Review: Caramel Bacon Square and Caramel S’more at Epcot’s Karamell-Küche

It’s always a good day when we get to try ANYTHING at Karamell-Küche… and, we’ve got some awesome new-to-us treats for you today!

I stopped by the Germany Pavilion recently with the sole intention of grabbing a Chewy Caramel Shortbread Bar, but simply had to take a peek first into that bakery case chock full of golden caramel goodness. And…we found new stuffs!!

So, what’s new at the Caramel Kitchen, you ask?

Among the items that have arrived since my most recent visit were Vanilla and Chocolate Cakeballs, Caramel Gingersnaps, Caramel Bacon Squares (what WHAT?), and Caramel S’mores.

Caramel Gingersnap and Caramel S'more in bakery case

Caramel Gingersnap and Caramel S’more in bakery case

Chocolate Cakeball in bakery case

Chocolate Cakeball in bakery case

Caramel Bacon Square next to Caramel and Milk Chocolate in bakery case

Caramel Bacon Square next to Caramel and Milk Chocolate in bakery case

Umm… did somebody say “BACON”? Clearly, I altered my order right away to grab a Caramel Bacon Square ;). I asked for a Caramel S’more, too, while I was at it!

Caramel S'more and Caramel Bacon Square

Caramel S’more and Caramel Bacon Square

Sweet stuff with a touch of good ol’ bacon isn’t a mixture that’s unique to Karamell-Küche. You can find it in things like Everything Pop’s King Cupcake and Peanut Butter, Banana, and Candied Bacon Pie at BoardWalk Bakery.

What’s the Karamell-Küche take on this combo? From the outside, the Caramel Bacon Square looks a lot like the other chocolate-covered caramels in the case, only with the addition of a small piece of bacon garnishing the top.

Caramel Bacon Square

Caramel Bacon Square

And once you cut in, it’s much the same. You can only just detect the presence of bacon in the midst of all that rich Werther’s caramel, thanks to the teeny bits you can see creating a slight variation in the texture.

Caramel Bacon Square cross-section

Caramel Bacon Square cross-section

Caramel Bacon Square cross section

Caramel Bacon Square cross section

The first taste is (nicely!) overwhelmed by the classic, golden buttery taste that is the main reason we all visit Karamell-Küche to begin with. It took a moment for the bacon flavor to greet my tastebuds, but once it did, it facilitated more of a smoky aftertaste that continued to build while eating the rest of the caramel.

Bacon pieces in the Caramel Bacon Square

Bacon pieces in the Caramel Bacon Square

It wasn’t at all what I expected — even from the moment I cut it open, I was expecting larger pieces of bacon and a more robust taste of bacon to go with it. But the subtle smokiness made this a bit more complex and much more interesting than I anticipated.

The Caramel S’more is obviously a twist on the campfire classic S’more and on the S’more you can find at the Confectionery in Magic Kingdom and Candy Palace in Disneyland: marshmallow stuffed between two graham crackers.

Caramel S'more

Caramel S’more

Like the other candy s’mores around the parks chocolate surrounds the crackers. And not only is caramel drizzled all over the chocolate cover — a generous dollop is also found in the marshmallow center.

It’s difficult to see the marshmallow underneath the graham crumbs after the first cut, though you can pick up on some of the caramel at a glance.

Caramel S'more cross section

Caramel S’more cross section

But this photo gives you more of an idea of what’s going on in the center.

Center of Caramel S'more

Center of Caramel S’more

My favorite part of a campfire S’more is the char when you toast it over a flame and the way the heat from the marshmallow melts the chocolate, so this isn’t the ultimate version of this treat for me. Still, caramel added to pretty much anything ups the ante in my book, and I can’t argue with the way the caramel makes a treat known for decadent gooey-ness even gooier! A word to the wise: you’ll need some napkins for this one — like a regular S’more, part of the fun is making a bit of a mess :) .

As always, it’s fun to see things getting even more creative in the little slice of heaven that is the Karamell-Küche. “Werther” you enjoy a new treat or an old favorite, it’s always worth a stop! And now, it’s time to apologize for that joke, and let you enjoy the rest of your day ;) .

Do you have a favorite treat at Karamell-Küche? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Amanda says

    Hard to tell what your verdict was on the caramel bacon square? Is it a must try on our next visit or not?

  2. Amy says

    “I altered my order right away to grab a Caramel Bacon Square ;). I asked for a Caramel S’more, too, while I was at it!” <– I like the way you think!

    Just made some candied bacon this past weekend and noticed how the brown sugar glaze got sort of gooey and caramel-like, so the caramel bacon square actually sort of makes sense to me. Were the bacon pieces more crispy/crunchy, or more chewy? Or were they too small to really tell? Just curious about this one.

    I love their caramel corn, but my husband and daughter are big fans of the (non-caramel) gummies they sell there. Might try the bacon square on our next visit, but I am a little skeptical of the caramel in the middle of the s'more, so I may pass on that one.

  3. Sandra says

    I am sitting at my desk drooling. Ii love bacon and chocolate together so I will definitely try this on my next visit.
    @Amy, I also have made candied bacon. Mmm…bacon candy.

  4. Essie says

    This is such a phenomenal candy shop!!!!!! I still have to try so many things here (I feel it is my Disney duty), but of the things that I have tried, I LOVE the chewy caramel shortbread and I have made these at home thanks to your wonderful recipes. I can’t wait to make them again for this Christmas (how’s that for willpower – only at Christmas LOL).

  5. Amy Voor says

    My all time favorite treat at this shop was the caramel cupcake, but sadly they no longer exist. I now like the dark chocolate sea salt caramel. I would love to hear a review of the caramel gingersnap though!!!

  6. Carolyn says

    Currently at disney. I had the s’more and the chocolate cake ball. OMG! The cake ball tasted like a box cake but inside had a piece of caramel I. It then dip in chocolate. So good. The s’more…….we’ll I got that and that too was amazing. A nice twist on the classic. This shop is very dangerous for me to go into. I had a large bag of the fresh caramel popcorn, got a brownie with caramel drizzle and also got the apple oatmeal exam cookie with caramel drizzle. Oh got a piece of caramel with milk chocolate and sea salt. Everything was wonderful. This us a must stop every time I come to disney. (I was here for 10 days)

  7. Angelina says

    I think that this gave me a good idea for the next time I go camping…caramel and marshmallow smore…yum!

  8. Beth says

    That is one of our favorite places! No matter how full we are there is always room for a dark chocolate covered caramel! Just be careful if you have a nut allergy! It has been difficult explaining that to the employees, as far as putting on fresh gloves and using clean tongs.

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