#OnTheList: Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

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The saying goes, “The eyes have it.” But in this case, it’s all about the EARS.

#OnTheList Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

#OnTheList Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

You can spot them on the red-and-blue wrapping imprinted with that famous face…

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar Packaging

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar Packaging

…or the trademark shape on ice cream cart signs around the parks.

Main Street USA Ice Cream Cart

Main Street USA Ice Cream Cart

Ice Cream Cart Menu

Ice Cream Cart Menu

And when you do, it means only one thing: it’s time for a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, and this classic treat is #OnTheList!

Nestle Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

The beauty of a Mickey Bar lies in its simplicity: it’s vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thick chocolate shell, all on a popsicle stick. Best of all, it’s Mickey-shaped!

Inside of the Premium Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

Inside of theMickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Bars are provided by Nestle’s, but — sadly — you won’t find these in the freezer aisle in your grocery store.

Then again, maybe that’s for the best. Because I think the final ingredient — even though you won’t find it listed on the packaging — is a little bit of Disney magic.

That's better!

That’s better!

It just wouldn’t taste quite the same anywhere else.

Let’s hEAR it for Mickey Bars! Please chime in with a comment!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. Grace says

    I used to love the Simba Bars at DAK but those are long gone. Now my favorite is a Mickey ice cream sandwich with a hot cup of coffee.

  2. Essie says

    I’ve never had one!!!!!!!! I never wanted to bite his ears off, but I really have to get one and enjoy it. It does look delicious.

  3. Richard says

    Hey AJ, Mickey Bars are iconic and everyone should try one at least once so how about a no prize contest where everyone sends in their pictures with Mickey Bars (must include date and location) and someone (the readers or the staff) gets to vote on the top 3 (or 10).

  4. Lisa says

    I had my first one at Typhoon Lagoon last weekend! =D I got one just to say I did, but it ended up being really tasty. The chocolate shell is actually really delicious.

  5. Steven Butland says

    Ok, has anyone noticed or is it just us? Love Love Love the mickey ice cream bars! Daughter has been a fan for 18 years! Tonight, just arrive at Disney Aulani Resort, everyone one ordered a Mickey Bar, and EVERYONE immediately notices, this WAS NOT Ice Cream under the chocolate coating, but ICE MILK. Big Difference! Ice Cream center of the past was so much Smoother. Ice Milk, is gritty! Disappointing beyond all believe! Either Nestle has changed up the inside to a cheaper inside ingredient or we just got 4 freezer burnt Mickey Bars! LOOKED at the ingredients, and there is not one drop of cream listed in the ingredients now.

  6. Danie says

    Good to know ahead of time all those are Nestlé products. We do not buy anything made by that company and will be in WDW next week.


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