Review: Frozen Chai at Animal Kingdom’s Royal Anandapur Tea Company

We’ve visited the Royal Anandapur Tea Company in Animal Kingdom more than a few times.

Tucked in Animal Kingdom’s Asia just across the way from Kali River Rapids, this hidden gem is known primarily for it’s terrific variety of loose hot teas.

But you can also grab yummy snacks (check the baked goods case for one of those giant pink donuts from time to time) as well as specialty drinks. You’ll even find holiday flavors here during the Winter.

But since our visit coincides with the absolute pinnacle of Summer in Orlando, it was time to find something cool — even icy — to sip.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Anandapur Royal Tea Company

Royal Anandapur Tea Company signs

Tea selection at Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Tea selection at Royal Anandapur Tea Company

We know a lot of our readers love the Frozen Chai, and so we figured it was high time to feature it here on DFB! Ready to dive in??

Royal Anandapur Tea Company Menu

Royal Anandapur Tea Company Menu

While several of the coffee and tea beverages on the menu can be found at other Joffrey’s Coffee kiosks around Disney World, I believe this is one of the only locations where you can find a blended Frozen Chai. (You can find the Iced Chai — a creamy chai tea poured over ice — at a few of the other kiosks.)

When I placed my order, I was asked if I wanted whipped cream on top of my beverage. Hmmm, let me think about that… YES!!!

As someone who sees Mickey-shaped food rather frequently, I have no idea why I was so happy when it came to me like this…

Whipped Cream Mickey!

Whipped Cream Mickey!

A Whipped Cream Mickey!

Frozen Chai

Frozen Chai

I had to make it past the fun-ness, though, to try the Frozen Chai.

My first impression was that it was — in a word — yummy! The frozen consistency was more icy than creamy, but still well-blended. Of the autumn spices that chai tea is known for, the one that seemed most prominent to me in this blend was either nutmeg or clove.

Frozen Chai

Frozen Chai

Alas, poor Whipped Cream Mickey was not long for this world, because I especially enjoyed the flavor once I mixed in the whipped cream.

Bye bye, Mickey!

Bye bye, Mickey!

Something that struck me even more than the taste, though, was that it was quite filling. If you’re torn between grabbing an icy beverage to cool you down or a snack to tide you over until your next Advance Dining Reservation, this could do the trick quite nicely.

Still not sure if Frozen Chai is for you? No problem — I was offered a sample prior to deciding. At $5.39 (and not an option as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan) you want to be sure you’ll enjoy it. I know I did!

Have you tried the Frozen Chai? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Kristan says

    Yum! Bummer that it’s not on the dining plan, but I’m still gonna try it. Love me some chai tea. We’re going to AK in the morning and leaving right after lunch at Flame Tree, so I’ll just get it with my alcoholic beverage budget – which wasn’t going to get used here anyways.

  2. says

    I know they had small, medium, and large sizes available in the past, with the small available on the DDP. The medium was $5.39 a couple years ago. Any idea if today’s only drink size is the same size as the “medium” of the past?

  3. Peter says

    oh wow, this looks amazing! Definitely getting one when we’re down there Labor Day weekend!

  4. Dawn says

    I totally lurve the frozen chai. I get one even on chilly days. I’ve never gotten the Mickey whipped cream though!

  5. Sue says

    This is my favorite treat whenever we are in Florida!! No soy version available….but I am usually a soy only person, and this never makes me sick. I get it without the whipped cream. Wish it was available at Disneyland too!!

  6. Sandra says

    This is one of our favorite snack stops in all the parks! We are working our way through the hot teas, but this frozen chai will be on our must-do list for November. For the person who asked if it can be made with soy, I suspect it is a premixed, pre-frozen drink, like the Yak Attack or a frozen margarita. It’s not clear from the limited description if it actually has milk products in it or if it just looks that way from the freezing process. I would definitely ask if you can get at least an iced chai without any dairy.

  7. Wendy says

    H – Hi! Just wanted to confirm what Sue said, that this is made in a large batch, and therefore, unfortunately, is not available with soy (thanks, Sue! Glad you’ve had good experiences with this one!).

    Dave – I do believe it is the former medium, but this is currently the only size it comes in :). Cheers!

    Joni – this one is called just “Frozen Chai.” Hope you enjoy!

    Sandra – what a cool goal, working your way through the teas :)

  8. J.J.Price says

    The Frozen Chai is my absolutely, most favourite drink in all of WDW. It’s a very well hidden gem in Animal Kingdom, so well hidden in fact, it can be tricky to find Anandapur Tea Company kiosk, but well worth the effort to back track if you pass it!

  9. Steph Robinson says

    This is my favorite drink in all of Walt Disney World. I always have to get it when visiting Animal Kingdom, nothing compares.

  10. Dana says

    This frozen chai has become one of our very favorite things in all of the World, ever since we tried it. It’s not headachy-sweet, it’s just perfect… Complex, spicy, icy and creamy at the same time. It hits the spot on a hot day- in all of its paper-strawed unlidded glory! I can’t wait to grab one next time we’re in DAK. I’m so happy to see this review!! As though I needed another reminder/incentive to book a vacation ASAP!! Thanks Wendy :)

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