pixar Place

Gingerbread Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

The well-loved (and with good reason) Gingerbread Cupcake has made its return this year!

Gingerbread Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing

It’s been spotted at Starring Rolls Cafe (of course – the home of FABULOUS cupcakes!), Pizza Planet, Rosie’s All American Café, and Studio Catering, Co., to name a few.

Gingerbread Cupcake Sign

Suffice it to say, you’re never too far from a Gingerbread Cupcake when you’re in Hollywood Studios, and this is a VERY good thing!

DHS Gingerbread Cupcake

The not-too-sweet and not-too-spicy gingerbread cake is the perfect base for the yummy cream cheese icing (of which there is plenty)!

DHS Gingerbread Cupcake Inside

Definitely a must-eat during the holidays in Disney World!

Streets of America Holiday Treats

There are tons of treats you can grab on Streets of America to accompany the Osborne Lights.

Streets of America Snack Stand

Streets of America Snack Stand

We tried the Gingerbread Hot Cocoa last year and loved it!

Gingerbread Cocoa

And don’t forget that spiced nog!

Spiced Eggnog at Disney's Hollywood Studios

They’re perfect to wash down the yummy caramel popcorn!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Mickey Popcorn Buckets

Disney's Hollywood Studios Caramel Corn

Sweet Spells Holiday Treats

And you can’t beat Sweet Spells for a wide selection of all things festive!

Sweet Spells on Sunset Boulevard

Candy Apples at Sweet Spells

Thanks, Hollywood Studios, for truly making this the most wonderful time of the year!

Which Hollywood Studios treat would you like to enjoy while watching the Osborne Lights? Please let us know with a comment below!


  1. kay says

    Yum, gingerbread hot chocolate? That’s something I’ve never seen done. Surprised DunkinDonuts hasn’t hoped on that bandwagon, though their version would probably just taste like chemical sweetener.

    Red Velvet is imo the most overrated cake/flavor ever. I love chocolate so the “faint” chocolate taste of the cake/slight bitterness from food dye is just gross to me. When I want chocolate, I want… a strong chocolate taste.

  2. Nick G. says


    I found the Gingerbread Cupcake (BTW, it was delicious) at the ABC Commissary last year, just a heads’ up. Maybe it will be back there this year? IDK, but just mentioning it so more people can try it!

  3. Angelina says

    Maybe it’s just me but those gingerbread cupcakes look a little sad…like they’ve been in the case too long?

  4. Marcellina says

    Hollywood Studios definitely is a great park for snackage! My husband LOVES all things red velvet so I wonder if that shake would work for him. Hopefully they offer it for years to come! Great review Wendy!

  5. Essie says

    I think the GB cupcake looks like a winner to me. Also, some hot chocolate would be perfect (or the Velvet Shake if it’s hot out).

  6. Kelly M says

    The shake looks AMAZING! (I may have drooled slightly)
    But lets be honest here, if I’m in DHS, I’m eating carrot cake cookies. Exclusively. :-)

  7. Rosemarie Missmer says

    The “gingerbread cupcakes” had to be the best ever. I started out by tasting the icing and then just a taste of the cupcake itself and before I knew it, I ate the entire cupcake….it was so delicious and I could have gone for a second one…..I highly recommend this cupcake and honestly, I would like to see it on the dessert menu a few times a year.

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