News and Review: DONUT SUNDAE (!!!) at the Main Street Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

WHAT?!??! I know. That’s what you’re saying right now.

“WHAT?! DISNEY HAS A DONUT SUNDAE AND I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IT?!” How do I know you’re saying that? Because that’s exactly what I was saying when Tina (<– amazing DFB photographer who’s frigging awesome) spotted this at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in the Magic Kingdom this week!

But it’s OK. It’s brand new — not even on the menu yet — so we didn’t miss out on too much of the Donut Sundae lifespan. And we’re hoping that lifespan is a nice, long one!

The Main Street Plaza Ice Cream Parlor can be found at the intersection of Main Street USA and Tomorrowland, just before you get to Cinderella Castle. And the sundae joins a few other must-have treats on the Ice Cream Parlor’s menu, including the house-made ice cream sandwich (preferably ordered with a drizzled sauce!), the “kids’ cone” (it’s totally OK to order this as a grown-up, too) with Mickey ears, and the Plaza Ice Cream Sundae. So…I’m really not envying you the decisions you’ll have to make when you get there! ;-D

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor donut Sundae

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor donut Sundae

After spotting the sundae on a placard, we grabbed it! It comes with a warm glazed donut, warm apple compote, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, a cherry, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips.

Donut Sundae close-up: warm apple compote

Donut Sundae close-up: warm apple compote

We found out that the donut was not house-made (it’s basically a Krispy Kreme), but it’s warmed just before serving. And with the warm donut and warm compote contrasting with the cold vanilla ice cream, there’s a LOT of amazing going on in this sundae!

Donut Sundae close-up: Donut!!!!!

Donut Sundae close-up: Donut!!!!!

I’m doubting the apple compote is house-made, or even fresh (probably canned), but it still works well with the sundae. Though the combo of apple compote with peanut butter chips is a bit strange?

Donut Sundae close up

Donut Sundae close up

At the moment, vanilla ice cream is the default flavor. The Cast Member we spoke to said that once this is officially on the menu, guests should be able to request whatever flavor they’d like.

Donut Sundae toppings

Donut Sundae toppings

At press time, this costs $5.99 and is not a Disney Dining Plan snack credit option. But at $5.99, you’re still getting a bargain as far as we’re concerned!

Our thoughts? This was fantastic! Donut? Good! Ice Cream? Good! Apple Pie Filling? Good! Whipped Cream? Good! It’s a winner all around. We can’t WAIT until this gets cemented onto the menu!

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What do you think? Will you be heading to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for your Donut Sundae the next time you’re on Main Street USA? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    How could you go wrong with this? It looks incredible – but will now present me with the problem of deciding what snacks I will eat in the Magic Kingdom! Might have to just skip some meals and have snacks instead.

  2. Kimberly H. says

    Hopefully it’s still there in May! I will definitely order this (minus the chocolate and peanut butter… I prefer neither next to fruit!).

  3. Angi says

    So you’ve never put peanut butter on your apple slices? It’s a very good flavor pairing

    Slays me they are putting this out for breakfast!

  4. says

    Gloria, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. I see they have some food coverage. But I’d love to see the Disney Food Blog expand their horizons a bit and take on some of the exciting things going on down the road. They have had a donut sundae for a couple years now.

  5. Jean says

    I love anything with donuts!!!! I’d probably get it without the chocolate & PB chips, too. But that looks amazing!

  6. robin says

    I heard today that it was going to be on the Plaza breakfast menu for when they start allowing people to come in the gates before the park opens.

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