#OnTheList: Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we totally think that there should be some amazing pastries #OnTheList! And we’re starting at Gaston’s Tavern in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Cinnamon Roll with Extra Icing

Cinnamon Roll with Extra Icing at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland

You’ll find the cozy counter spot in New Fantasyland, adjacent to other attractions featuring Beauty and the Beast themeing. And if you’re a fan of that film, you have to see this area. Just like Cars Land in Disney California Adventure, Disney did an absolutely astounding job making this corner of the park an immersive experience. You expect LeFou to greet you at every turn!

As for Gaston, he’s used antlers in all of his decorating, of course… .

Gaston's Portrait and Fireplace

Gaston’s Portrait and Fireplace

Also, feel free to take a look around and make yourself comfy in Gaston’s enormous chair. We hear he’s out hunting and won’t be back for hours.

Gaston's Chair

Gaston’s Chair

But let’s get down to the business — of eats!

While Gaston’s is a simply gorgeous spot, it has floundered a bit in the food department. When it opened, there were three main offerings here — a roasted Pork Shank (which was ridiculously good, and is no longer available), LeFou’s Brew (after all, you need something that looks like beer when you’re themed as a tavern in a mostly dry park), and Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll.

At the time it was introduced, the Cinnamon Roll was a bit of a head scratcher. After all, the Main Street Bakery offered the BEST CINNAMON ROLL IN THE WORLD. So why did this one need to exist?

Soon, we found out. As Main Street Bakery morphed into a Starbucks, many of its iconic offerings left the building. BUT — there was a bright spot, as the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s had just been introduced.

Cinnamon Roll -- Another View

Cinnamon Roll

At the time, we compared the two, and gave a slight edge to the MSB version. But Disney assured us that the rolls were one and the same; Gaston’s just had a bit of Maple Flavoring added to the icing. And when we took an objective look at the matter, we agreed — Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll was a winner.

Cinnamon Roll -- Cross Section

Cinnamon Roll — Cross Section

Now, one thing that you MUST do, however, is ask for that extra icing. See how it’s absolutely covered? That’s by request. I always, always ask for more. And I’ve never been told no — knock on wood!

Gaston and His Cinnamon Roll!

Gaston and His Cinnamon Roll!

So as long as they will continue to heap that extra topping onto this Gaston-sized cinnamon roll, it will remain #OnTheList for me!

Can’t get to Disney World to grab your own cinnamon roll? Try this Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll Recipe at home for the next best thing!

What about you? Does Gaston’s Cinnamon Roll make your cut for Disney #OnTheList favorites? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

What’s On YOUR Disney Food Bucket List?

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  1. says

    We aren’t the types to ask for extras, so we have always had the cinnamon rolls at Gaston’s as served. They are okay. Large enough to share. And I appreciate the maple-flavored goo. But they can be a bit dry. I probably won’t ask for extra icing if we get them again, but I can see where that would help. What I’d really like is more of the maple stuff.

  2. Dave says

    I consider them very dry and mediocre. If you want a good cinnamon roll, go to Boardwalk Bakery… Or your local “Cinnabon.”

  3. Kimberly H. says

    We LOVED the ones at MSB. We would always go to MK our first night and stock up for the week. The ones at Gaston’s are ok, a bit drier and I’m not a fan of maple anything. Plus, there was nothing like starting your day at one of the yellow umbrella tables overlooking the castle with a cinnamon roll and French toast loaf. *sigh*

  4. Margo Clark says

    Love, Love, Love the Cinnamon roll at Gaston’s. It is the first thing We get when we go to the park.

  5. DebC says

    Dave is right. You could double the amount of icing on this roll and it will still be dry as dust. They are leaving out shortening in the recipe. Tastes like gluten free or something.

  6. jeffk says

    Have to agree with the commenters who say the Gaston’s roll is far too dry—I was actually hoping we’d just gotten one from a bad batch, but it seems like a common complaint at this point. The MSB roll was a staple on our trips back in the day. Having tried the new one … I’m out. There are better ways to spend those calories!

  7. Nicole says

    My boyfriend got the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s when we went and loved it. He ended up eating the whole thing despite it being humongous. Unfortunately though, I told him to ask for extra icing as I always see it posted here, and the cashier didn’t seem to know what we were talking about and said they didn’t have any to add on.

  8. Mich says

    I’ve given this cinnamon roll a chance.. Twice. Do not bother! It’s a waste of a snack credit. They pull it out of a cabinet underneath the cashier. It could have all the icing in the world and unfortunately the taste, and dryness inside, will be what you notice. It is NOTHING like MSB and unless they actually start making them the same way, nothing will be comparable!! Especially not this one!!!

  9. Tommy says

    Nope these are definitely not on my must have list. They were dry as dust and no good at all. If you really want a great cinnamon roll head to Kusafari at Animal Kingdom. That dinner plate sized cinnamon roll that is moist and practically floating in icing is far far superior to Gaston’s.

  10. Rosabella says

    I think they are a bit dry. Liked the ones offered at the Main Street Bakery much better.

  11. Lorraine says

    Just had the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s w/o icing and it was yummy. Skip the chocolate croissant, dry. Oh and Gaston is quite often there.

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