News! Disneyland Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast Booking NOW!

As though Jungle Cruise Skippers aren’t busy enough preparing the upcoming Skipper Canteen at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom… they’ll also be helping Disneylanders start their day at the newly announced Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari Breakfast!



Taking place on select dates from September 21 through December 2, 2015, guests can enjoy breakfast on the African veldt of the Jungle Cruise attraction in Disneyland!

Breakfast will include items “inspired by the jungle diet of the rare ‘brunching tiger’ ” such as pastries, scones, eggs, fruit and chia parfaits, pan-seared sausage, roasted gold potato and onion hash, and glazed pork belly bacon, as well as an assortment of juices, coffee, and specialty teas.

Upon completion of the meal, you’ll have the chance to “hone your skipper skills” (!!) with a private ride on the Jungle Cruise prior to park opening!

"The backside of water!"

“The backside of water!”

A Tribal Mask keepsake will be given to all guests to remember their time in the jungle (and serve as a visual aid for bragging rights as a member of the “Fraternal League of Secret Skippers”).

Price of admission is $300 per guest (tax and gratuity included), and does not include park admission (guests will be escorted out of the park after the event, and allowed to re-enter the park after opening if they have purchased Disneyland admission). Reservations are open now (and going quickly!) via the Disneyland website.

Would you like to dine IN the Jungle Cruise? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sherry says

    Don’t forget that there is also the new “Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou – Premium Halloween Dining Experience” this year too. It is cheaper than the Jungle Cruise experience, but still costly.

  2. Marmorgan says

    I cannot imagine a case of FOMO so bad I’d pony up $300 for breakfast, a mask, and a ride on the Jungle Cruise. Disney isn’t crazy, because there are people silly enough to do this, but I sure won’t be one of them.

  3. Mike says

    $300???thats insane. If it included park admission then $200 would still be too much. I’d pay $200 if it includes admission and the meal (still an expensive meal but the experience would be cool). $300 is beyond ridiculous.

  4. Ronald Wanders says

    $300 seems a little excessive for a heavily themed in-park breakfast, even for Disney.
    Is there something here that I am missing? Or are they really expecting people to pay $300 for breakfast plus a personal ride on the Jungle Cruise early in the morning?

  5. Jay says

    I’m a premium annual pass holder, so I don’t mind paying for a quality vacation. However…Disney must be out of their ever-loving minds on this one. No way is this worth $300.

  6. Kimberly Martin says

    No breakfast is worth $300. I’m really getting tired of Disney gouging people just because they can. No bueno.

  7. Richard says

    It’s all about personal choices and comfort level.

    If this sounds like a good deal to you then great, go and have a great time.

    What I would ask is that after your experience please come back here and tell us what it was like. This also means to cover the good and the bad without glossing over any problems.

    Thank you

  8. Kimberly H. says

    We hosted a private buffet breakfast in Tamu Tamu courtyard in Animal Kingdom with a private ride on Kilmanjaro Safari for $1,750 for 30 people. Maybe we should do it again, hand out a keepsake, and charge a couple hundred bucks. Sounds like a lucrative opportunity! :P Totally kidding, but I hope someone does this so I can read all about it!

  9. Cindy Kay says

    Not only is it $300… But… It starts at 5:30AM… Check-in is at Grand Californian at 5:00AM!! I’ll pass.

  10. says

    I have a theory about these crazily high priced “special events”. There are hundreds of Disney bloggers out there who feel the need to report on these experiences for their readers. Look at the Villains Soiree last year! I’d bet nearly all the attendees were bloggers. Disney gets their money back and a free “test” from the most fervent fans. If it works, then the public will catch on. If not, there’s no loss for them. I’d love to see the Disney lifestylers sit back and see if these events would have any traction otherwise.

  11. says

    Heather — Interesting take. Do you think Disney is subsidizing the bloggers to go to the event, or that the bloggers pay to go on their own? Also, consider the differences in the fan base between Disneyland and Disney World. I think something like this Jungle Cruise breakfast will play MUCH better in Disneyland than it would in Disney World since Disneyland has a more local fan base.

  12. says

    Richard — DFB won’t be attending (too rich for our blood), but I would love to hear a review as well if anyone out there is going.

  13. Richard says

    AJ, we would have gone but we have a fixed limit on the ‘special’ events we’ll pay Disney for and around $200 each is tops.

    While a lot of people will (and have) complained about the price I just assume they’ve never been to a Disney Special Event. We’ve been on a number of them and they have always been worth the money. But I have to say they were are WDW and I’m not sure just how the Jungle Cruise would work. I would be interested in a holiday dinner in the Haunted Mansion!

    Notice they gave the days and cost but didn’t mention if they were limiting the seating for each event. If they do then it will be a very small group each time and the $300 could well be worth it! Oh and a lot of people don’t realize that at any Disney park they never include park admission with the event cost.

    Heather may be right about the bloggers especially the YouTube group who for the most part are very rabid about getting new experiences on video and posted. I’m sure a bunch of the seats (if not most) will be taken up by them for many of the first spots.

    Remember the soft re-opening of the Big Thunder ride back in March of 2014? It seemed like everyone on many of the rides were recording it for their YouTube channel. I swear on one trip everyone there was recording except my wife and I!

    It this takes off and gets the traction I imagine they are hoping for I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make it a yearly event. The extra cost special events are the one thing WDW has made very popular so I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they try to bring a few of them to Disneyland.

  14. says

    I would never accuse bloggers of being “on the take” for Disney. What I mean to say is, a good number of die hard Disney fans are involved in some sort of social media, be it blogging, podcasts, twitter etc. If it weren’t for creating content or being the first to report on such things, I feel even the most fervent fans would balk at this number. I suspect that Disney is aware and taking advantage of this. But, again…just a theory!

  15. says

    Heather — I see; you’re thinking that bloggers or other social media-ers are creating what could be a false demand — sort of like charging an “I Saw It First!” up charge ;-D

  16. Richard says

    AJ – It was Heathers report that got me thinking about the Haunted Mansion (yup, I’m a long time reader) dinner. Even if I didn’t like the food, the experience would be worth $200 or $300 each! We are willing to bump the ceiling on our max price to get in on that one!

    The other one I’d lie to see is a dinner in the village section (mayor in the well area) of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. That would be truly awesome!!!

  17. Richard says

    Yup, they ‘officially’ announced it…

    This year, a new premium Halloween dining experience hosted by Dr. Facilier is coming to Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland park: Mystical Spirits of the Blue Bayou. The evening begins at 7 p.m., with an intimate, spooky dining experience with a themed three-course menu.

  18. Sarah says

    The price of this one absolutely floors me. I’ve been critical of the pricing of some of the events Disney has offered, but this is crazy. When I was in Walt Disney World last year, I paid $79 apiece for my husband and I to go on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. It was a 5 hour tour, included lunch, and one of the things we got to do was ride the Jungle Cruise in a boat set aside for our tour group. It floors me that Disney will offer all that at the price they did, but will charge $300 to have a decent breakfast, a private ride, and a souvenir.

  19. Julie says

    We are going on 24 Sep. Love these unique experiences. Waiting patiently for a Haunted Mansion dining experience.

  20. Mom says

    Went today and took my 6 year old son, he had such a amazing time he hasn’t stopped talking about it since this morning. The price to me seemed ridiculous also and truthfully if we weren’t celebrating a birthday I don’t think we would of gone but I’m happy that we did. The group was very small all together there were less then 20 guests. The service was great and they had multiple cast members per guest to help from the beginning to the end. For anyone who truly loves Disney and can afford it, I would recommend going even with the expensive price tag. It was such a fun experience to be in the park when it’s not open. I have had an annual pass for over 20 years and even after all the times I’ve been, today truly was a very different and magical experience, on the way in before the sun had risen we were given time to take pictures Infront of the castle and they even lite it up for our group. At the end we were given a decorative wooden box, mask and printed picture of each individual guest posing on the boat. The way I look at it is you aren’t paying $300 for the food or the gift, it’s for the experience.

  21. Stan says

    We are long time Disney fans and Vacation Club members who attend WDW regularly We are taking 16 to WDW from Dec 23 -January 1. Group activities are great, from tours to events and experiences. But this is clearly not for us. I am pleased that the experience was worth it but I fear that pricing policies are based on “what can we get by with- how high can we go?” rather than how can we continue to offer great value and beautiful memories to all who come to the most “magical place”.

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