News: Intermission Food Court at Disney’s All Star Music Resort to Close for Renovations Starting August 1

From August 1 – December 20, 2014, the Intermission Food Court at the All-Star Music Resort in Walt Disney World will be closed for refurbishments.

Intermission Food Court Entrance

Intermission Food Court Entrance

During these dates, All Star Music guests will have access to grab ‘n go selections at the Melody Hall Arcade space. Transportation will also be available to the neighboring All Star Sports Resort for guests who wish to enjoy the End Zone Food Court, which was completely refurbished in 2013.

Intermission Food Court Seating Area

Current Intermission Food Court Seating Area

These dates (along with the grab ‘n go scenario) echo those of the refurbishment that End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports underwent last year (from August 5 – December 20, 2013).

As we now know, when End Zone Food Court reopened last December, the result of the renovation was a cleaner look than it had previously showcased, with earthy hues replacing primary colors – all while maintaining the sports-centered theme of the Resort.

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

End Zone Food Court at All Star Sports, post-renovation

Some of the offerings that have been a hit at the Art of Animation Resort’s Landscape of Flavors Food Court (such as a Create-Your-Own Pasta Station and Gelato Bar) were incorporated into the menu along with standard Disney food court favorites. Additionally, it received an all-new option all its own: the Create-Your-Own Burger Bar.

We’re looking forward to December to see what Intermission Food Court has in store as its dining experience is changed and presumably enhanced for its guests.

Are you looking forward to a newly renovated Intermission Food Court? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Sandy says

    Do you know if they’ll have the soda fountains available in the temporary space? Or of the sports did when they had their renovation? I’ll be staying there during those dates and won’t miss the good court, but will be a little mad if I can’t even refill my mug!

  2. Randi says

    Oh man! I’m staying there in the middle of September. That just threw a major kink into my planning.

  3. Sandra says

    It looks like they did not have fountain service beverages at Sports when they redid it, which will peeve my husband, who likes to hang out at the resort with his refillable mug and sip coffee or diet soda all day. However, its not a huge burden to go to one of the other All Stars for breakfast or dinner, although we likely will find some other breakfast options during our stay in November. We usually eat at least one meal at Movies even though we usually stay at Music, so I guess we’ll be doing that and trying out Sports too. I’ll just have to remember to stop at Sports on the way to and from the parks and fill our mugs there (we drive).

  4. Jane says

    My arrival is just on the 20th of Dicember. Looking forward to it. Was last at All Star Music in 1998. I read there is going to be a crab n go near by.

  5. Cindy says

    I just checked via chat on my disney experience about using refillable mugs at All-Star Music while the Intermission Food Court was closed for renovation and this is the response I received “There will be refillable mug stations in Note’able Games during the refurbishment. In addition, you may refill your mug at Singing Spirits pool bar.”

  6. Robb says

    I figured that they would renovate the All-Star Music Resort this summer, same dates as the Sports was renovated last summer. We check into Sports on September 20th for 8 days, and we actually like all of the hustle and bustle inside the food courts! It is all part of the Walt Disney World experience and we always come back with one or two good food court stories to share! We take deep breathes, open the doors and let what happens, happen :-) We will save a seat or two at our table for any of you folks visiting from the Music Resort. Good luck!

  7. Sheila Nascimento says

    I have a trip planned in November this stinks. I wonder if they will upgrade my room for the inconvenience or switch us..

  8. Sandra says

    Sheila, I somehow doubt that you will be offered anything for the inconvenience of having to go to one of the other food courts for a hot meal. We’ll be there in November as well, and don’t consider it a big deal to go from Music to Sports or Movies for dinner. In fact, we like to do that every trip, considering having three food courts at the resort to be a benefit. If you haven’t stayed at the All Stars, you may not know how close they are to each other, with only parking lots separating the three resorts. And they will be running buses to Sports and Movies so people can eat. We’ll likely just walk as usual though.

  9. Jeremy says

    Does anyone have details on how the transportation to the other food courts will work? My son is bound to a wheelchair and I’m concerned that we will not be able to take advantage if they are taxiing people in say golf or tram carts. Thanks!

  10. Sheila Nascimento says

    I would call or if you have booked through a travel agent as I have they have moved us to the All Star Sports hotel because I had booked this trip in March. This was not posted at the time we booked. They are a good distance to walk from what they told me. I am going with an uncle who has knee and back issues. They are offering a discount of the room price for the Music Resort. It is only about 10 to 15 dollars a night for the inconvenience. I called and also spoke to a supervisor there and this is what she informed me. I also upgraded my meal plan so that I can have a nice sit down meal at one of the parks or hotels. I am looking forward to my trip in November.

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