CONFIRMED: Star Wars Themed Dinner Club Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We first mentioned this a while back in this post about some of the dining options that we can expect when Star Wars Land opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But while we had confirmation at that time of a Cantina, today, we can confirm that there will also be a Dinner Club!

Disney has released a brand new artist rendering, which further cements their plans to build an immersive table service experience in Star Wars Land.

© Disney

© Disney

No details like name or what the menu might be —  we’re still operating with the name “Star Wars Dining Experience”. :-) But we think this is super exciting! After all, how many times did you wish you could jump into the screen and enjoy a dinner on another planet?? Me toooooo!! 

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Now, I’ve gotta hear from you guys — are you as excited about a Star Wars Dinner Club as I am? Leave a comment and tell me what you hope to see here!


  1. Terri says

    I’m excited for it, but I feel like its soooooo far away right now its hard to get really excited. I am curious what they’ll do with food though. I doubt Mickey Waffles exist on other planets… :)

  2. Mike V says

    Well this is great news and would love if it were open when I am there in JULY…..

    BUT NO WORRIES…..Soarin will!!!!! June 17th!!!!!!

    So Excited!!!!!

  3. Jean says

    This is GREAT NEWS!!! I’m hoping for as many new Star Wars-related dining experiences as possible!

  4. Essie says

    I’m not a big Star Wars fan, yet I’m very excited over the idea of an entirely new immersive land to get lost in and experience. Since WDW does it’s theming to 100% perfection, I think it will be a really fun adventure!

  5. angela says

    Does anyone know when this land is to open I’m going in October and really hope it’s open for then

  6. Shaikha says

    Dining here would be out of this world. Literally! Already excited of thinking of taking my soon to be husband who is a HUGE Star Wars Fan to the Dinner Club!

  7. NIkki says

    Can’t wait for this! I really hope there is an opportunity to see Jedi Mickey and Lea Minnie!

  8. says

    Looks like it would make a great overlay for the Sunset Showcase/Club Villain space, which as of right now, will be ending on May 29th. Little bit of food, custom cocktails, four character meet and greets, light saber song and dance/battle in the center of the room… what more could you ask for?

    Now, I have no reason to believe that will be the case, but Disney does have a penchant for re-using un-used space, and I just can’t imagine that amazing Sunset Showcase building not being used for anything after May.

  9. Mark says

    Got to admit I liked the optimism in hoping for October. Sure it will be ready by October. ……. of 2018 or 2019. Looking forward to what is opening this year, especially at Animal Kingdom. Hollywood Studios won’t be more than a half day stop before 2018.

  10. Ali says

    Super excited!! We haven’t been there since 2013 so by the time we go back, which won’t be until probably at least 2017, everything will be new! I won’t know my way around anymore LOL!

  11. Sharon Munro says

    I am so excited but sadly as it draws closer to reality the first of us will not get in the door for years.
    I still love you Star Wars.
    I am so happy for all your success and longevity.
    As a young girl having my tenth birthday party at the movie theatre will all girls then going back eight times after to watch it again.
    Thank you,

    Sharon Church- Munro

  12. says

    This is such exciting news! I can’t wait for all the cool Star Wars stuff coming to the parks (not soon enough for me).

  13. says

    Can’t wait first time ever to go to Disneyland n a biggest fan of star wars can’t wait….be there in June 2016, my wife surprise me for my first Disneyland trip………..

  14. says

    Like everyone else, can’t wait! A dinner club sounds amazing – I’m with the person who said they hope Jabba the Hut is watching. A mini saber battle/altercation with some of the ‘diners’ would be so fun!

  15. Ginny says

    At least the hostess should be an alien character. Would be cool to see some cast members eating lunch. Who wouldn’t want to dine next to some storm troopers?

  16. Bonnie says

    I am not into Star Wars but my husband and my sons absolutely love everything having to do with Star Wars and they can’t get enough! So we will definitely be doing tons of Star Wars stuff whenever it opens. My sons are 11 and almost 9 but even if they’re in high school when this stuff finally opens, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it! We go to WDW every other July (going back this summer, yay!), and look forward to watching the progression of everything. We used to spend 2 days at DHS and got to do everything, but this time only going for a half day.

  17. Jane Griesinger says

    Nice! It’s no wonder I’m over weight, another restaurant to dine in. It should really be fun. I’m not even done with Disney Springs yet. Maybe by that time, the Star Wars restaurant will be ready. Can’t help it, I just love food!

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