News: More Details on Tiffins Restaurant and Nomad Lounge, Opening in Animal Kingdom This Summer

Disney fans everywhere are pretty excited for Aprill 22nd — the anniversary of Animal Kingdom’s opening, and the debut of the Rivers of Light evening spectacular as well as the Harambe Wildlife Parti and the Discovery Island Carnivale.  [Editor’s Update: Please note that since the original publishing of this article, Disney has announced that the Rivers of Light spectacular will be delayed, and they will be releasing further information regarding an updated debut date for the spectacular and both street parties in mid-late May 2016.]

But after that date, it’s not as though the changes will stop coming to Animal Kingdom as it transitions into a all-day-into-nighttime park. Even after the arrival of Rivers of Light, two more highly anticipated additions will still be on the way this summer: the opening of Tiffins, Animal Kingdom’s very first signature restaurant, and the accompanying Nomad Lounge in the Discovery Island area of the park.

Artist's Rendering of Tiffin's Restaurant ©Disney

Artist’s Rendering of Tiffins Restaurant ©Disney

Tiffins will serve lunch and dinner daily, and the menu will feature food that “takes diners to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americans.” But Disney has now released more about the restaurant’s atmosphere and backstory. Emily O’Brien, the Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Show Producer for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, states that “Tiffins is not about a make-believe place, it’s about real people and places.”

Artist's Rendering of Tiffin's Restaurant ©Disney

Artist’s Rendering of Entrance to Tiffins Restaurant ©Disney

Therefore, like the menu, the setting itself will also be globally-inspired. The interior will reflect “a gallery you can dine in with artwork that is a direct result of travels to Africa, Asia and South America which influenced the design of the park.”

The 252 seats in Tiffins will be divided into three Galleries (dining rooms). A focal point of the 74-seat Trek Gallery (Asia) will be a three-dimensional piece featuring prayer flags that look as though they are blowing in the wind. The Safari Gallery (Africa) will seat 64 guests. The Grand Gallery will be the largest of the three, seating 144 guests. This Gallery will honor some of the animal species that Disney aims to help protect through the Disney Conservation Fund.

The celebration of travel will continue in the Nomad Lounge (adjacent to Tiffins). This spot’s decor will also focus on the core values of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which, according to Disney, include “the intrinsic value of nature, transformation through adventure and a personal call to action.”

Artist's Rendering of Nomad Lounge ©Disney

Artist’s Rendering of Nomad Lounge ©Disney

The Lounge will feature waterfront views, and tales of travel will also play a major part as large banners will showcase “artistic representations of answers to travel questions” such as “What do you always do when traveling” and “What was your most adventurous moment?”

And this is where guests at Nomad Lounge will have the chance to add their answers to these travel-focused questions: diners will be able to purchase a tag upon which they can write their personal answers, which will be displayed above the bar. (The funds from the purchased tags will support the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.)

Stay tuned, fellow travelers, as Disney hinted there will also be more to come regarding the food and beverage menus for Tiffins and Nomad Lounge soon!

Are you looking forward to dining at Tiffins or exploring Nomad Lounge? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Torri Webber says

    We are planning to visit Animal Kingdom in November 2016….can’t wait to try Tiffins! When will we be able to reserve a table? So excited!!!

  2. Carly says

    What time could we expect the park to remain open until once these nighttime events come to fruition
    ? thanks!

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