Sneak Peek INSIDE: Ample Hills Creamery on Disney World’s BoardWalk (And Rumored Opening Date!)

I’m having a TON of fun at Disney World this week! And my trip has been made all the better by seeing that the construction walls surrounding the soon-to-be-open Ample Hills Creamery have come down!

Ample Hills Sign on Disney World's BoardWalk

Ample Hills Sign on Disney World’s BoardWalk

This “re-imagined take on the turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor” will take over the spot that was previously occupied by the ESPN Club Arcade, next door to the very-much-still-open ESPN Club.

Located between ESPN Club and Seashore Sweets

Located between ESPN Club and Seashore Sweets

Once it’s open (official date unannounced as of yet, but we’ve heard from cast members that it will be May 15 with soft openings in the days prior), THIS is the only storefront outside of New York where you’ll be able to grab scoops of Ample Hills Creamery ice cream, known for creative flavors made from “hormone-free milk and cream from grass-fed cows and organic cane sugar” (that’s from the Ample Hills Creamery website. Check it out, along with their Instagram account!).

Ample Hills Creamery Goodness

Ample Hills Creamery Goodness

You can see the kitchen windows, where we’ll all be able to peek in and catch the goings-on! Right now we’re not seeing any indoor seating, but we’re hoping that changes!

Ample Hills Queue Line

Ample Hills Queue Line

The highlight decor in the space is the custom mural in the signature Ample Hills style. This one features elements of the BoardWalk, Epcot, and even has a nod to the Brooklyn Bridge — representing Ample Hill’s home base — in the background.

Ample Hills Mural

Ample Hills Mural

Spaceship Earth in Ample Hills Mural

Spaceship Earth in Ample Hills Mural

Ample Hills Mural Close Up

Ample Hills Mural Close Up

I love the “show kitchen” where guests will be able to see ice cream being made daily.

Show Kitchen

Show Kitchen

Show Kitchen

Show Kitchen

And of course, those amazing waffle cones. Ample Hills embeds some of theirs with flavors and candies!

Waffle Cone Makers

Waffle Cone Makers

Be on the lookout for unique signature flavors like Coffee Toffee Coffee, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Malty Salty Pretzel Punch, and Cotton Candy, as well as a special flavor created exclusively for Disney World. (I wonder if we’ll be able to grab any of those Star Wars flavors, while we’re at it?) I’m really looking forward to trying one of their Ice Cream Flights — I hope they have them!

Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream Flights

Ample Hills Creamery Ice Cream Flights

So, the walls are down and we’re one step closer to the opening… I can’t wait to keep you posted here on the DFB (after I’ve grabbed a scoop — or seven ;) — for myself, that is)!

Sneak Peek INSIDE Ample Hills Creamery on Disney World’s BoardWalk

We’ll see you there real soon!

Are you excited to welcome Ample Hills Creamery to Disney World? Please let us know with a comment!



  1. Becca says

    Can’t wait! We’ll be there the last week in May, so I’m crossing my fingers it will be open. Just ordered the Star Wars flavors and both were delicious!

  2. Jean Anderson says

    I am so very excited for this!!! But, will this be competing with Beaches & Cream?

  3. Essie says

    I’m very excited for this. B&C is wonderful, but this place has unbelievable flavors and cones. There is need for both places!

  4. Keith says

    Ehh…Beaches and Cream has been surpassed by The Fountain, in both food and ice cream. Hopefully, this will be something different than both….but alas, it seems like something similar to a Cold Stone rather than a true ice creamery.

  5. Frank says

    Wonder if they’ll have soft serve too???
    Usually go to Dolphin Fountain for it.
    Also, so much easier to get a table at the Dolphin Fountain than Beaches & Cream anymore.
    ADR or not, at B&C, seems like I always have a 40 minute wait!!
    Please expand B&C.
    Looking forward to Ample Hills!!!

  6. Mari says

    I’m over the moon! I’m allergic to corn (corn fed dairy makes me quite ill also) and can’t wait to be able to eat ice cream again!!! As long as they don’t use any corn additives of course…

  7. MINECAR says

    Go here about once a month if I can get there. Marshmallow one’s my personal fav when it’s available. Wonder what flavors they got coming to this new place!

  8. Hannah says

    Frank…Thanks for the tip on where to get soft serve. Also check out the crepe cart in the France Pavilion has great soft serve.

  9. JohnWD says

    My biggest food memory at Disneyland as a kid in the 1950s was ice cream, and I am still a sucker for it! We will try it out as soon as it opens.

  10. Frank says

    Thx for the tip. I always forget about that Crepe Cart.
    They used to have it over by the “bend” where the kids play the drums between China and Germany.
    I’d get a strawberry sundae there!!!!!!!!
    Also, I “think” they have it at a fast food kiosk near Canada.

  11. Leah says

    I live in Brooklyn and Ample Hills is SOOOOO GOOD! So excited to see that it is coming to the Boardwalk!

  12. Frank says

    Oh yeah. Walking on the Boardwalk and stumbled on a soft opening for Ample Ice Cream, next to ESPN. All free. Cheryl ordered Peppermint ice cream , chocolate chunks w cubes of peppermint patties called Peppermint Pattie. I ordered PB Wins the Cup. Vanilla w chocolate chunks and peanut butter chunks. I could be off a bit w the descriptions, but this is really good !!! Place was packed!!!

  13. says

    Frank — Thanks for the FYI! We were able to get there the next day thanks to your heads up!

  14. says

    My husband & I popped over to the Boardwalk on May 11th as well & were delighted to have a chance at getting in during the soft opening hours! I had Coffee Toffee and he had Pecan Brittle (I’m sure I’m getting the actual names wrong, but you get the idea) in waffle cones. Both flavors were incredibly delicious, though the waffle cones collapsed in our hands only after a few bites. We let them know about it on the feedback forms. ^_^

    So glad we got to try it and will definitely re-visit on our next WDW trip!

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