Review: Strawberry Oat Bar at Main Street Confectionery

What’s your very first treat stop after you enter Magic Kingdom? Do you head straight to Main Street Bakery for a cuppa joe, or do you take in a few attractions while patiently awaiting a midday hot dog at Casey’s Corner?

Maybe you prefer to start the day at Magic Kingdom’s premiere sweet stop, the Main Street Confectionery.

Main Street Confectionery

Main Street Confectionery

Main Street Confectionery (5)

Main Street Confectionery

Let’s say your traveling buddy’s tradition is to grab a Mickey Krispy Treat first thing in the morning (hey, it IS made of cereal!), but you’re in the mood for something a little more breakfast-y.

Well, you may be able to find something in that beautiful bakery case after all: a Strawberry Oat Bar with Smuckers Jelly.

Strawberry Oat Bar Smuckers  (14)

Strawberry Oat Bar with Smuckers Jelly

It’s similar to a dessert bar in its consistency (nice and gooey with a buttery crust!), but the oats and jam lend the flavors and ingredients of a breakfast bar (oats and strawberry jelly). Perfecto!

Strawberry Oat Bar

Strawberry Oat Bar

Crust of the Strawberry Oat Bar

Crust of the Strawberry Oat Bar

The Strawberry Oat Bar is $3.99 and counts as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan. It may not always be in that bakery case, but we’re on it when it is!

I’m a dedicated fan of several of The Confectionery’s staples: the English Toffee, those Mickey Krispy Treats, and a great piece of fudge, to name a few… but the Strawberry Oat Bar is a great little option for breakfast if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to start the day with a complete sugar rush!

By the way, if your first course of action is to grab one of these

Main Street Balloons

Main Street Balloons

…we sure wouldn’t blame you!

How do you start your day at the Magic Kingdom? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Maria says

    Well, chances are I stopped at the Poly on my way for a coffee from the Kona Bar. But now with the addition of Starbucks in the MK, I may head straight there, as my otherwise first stop would be the bakery for a breakfast treat! (croissant, cupcake, cinnamon bun….. whatever catches my eye)

  2. says

    And there it goes, my favorite childhood sweet treat and just as delicious!
    Just the right level of softness makes for an almost ‘juicy’ texture thanks to the treacle and jelly working together perfectly.

    Treats like these are very much like Casey’s hot dogs, the simplest things are often always the best!

  3. Angelina says

    It would be great to get the recipe for these bars. They look like they might be pretty simple to make…

  4. Corey says

    My wife and I shared one of these in December. It was delicious. So soft and gooey, with the fruit flavor hitting just the right spot. This might have become our ” must do” treat for MK.

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