News! Flying Fish to Reopen August 3rd on Disney World’s BoardWalk

We’ve got great news for those who have missed the presence of the Flying Fish on Disney’s BoardWalk since it closed for a lengthy refurbishment in February. It is set to reopen on Wednesday, August 3rd!



So this means that next week guests will be able to experience the all-new dining room and check out the goings-on in the new kitchen led by Chef Tim Majoras, who has been a member of the Flying Fish team since 2011.

Check out the updated menu here! I’m hoping this isn’t the FULL menu, as I don’t see the snapper OR the old-school steak on this menu, both of which were mentioned as coming back… . Fingers crossed that those items make their way back onto the menu soon… .

Flying Fish Menu -- click to enlarge

Flying Fish Menu — click to enlarge

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse at some of the new items. Appetizers include the Yellowfin Tuna, A “Tour of the Coast,” and the Kurobuta Pork Belly.







From the entrees, here are the Wood-fired Carabinero Prawn and Cobia, Plancha-Seared Hokkaido Scallops, and the Wagyu Filet Mignon.







And here is an example of the Sustainable Fish of the Day.



And, though it’s not listed on the menu above yet, here is one of the Dessert options: S’more Time at the Beach.



Though the interior has been refurbished to reflect a more “sophisticated” feel, we can’t wait to see the ways it still celebrates its BoardWalk surroundings.

Concept Art for Flying Fish ©Disney

Concept Art for Flying Fish ©Disney

(But if you’re looking for an opportunity to check out the new BoardWalk vibe right now, just stop by the brand new AbracadaBar which just opened right next door to the Flying Fish.)

Guests should be able to start booking Advance Dining Reservations beginning tomorrow, July 29th, for the Flying Fish either online or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

Are you excited for the debut of the new Flying Fish? Please let us know with a comment.


  1. Angelina says

    Do they have a bar option at Flying Fish? I’m traveling solo for a conference and will be staying at the Boardwalk (first time!) so I’m trying to plan out my dinner options. It would be great to not have to leave the resort.

  2. says

    Angelina — AbracadaBar, which is currently in soft openings, will basically be the bar for Flying Fish. Are you asking if you’ll be able to get a table for dinner without an advance dining reservation in the bar area? As of now, it doesn’t look like AbracadaBar will be serving from the Flying Fish menu, but that could change. We’ll be sure to get the scoop when we dine at Flying Fish next week.

  3. JR says

    Any word on whether or not the chef’s table is returning? This was the highlight of my trip a few years ago.

  4. Cindy says

    I guess they will still have a dress code. It looks pretty fancy. I’d love to try it, but I pretty much live in cutoffs and t-shirts while I’m at WDW. Slob attire. The scallops look great, though

  5. DwarfPlanet says

    Yeah I was chuckling at the size of the plating plus with no listing of prices on the menu. I think I will take a flyer until more comes out.

  6. Joni says

    Where’s the potato crusted snapper they can’t possibly take that off the menu!!!!!!

  7. Clark says

    FF was our favorite restaurant on property. Clearly Chef Majoras wants to make his own mark but fearful at the expense of what made FF such a great restaurant with a great menu. Sometimes change, especially to everything, isn’t a good thing. We will certainly be in attendance in October with an open mind but the new menu has us reeling that the wonderful standards are all gone. I can only image the prices now…

  8. Vickie says

    Very disappointed in the new menu if the signature strip steak and snapper don’t return. A Wagyu filet (which if other Disney restaurants are an indication will cost well over $100) and bison don’t quite cut it. Another favorite restaurant bites the dust. Agree with Clark – sometimes change is Not a good thing

  9. Mandi says

    I, too, lived for the steak on the old menu. I asked in both October and January if it would stay on the menu and was told by management that there was no way they would remove it. Hopefully this is just an early-stages menu…where’s the sushi? And caprese salad? This was long my favorite restaurant in all of WDW so I’m hoping a lot of the standards return.

  10. Jasmine says

    Oh no! They took all the vegetarian items off the menu =( =( We loved this place before – they had great veggie sushi, several veggie entrees too. I hope this isn’t the complete menu.

  11. Clark says

    The reality is that this restaurant is no clearly no longer The Flying Fish. End the suffering and change it’s name too.

  12. KathyC says

    I agree with Clark, change the name. Everything else looks very different why keep the name. Keeping the name and changing everything else just sets people up for disappointment when they show up and everything is completely different. Disney has gotten rid of or changed restaurants so much I rarely eat at the sit downs anymore.

  13. says

    Please tell me the crab cakes are still available! That is the main reason for going to the Flying Fish! I was so looking forward to the FF reopening and having those crab cakes again. If they aren’t there I will be very dissappointed. We also loved eating at the bar when its just 2 of us – hope that option remains as well. FF was a classic. Hope all the things we love about it will come back.

  14. abby says

    I don’t even know how to tell my husband that the potato wrapped snapper might be gone. It is always the highlight for him of our entire trip.

  15. Dr. Leonid K. Soup says

    Such sad, sad trombones! The Fish is dead! It will be awful!

    The new menu has items that I’ve had at the Flying Fish’s wine dinners over the years, and they mop the floor with the regulars from the old menu.

    Abracadabar is not the Flying Fish’s bar. The high bar is still very much in place for drinks and the full menu.

  16. Kristen says

    Oh no!!!! It looks like those amazing pesto mussels are gone too!! My husband and I ALWAYS got those as an app. We also always sat at the chef’s counter. That was the main reason for going! Hope they bring back some of the favorites regulars love and keep the chef’s counter!!!

  17. says

    Kristen — We’re hearing that the chef’s counter will return, but we’ll let you know for sure very soon. We have an ADR for tomorrow evening! Stay tuned!

  18. Vinnyv123 says

    I have already made three reservations ,first one for next week. Very disappointed that the new menu does not have the signature strip steak yet (they said they would) if it is not on the menu I will cancel the rest of my reservations.

  19. says

    Vinnyv123 — We dined there on Wednesday, and I can confirm that the Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak is not currently on the menu.

  20. Frank says

    As you viewed the menu during your meal, is ANYTHING from the old menu carried over?

  21. Frank says

    Thought of 2 more questions.
    1) are they taking Tables in Wonderland?? We were at the Abracadabar last week and were told TiW would be considered in 6 months since it was a “new” establishment… I really don’t understand that, but I guess it is what it is…
    2) I read about wine pours by the ounce. Did you see any of this??

  22. says

    Frank — I’m working on the review as I type! I didn’t check in about wines, because we opted for cocktails. But I’ll try and get that question answered for you. Stay tuned!

  23. says

    Frank — I’ll try to analyze as I work on this. I see a few things, but I think that Chef Tim is definitely interested in taking the menu and the restaurant in a definitely direction. His passion for the restaurant really showed through during our conversations, though.

  24. Donna says

    I know change can be good but some of the best items have been removed from the menu! No more New York Strip no more potato crusted snapper no more crab cakes. After 15 years it’s time for a change

  25. Karlene says

    We dined there last evening. We have had many wonderful dinners at FF, but Lastnight surpassed them all!!! Change is a great thing. We can’t wait to return. We sat at a table that allowed us to chat with the working chefs and they were beyond helpful and enjoyable.

  26. Karlene says

    While I don’t have the old menu memorized, I can not answer that. I am always looking for a new food adventure. I had the beef from the old menu and was disappointed . The “new” filet they were grilling looked much better. If one wants the same food every time, they might consider Applebee’s. Lol Again, the meal was superb. I had the octopus and my husband had the scallops.

  27. Frank says

    Ahh, condescending remarks. How nice!!! Thanks for that. So helpful!!!
    Guess you didn’t eat there that often if you can’t recall any of the old menu!!!
    And I’m glad to see you are an octopus aficionado. Congrats!!
    The new menu doesn’t excite me.
    Pork belly… It’s so “2014!!!”
    Who doesn’t have that at Disney.. along with some sort of bison, salmon, and “Wagyu” offering at $ 50+. Really!!!

    My analogy on changing the entire menu is this…. When the rock group The Eagles toured, .. if you don’t know, you can Google them, ..hint, they aren’t from Philadelphia….I loved to hear their new offerings, but I’d have been darned upset if they didn’t play “Hotel California” or “Take It Easy!!” They knew that too, and as much as it may have pained them to play the same stuff for 40+ years, they knew their fans wanted to hear it. “I” look at Flying Fish the same way. Bring on the new stuff, but it would have been nice to have kept some of the old items for those of us that remember how truly satisfying it was.

    As for the “sameness,” that’s what makes Disney fun!! Listen to the narration on the bus when you return from the parks. “Welcome Home!!” For many of us, it’s that familiarity that brings us back. Going to a bar where the waiter has been there for 10+ years and knows your drinks. Sharing stories about your kids with a CM who has kids the same age, as they grow up together.

    But alas, Disney is Disney, and they will ultimately do what they want, for better or worse.

  28. Joni says

    Well said Frank!!!
    That is exactly how I feel.
    Bring on the new but keep some of the obvious favorites the things that kept bringing us back.
    And I love to make new memories with my granddaughter but also love remembering and sharing with her things her father and I did when he was her age. THAT is a huge part of Disney Wofld for so many of us it’s not just a theme park as there are tons of them it’s the past present and future.
    It’s our Childhood and reliving that with our children and grandchildren.

  29. Vinnyv123 says

    We went to Flying Fish, Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak was not on the menu (was my favorite) so I tried the Bison. Was it Good? Yes it was delicious. The one big difference is of course the amount of Bison is about 1/3- 1/2 of the NY strip. Would I go again YES . Food is still Great except the salad, it was average, and the place looks great. Would I like to see the Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak on the menu again? Yes

  30. says

    Yep — I can definitely see both sides of the coin. I love new dishes and trying new things (obviously!), but as you all know, I’m also a creature of habit and enjoy having my favorites…well…pretty much any time I can get them! ;-D And, like Joni, a lot of it is nostalgia-based for me, too! Frank and Vinnyv — I was sad to see the steak, snapper, and crab cakes go, too. And agreed that I’m a “big steak” kind of person, so the smaller cuts just don’t “cut” it for me (haha!). But Karlene, I can definitely see your point about being on a food adventure. That’s wonderful, and I’m so glad you had a great experience at the *new* Fish!

  31. says

    Frank — I had a friend check the menu last weekend just to report back to you — Looks like no return of your old favorites yet. We’ll be sure to let you know when/if we see changes.

  32. Frank says

    Thx so much for the report. I appreciate your looking into it.
    I have ADR’s for late October and early December. Don’t want to give up on them yet.

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