News! Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace Switch Places in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Call it a little Disney Magic!

STT Aloha Isle Collage DFB

Mind blown? Yeah, mine too. You’re not seeing things…two of Magic Kingdom’s most beloved snack stops have switched places!

We’ve heard rumors, and now it seems to be happening: major changes are underway in Adventureland.

We’re still awaiting confirmation that a brand new restaurant might be coming to the area, but in the meantime, Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace have swapped real estate.

And we have lots of brand new pictures of the change as it’s happening right now!

Here’s FIRST LOOK at the brand new Aloha Isle Sign! Clearly, the Dole sponsorship is still firmly in place.

NEW Aloha Isle Sign

NEW Aloha Isle Sign

Check out this photo of the NEW Aloha Isle locale!

Sunshine Tree Terrace Morphs Into Aloha Isle Overnight!

Sunshine Tree Terrace Morphs Into Aloha Isle Overnight!

As you can see from the menu pic below, NEARLY everything that you previously enjoyed at Aloha Isle is now available at this new (old? new?) location.

You can still enjoy Dole Whip, Dole Whip Swirl, Dole Whip Floats, fresh spears of Pineapple, and Dole Pineapple Juice, in addition to other drink options. (UPDATE: Please note, the option for Vanilla Swirl is no longer on the Aloha Isle menu.) The Souvenir Tiki Mug is also still on offer.

Aloha Isle Menu at NEW Location -- Click to Enlarge

Aloha Isle Menu at NEW Location — Click to Enlarge

Currently, the orange flavored Dole Whip seems to be missing… more on that later.

And now, let’s check out the new Sunshine Tree Terrace!

The new Sunshine Tree Terrace sign has a retro vibe fitting the spot’s original opening date.

New Sunshine Tree Terrace Sign

New Sunshine Tree Terrace Sign

New Sunshine Tree Terrace!

New Sunshine Tree Terrace!

All of the Citrus Swirl Classics made the trip from the old spot — including the Citrus Swirl and our favorite Pina Colada Slush!

NEW Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu -- Click to Enlarge

NEW Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu — Click to Enlarge

Now, let’s cover a couple of questions that this whole switcheroo leaves us with…because I know you guys have questions!

But AJ, what about Orange Bird???

So glad you asked. A little birdie told me (ha! couldn’t resist) that Orange Bird will be making the move very soon to the new Sunshine Tree Terrace. So rest easy, Orange Bird Fans! The little guy doesn’t have far to fly to his new roost.

Hooray for Orange Bird! But where’s that awesome Orange Bird Souvenir Cup that I’m dying to add to my collection? Will it return?? And while we’re at it, what about that Best-of-Both-Worlds Snack, the Orange Dole Whip? And What about Citrus Swirl Floats??

We spoke to a handful of awesome Cast Members, and basically, a lot is still up in the air. All of these favorite treats may return in the future, but for right now, it seems to be all about the basics — getting situated in the new digs and offering two of the most sought-after Magic Kingdom Treats without interruption. (And with Florida temps in the high 80s this week, this is a GREAT thing.)

Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

So — your favorite two spots to get refreshing fruit-based goodies will both continue to exist — at least for now!

The Classic Dole Whip Float!

The Classic Dole Whip Float!

And while I’m busy blowing your mind, Turkey Leg Fans, you should listen up, too: starting March 25, you’ll find your favorite treat at Cool Ship in Tomorrowland, as the Jumbo Turkey Leg departs Frontierland and Liberty Square for the time being.

More to come, we’re certain — and we’ll bring you anything we know as soon as possible.

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What do you think of this swapping of locations between Sunshine Tree Terrace and Aloha Isle? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts about the new situation and what it might mean for the future of Adventureland!


  1. Erica says

    The first thing I thought when I saw the new Sunshine Tree Terrace was ” OMG where’s the Orange Bird!?” Glad to hear he’ll be making the flight :)

  2. Shawn says

    There used to be a mocha ice cream drink at the old Sunshine Terrace (think of the Dole Whip with coffee instead of fruit). I don’t see that it made the move. Will it be coming back?

  3. jeffk says

    Hey, I don’t have to stand next to that disgusting smoking area while I wait for Dole Whips anymore!

  4. Joni says

    I sure hope they continue with the citrus swirl and not faze it out, they just brought it back from that terrible period where they replaced it with a horrible substitute. I’m still realing from the huge loss of Off Kilter I dont think I could take losing my Citrus Swirl

  5. Tina says

    I know it’s silly, but we’ll be there in 3 days! And I thought I was going to get to get my Dole Whip in the original Aloha Isle Location one more time! :( I’m kinda sad!

  6. says

    This looks great and makes perfect sense! Even the names seem to fit the spaces better, Aloha Isle in the tropical Tiki setting and Sunshine Tree Terrace literally below a terrace. Can’t wait to hear about the new restaurant. It’s so needed!

  7. Scott says

    Another traditional change…it makes some sense to avoid the bottleneck at the, now former, Dole Whip site…especially if DWs were outselling the Citrus Swirls at Sunshine Tree, which I noticed my last visit. I will miss the left turn out of the Enchanted Tiki Room, as well as the convenient seating before things melt! Adapt, will I!

  8. Johnny says

    Swap…don’t swap. I don’t care what goes where, as long as I can get my Orange Flavored Dole Whip. I get it swirled with Vanilla and it’s just like the Creamcicles I used to eat as a kid.

  9. Keith says

    Agree with Jeff. Similar to the atmosphere of those “trendy” eateries where people bring their dogs…just gross.

  10. Amanda says

    This swap is actually great! Was there in late October. Sunshine had virtually no line and the queue at Aloha was insane. Aloha needed the extra line capacity.

  11. A Newton says

    It’s the right move due to lines, but really disappointed the Coffee Float is gone. :/

  12. Helen says

    :-( my son will be sad to not be able to mix the orange with the pineapple, he is heading there today.. oh well… and as far as the coffee float goes, you can still get them at sleepy hollow in liberty square.

  13. Jordan says

    Does neither location have floats with soda? Can I no longer get my beloved orange/vanilla dole whip with Sprite?

  14. Miles says

    This is so funny. We were just there on Saturday and they were in their original places. I was so tempted to get an Orange Bird, but my wife talked me out of it. I sort of regret it now.

  15. Erica says

    Wow. So glad that I don’t work at Cool Ship any more. Selling turkey legs would be disgusting. Why are they moving? It seems more fitting to have those in Frontierland than Tomorrowland.

  16. Galloping Gourmond says

    i seem to remember the turkey legs previously being available in Tomorrowland so it may be a move back.

    The terrace/isle location switch makes a lot of sense for all the reasons above, including more lines so you can get your Dole Whip faster.

  17. Diane L. says

    Doesn’t matter to me if they switch places as long as Orange Bird is still about.
    BUT, wait, what did Joni say about Offkilter? I always stopped to see them in Canada. I even have 2 of their CD’s. In fact, just listened to one yesterday.

  18. Rachel says

    Aloha Isle is SO unorganized now. They take orders, then you have to stand there waiting for them to call out what they made. You can claim it and no one checks your receipt. The woman at the register when I was there last week did not know what she was doing and the folks making the treats had to keep asking her what people ordered. They really need to have one counter for taking orders and a separate counter for people to pick up their order.

  19. Stephanie says

    I don’t care about the location, I’m just devastated that they’re not offering the orange Dole Whip anymore. I guess all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that they bring it back. A citrus swirl just won’t do it for me!

  20. Stephanie says

    I’m sad not to be able to get my orange/pineapple swirl any more. :'( Maybe by the time I’m there in the fall they’ll have brought it back.

  21. Michelle Madara says

    I was so sad to find out after waiting in a long line at the new Aloha Isle that the vanilla is not longer available! Pineapple only! They cast member said they were discontinued and now only available in Pineapple Lanai!

  22. Mike says

    Bummed about the lack of vanilla icecteam. Also, seems like the dole whip is cream based again?

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