News: New Menu Coming to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Disney World

Wondering what’s up in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland while Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is currently closed for a three-day refurbishment?

Well, we already have a glimpse of what changes will be revealed when it reopens tomorrow, October 1st… because an ALL-NEW MENU has been posted on the Walt Disney World website!

That’s right… this former favorite-place-to-grab-a-burger for many Magic Kingdom guests has entirely revamped the menu, now focused on Mexican fare, as opposed to the previous burgers, BBQ sandwiches, and side items like Chili-Cheese Fries.

The next time you mosey on in to pay a visit to Pecos Bill, you’ll see Fajita Platters, Burritos, Rice Bowls, and Salads on the menu.

Let’s get right to it!

Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Starting with the entree choices: Fajita Platters — with either beef or chicken — seem to be the star entree, and Burritos have a presence as well. All are served with Cilantro Rice and Beans, something we’re already familiar with from Tortuga Tavern (a seasonally-open Counter Service restaurant, which is also currently rumored to be facing a menu change of its own). Beef, Chicken, and Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowls, along with a couple of variations on a Southwest Salad round out the entree choices.

Screenshot of New Entrees at Pecos Bill's

Screenshot of New Entrees at Pecos Bill’s

Black Bean and Cilantro Rice at Tortuga Tavern

Black Beans and Cilantro Rice at Tortuga Tavern

Goodbye to Corn on the Cob, French Fries, and Chili. Side options will now feature Chicken Enchilada Soup and Chips.

Screenshot of New Sides and Desserts at Pecos Bill's

Screenshot of New Sides and Desserts at Pecos Bill’s

Desserts (previously the fairly standard Counter Service options of Chocolate and Carrot Cakes) have even received a makeover: Churros and Sopaipilla.

The Kids’ Menu, as per usual, somewhat echoes the new main entree choices with a Beef, Chicken, or Veggie Rice Bowl; but a Quesadilla also makes the list.

Screenshot of New Kids Menu at Pecos Bill's

Screenshot of New Kids Menu at Pecos Bill’s

Still hoping for a burger in the Magic Kingdom? You’ll have to travel to the future… Tomorrowland’s Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is now your best bet.

So, what do you think of this new Frontierland fare and the changes to Pecos Bill’s? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Please let us know with a comment what you think of the changes coming to Pecos Bill’s!


  1. Maria says

    The nostalgic side of me is very sad to lose the classic fare. When I was a young (and admittedly picky!) eater in the parks, my parents would always take me here or to Cosmic Ray’s to get some french fries + load up on the toppings. (Also, hopefully the toppings bar will stick around in some fashion!? D: ) However, the new offerings do look interesting, especially with the addition of the new desserts and the rice bowls.

  2. says

    Really hoping there’s a toppings which involves sauteed peppers and onions!! I’m really excited about this change though. Considering the prices, I hope the food is exceptional. Can’t wait to see what they decide to change the Tortuga Tavern menu to — I’m personally hoping for Caribbean fare!

  3. Essie says

    Lucky for me I like burritos, but I think a lot of guests are going to be very unhappy about the loss of the iconic burgers and fries with the exceptional fixin’s bar. Pecos Bills was the place to head to when you just had to have this all American, feel good food.

  4. Km says

    This is terrible. Quick service places are packed enough as it is, then they alienate anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food from Pecos Bill’s. This is only going to make the other quick service stops even more jammed.

  5. Donald says

    I’m totally fine with the transition to a Mexican-inspired menu, but considering the quality and customization options will likely be worse than Chipotle, those prices are a joke.

  6. Brittany says

    I wonder if they will have these options without regular rice as opposed to cilantro rice. Cilantro doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. And I would love these options if they had regular rice.

  7. Karen Sharp says

    Just removing Pecos Bill from my planner :-( I was really looking forward to a burger and fries there and also to the amazing toppings bar. I don’t eat rice so my only option would be a salad. My son is a picky eater so he wouldn’t eat anything on the kids menu.

  8. Courtney says

    Pecos Bill was always a must eat for me when I was at Disney World. I was very upset when they got rid of the taco salad. I’m willing to try the new food, but still wished they would have added the taco salad back in! I also agree that the food better be amazing for the high price we are now going to pay.

  9. Ryan says

    why change what has worked since the park opened!? really disappointed cause it was my favorite place to eat in the parks.

  10. Kaz says

    Ok, so they are already roasting veggies for the roasted veggie bowl.. hopefully they will offer veggie burritos and fajitas, as well…

  11. says

    Donald, you’re absolutely right. Those burritos and bowls are twice as much as they are at Chipotle. It’s a little outrageous honestly.

  12. says

    That looks just like what we ate at tortuga tavern this past May. The food was very good. Prices are high, but where are they not in Disney?
    We ended up eating in Tortuga because we did not see anything on the Pecos Bill’s menu we wanted to eat. So I am happy we can get veggies, beans, and rice all the time, not just when Tortuga is open. This change makes me happy! But I have never eaten a burger, nuggets, or french fries anywhere in WDW ever so take my comment with a grain of salt.

  13. Jaime says

    Oh no! I am so upset about this change! I had really wanted to try the BBQ sandwich and corn on the cob! Nothing on this new menu appeals to me at all. :(

  14. Randy C. says

    I am curious to see what lands at Tortuga Tavern now. I liked the menu at Pecos Bill’s, we would always eat there when at WDW.

    Now, maybe not. It does take away the option for standard fare on that side of the MK.

    We really loved the special plates that Pecos Bill’s would have from time to time. I think they could have done this and still kept a burger and chicken option for others.

  15. Lauren says

    I’m happy! I love Mexican! My husband will miss the old Pecos Bill’s menu though. We always had to stop there at least once to get a burger & fries. I’m not excited that the only burger place left in the MK is Cosmic Rays. I really don’t like that place at all. Hey AJ, maybe it’s time to do a “Best Counter Service Burger” post?? Help those of us (or those of us with husbands) who need a fast burger fix??

  16. Erika says

    Well I like Mexican, many in the group I travel with do not. Since we all eat together, that now rules Peco Bills out. I wish they had kept one or two “normal” items on the menu to appeal to everyone. It is nice to have options other than a burger, but it’s nice to still have that burger too!

  17. Amanda says

    Very disappointed to hear this news. Peco Bills was a favorite place to eat for my family as we loved the barbecue sandwiches and you got a good amount of food. Will not be stopping in there anymore as I am not a fan of Mexican food. Wish they would have kept the food similar to the location. Peco Bills menu fit perfectly for Froniterland. Not so much anymore.

  18. Catherine says

    I’m excited to try the new dishes! We went to Pecos Bill’s last month and ended up sharing chili cheese fries as nothing else sounded like we wanted.

    Looking forward to trying the new fare….and hoping the toppings bar is still in full swing!!

  19. Alicia says

    VERY disappointed by this. I absolutely loved their burgers and looked forward to them. Another downhill change for the Disney I once knew and loved.

  20. says

    Finally! Non-boring food in the Magic KIngdom! I remember how disappointed I was when I first wandered into a place with such a name–Pecos Bills–and found…burgers. Yawn. This makes so much more sense. And I love that they are doing burrito bowls. I’m going to go ahead and assume that they will re-purpose the fixings bar into toppings bar with salsas and olives and such. Which would be fantastic.

    Also: I understand that many people here are complaining about the prices. But…um…it’s Disney World. That’s how it works. A hot dog shouldn’t be $11 either, but it is at Casey’s Corner. And I still buy one, because what is my other choice? (Also, I love Casey’s Corner…)

  21. Ashley says

    This is disappointing as I don’t like Mexican food and this was one of our regular MK spots to eat.

  22. Mike V says

    Love the idea!!! Glad they are doing it!
    As someone who regularly travels in the summer months when Tortuga is rarely open I love the food they will be serving!!!
    Excellent idea, step in the right direction Disney, not more Italian places!!

  23. Sandra says

    Pecos Bill’s never held much attraction for us, but now we have something fun to try. I saw pictures of the new menu and fixings bar today; fantastic choices on the bar, including guacamole. I join those who wish for plain rice, as my son doesn’t do green stuff in his rice (he has autism), but otherwise, it looks like we’ll be eating a meal there.

    So far as the prices, many things cost more at WDW. I just looked at prices for Chipotle and yes, the prices are $2-4 higher, but just because they say the food is similar doesn’t mean that is a fair comparison. You can also buy plates like these at Chili’s, for example, and you’ll be paying a price equal to or higher than Disney’s. We use the QSDP, so the cost isn’t a worry for me.

  24. Joan says

    I’m sorry to see the old menu gone. I don’t think we will be eating there again! Almost all of the people we go with Will not eat anything from the new menu except maybe the salad.

  25. Erin says

    Oh no! A place where you can’ get burgers????? Whatever shall you do??? Oh wait, I know, go somewhere else. This place wasn’t “all-American,” it was Tex-Mex (hence the chili and the BBQ and the taco salad) and it’s staying pretty true to that concept.
    The level of complaining is ridiculous. “All they have is burgers and fries.” Don’t take away this place that serves burgers and fries.” *eye roll*

  26. Jason says

    The old menu was our fav at Magic Kingdom… but we like this too. And with those prices… this just became one of the best values on the dining plan…

  27. Paul says

    These are higher prices for less expensive food and a reason to remove another “fixins bar” which was a popular feature, but apparently it ate into the profit margin because of those who could make a meal from the bar. ;)

  28. larissa says

    Noooooo….we will miss thouse great hamburgers !!! !:( the mushrooms was always just perfect….so sad….in animal kimdom they have something similar….oh my husband is going to be really sad…..

  29. Diane says

    But…but….but….we love to go get cheese fries as a snack!! oh my daughter is going to be so sad..

  30. David says

    How can cosmic (yuck) rays be the only place to get a burger in Americas no. 1 theme park? I can only hope when the profits drop disney sees sense.

  31. Malee says

    I think I’m more amused by all the comments being upset about the loss of the burgers. Maybe some of the *toppings* are different, but the actual patties at Pecos Bill’s were EXACTLY the same as the ones from Cosmic Ray’s. Same vendor/supplier. There is literally nothing different about them except the location they are served in.

    And seriously, if losing out on some burgers is really that upsetting that some people hope Disney loses profits (rather immature, by the way), then hop on over to the McDonald’s on property. Personally I’m happy that there’s even more variety because it wasn’t all that many years ago that burgers were pretty much everywhere you turned.

  32. donna says

    So disappointing! This was a go to restaurant and it was always packed. the burgers and fixing bar was one of the best in MK. I loved the atmosphere in this quick service and the Burgers were great. Not sure why Disney changed something that was fine to begin with.

  33. MichelleG says

    This is very disappointing to me. I am diabetic and don’t eat carbs. I loved getting the taco salad and loading up on the toppings. I just didn’t eat the shell. I don’t think there’s much for me to eat there now except a salad. I can get a salad anywhere. I’m not happy.

  34. Kimberly says

    Love the change! I’ve never been a fan of Disney hamburgers, and I love Tortuga Tavern but rarely get to the park when it is open. So this is like Tortuga Tavern anytime. I won’t miss those boring burgers and fries or anything else that was on the menu (except R.I.P. Taco Salad). I am not a cilantro fan at all, but I actually think cilantro rice is pretty good. Now I just hope they get Aunt Polly’s open full-time again! And maybe re-open the lemonade stand in the fort.

  35. Brian says

    My first thought was, “oh no!” But I realized that I’m the only member of my family who loves hamburgers, while everyone in my family eats burritos and rice bowls. The new change works for us.

  36. Melissa says

    Really sad about the menu change. Pecos Bill and their burgers and amazing toppings bar has always been a must do for every Disney trip my family has taken since I was a kid and a huge part of me is disappointed that it’s now gone. We are planning a trip for this Christmas and it was on the list guess that’s changing now. ..

  37. Cheryl says

    Sad It seems to break with the back story but a bigger problem it removes generally kid acceptable food from that area of the park. Disney prices are high but if you compare them with Six flags’ food, price and quality are much more acceptable.

  38. Jill D says

    well this is less of a blow since the plastic cheese was already taken away. Although, I’m not sure that this menu will serve enough people to warrant the huge dining area.

    Pecos Bills made sense as a bbq place, but texmex isn’t too far off the mark either. I am not a fan of cilantro, so i think i might be out of luck.

    Seems like so much change all at once can upset the loyal visitors, but i understand change is important.

  39. Chris w says

    We were all excited to eat at pecos bill and then we were so disappointed when we saw the new menu. What a bummer. Kids didn’t like any of it. I must admit I liked it but still wished for the burger and fries.

  40. Carole says

    So they are going with a Mexican theme but are not bringing back the extremely popular taco salads? I don’t get it. When 50% of the feedback references the removal of one particular menu item, why not bring it back? Especially when said item matches the new menu theme.

  41. Beth says

    So disappointed-my family loved the chili at Pecos Bill-it is one of the best we’ve ever had. The pulled pork sandwich was a favorite too- but it looks like they’ll be serving those next door at Tortuga Tavern. Wish I knew where I could find chili like Pecos Bill’s in Disney world.

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