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Snack Series: The Mickey Marshmallow Wand

There are several stops around both Disney World and Disneyland with bakery cases that are full-to-overflowing with eye-catching goodies. In Disney World, these spots include Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery, Prairie Outpost and Supply, and Big Top Treats; Hollywood Studios’ Sweet Spells; and Downtown Disney’s Goofy’s Candy Company and the Candy Cauldron.

In Disneyland, they include Marceline’s Confectionery, Pooh Corner, Trolley Treats, and the Candy Palace.

Bakery Case

Bakery Case

A snack often found in these cases is the Marshmallow Wand. And we mention them on DFB fairly often because they change with the seasons.

Decorated Marshmallow Wands

Decorated Marshmallow Wands

Their decorative colors, sprinkles, and designs are one of the first things to signify some sort of celebration. We’ve seen them dressed up for the Winter Holidays

Marshmallow Snowmen Wands

Marshmallow Snowmen Wands

… and Halloween!

Ghost Marshmallows

Ghost Marshmallows

Halloween Sprinkled Marshmallows

Halloween Sprinkled Marshmallows

They’ve been decorated with conversation hearts for Valentine’s Day.


And they take part in the Wearing O’ the Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

Green Snacks for St. Patrick's Day

Green Snacks for St. Patrick’s Day

Recently, they even received a blue makeover to honor the Blu-Ray and DVD release of the Disney movie, “Frozen.”

Blue "Frozen" Marshmallow Wands

Blue “Frozen” Marshmallow Wands

(Though, we’re sorry, Marshmallow Wands, but this little guy sorta stole your thunder…)

Olaf Candy Apples

Olaf Candy Apples

All that said, you know something? We’ve never actually reviewed Marshmallow Wands here on DFB! So TODAY is the day that we change that :).

As you’ve already seen here, depending on the time of year, or even just the day of your visit, you may have a choice of a few Marshmallow Wands decorated in various ways. They typically cost $4.99 and are included as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

I couldn’t resist the Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Wand. A classic!

Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Wand

Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Wand

Now, let me say that I rarely eat marshmallows. In general, I don’t really see the point unless I’m camping and it’s time to make a S’more (I take mine charred to the point of totally burnt, please – and you?).  Because of my lackluster opinion of marshmallows, I thought I might find the Marshmallow Wand to be rather ho-hum, cute though it may be.

This simple snack delivered more than I expected. The chocolate coating completely encompassed the marshmallow and reminded me of a dipped cone, giving a satisfying crunch when you first sink your teeth in. The flavor coupled with the marshmallow, of course, brings to mind S’mores once more.

Closeup of Chocolate Shell

Closeup of Chocolate Shell

My wand, as you can see, was also sprinkled in colored, glittering sugar, which added a further layer to the texture.

Glittery Sugar

Glittery Sugar

If you prefer even more crunch, you can often find these covered in small, hard-shell chocolate or peanut butter candies.

The marshmallow inside – to my surprise – was actually pretty great as far as marshmallows go :) . It was soft and fresh. I think you can even tell that from the pictures.

Soft Marshmallow Filling

Soft Marshmallow Filling

Soft Marshmallow Filling

Soft Marshmallow Filling

Yes, it’s a total sugar pile. Yes, it’s a vacation thing :) . And, YES, you’re left with a souvenir at the end… a twisty Mickey straw! How clever, right? Two treats for the price of one.

Mickey Straw

Mickey Straw

It’s yummy, more often than not it’s festive, AND it gives you something to keep. All in all, not a bad deal :) . Way to earn your kudos, Marshmallow Wand!

Have you tried a Marshmallow Wand? Please let us know your thoughts with a comment!


  1. Ellen says:

    I had a Marshmellow Wand when we stayed at The Art of Animation in December and it didn’t blow my socks off but I loved that I got a Mickey straw to take home. Now when I use the straw I remember our wonderful vacation!

  2. Kelly M says:

    Aaaah marshmallows wands.
    One of these….nothing fancy, just a zebra one, a nice cold soda and a seat on the side of Main Street for Spectromagic (how I miss you!). Perfection.

  3. Maria says:

    Haven’t tried one — heck, hadn’t even *heard* of them until this review! — but I now plan on adding one to my snack list for May! :)

  4. Andrea Roberts says:

    This is my go to “winter” snack when it’s just too cold for that late night Dole Whip!

  5. Brenda Kim says:

    They are very sweet, but wonderful. I always love to get a snack and a souvenir…BONUS! Just a note though, don’t wash the straw in the dishwasher, it will lose it’s shape.

  6. Lisa says:

    I was wondering what those things were with the straws. Wands…cool :)

  7. Beth says:

    I got one covered in the Reese’s Pieces…I told my family it was because I wanted chocolate, I didn’t want to admit that I, the 24 year old woman, just wanted it for the Mickey straw. :-P

  8. Kim says:

    Have to try it when we’re there for Star Wars Weekend! Maybe a Yoda or Darth Vader wand? Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. Jenn says:

    Adding this to my “must-try” list for my (hopeful) trip this fall!

  10. Donna says:

    I have had these at DisneyWorld (loved them ALL!) and thought it was so cute that they used the Mickey straw on most of them. For the kids it was an additional souvenir to take home! Unfortunately, none of the Disneyland locations use the straws. The cast members always look at me funny when I ask why they don’t have them too.

  11. Jude says:

    Looooove them. I’m a marshmallow girl through and through.

    Love creating them at Goofys Candy Store at DTD :D

  12. Spencer says:

    I’m for team tigger tail in Disneyland. Yummy caramel to go with the marshmallows and chocolate.

  13. Katie says:

    My favorites Disney treats! I always eat at least one there and bring at least 2 back with me. I love the ones covered in caramel and chocolate! They are basically Scotchmallows on a stick (my favorite See’s Candy treat) and I love that I can get these in milk chocolate.

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