SECRET MENU! Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Disney World

EDITOR’S UPDATE: The Nachos Rio Grande Challenge will no longer be available after September 30, 2017.  However, we’ll be on the lookout for future “Secret Menu” offerings rumored for the Magic Kingdom!

What’s that? You’ve never heard of the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

Yeah, don’t feel bad. ‘Cause I’d never heard of it either until just a couple of weeks ago! ;-D But I was so excited when one of our readers asked about the “giant nachos” at Pecos Bill’s. And I was even more excited when I headed over to check them out! (Luckily, they just started these a couple of months ago, and they weren’t publicized anywhere…so I can sort of forgive myself that I didn’t know about them til now.)

As is the case with other “challenges” around Disney World — like the Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches and Cream — this one is pricey…and meant to enjoy with a crowd! And I was so excited to find an awesome family to share them with me on my visit!

There’s a lot of hoopla that accompanies ordering the Nachos Rio Grande, and I wanted you to see it firsthand! Check it out!!

OK, the video shows EVERYTHING (so go watch it! And subscribe to our channel! ;-D), but here’s the gist!

To get the Nachos Rio Grande, you need to arrive between 3 and 6PM at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland. Let a cast member know you’d like to order the secret Nachos, and the whole restaurant will start buzzing with excitement! I quickly found out that the Nachos serve 6-8 people — or MORE — and the order brings with it a whole “VIP experience” at Pecos Bill’s.

Cast Members ready to get the party started for the Nachos Rio Grande!

Cast Members ready to get the party started for the Nachos Rio Grande!

After you order (and pay the astronomical $90 price tag — yeah, you REALLY have to want some big nachos to pay that much), cast members will don their special cowboy hats and escort you back to a reserved table set with pioneer-style tin plates and checkered napkins.

Reserved Table at Pecos Bill's for those tackling the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge!

Reserved Table at Pecos Bill’s for those tackling the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge!

Once seated, cast members will bring in pitchers of your chosen drinks (non-alcoholic of course), and then the fun begins! Very soon, the WHOLE RESTAURANT (yeah — that’s no joke — it’s pretty much every cast member in the place) walks from the kitchen to your table in a huge parade processional of ringing cowbells and cheers! It’s a serious spectacle, and so much fun! (The best part is — they seem to be having just as much fun as you are!)
The huge Nachos are brought your VIP table in a mini covered wagon along with big tins of green and red salsa, and queso.
Nachos Rio Grande set up

Nachos Rio Grande set up

As you can see, the nachos are HUGE! Thankfully, on my visit I had a team of volunteer eaters helping me out!!
Nachos Rio Grande

Nachos Rio Grande

Once you’ve conquered the Nachos Rio Grande challenge, eaters are treated to a fun ceremony featuring the Pecos Bill Code of the West, an official certificate, and cowboy hats and sheriff badges for everyone in the party.
The $90 price tag is high (if you’re feeding 8 people, it works out to about $11.25 per person), but the VIP treatment (cast members are available to get anything you need throughout the meal, so it’s kind of like a table-service experience in a counter-service restaurant) and fun experience is very unique and one of a kind. The nachos aren’t bad, either! ;-D Typical counter service fare, but still a good meal for the family.

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We’re not sure how long the Nachos Rio Grande Challenge will be available at Pecos Bill’s, and it’s definitely a SECRET menu item. But if you’ve got a crowd at the Magic Kingdom, it’s worth considering!


  1. Hannah says

    When you say 11.25 per person at first you think, not too bad. But other Disney restaurants serve Nachos for 11.00 to 16.00 approx. and they serve 2 to 3 people so for chips, cheese and toppings….I think it’s quite expensive. Looks like a fun experience but I don’t think it’s worth it….for me.

  2. Sandra G says

    My guys would love this and I bet my son could make a major dent in it all by himself! The price is actually not too bad considering you also get beverages and souvenirs from the experience and it could feed a family of teens. :)

  3. Dawn J says

    I saw the aftermath of the nacho challenge a couple weeks ago. I had no idea what was going on and had to get going so couldn’t ask a cast member. Thanks for the details!

  4. says

    The video mentions that each person also receives a hat and a badge. What are these like? This may help the shock of the price of the nachos alone.

  5. Gail says

    Do they bring more of the toppings and drinks if needed

    Probably would need more queso, salsa drinks etc

  6. Essie says

    Are there refried beans and ground beef in the salad or is it all veggies? How about that luscious plastic cheese? If it had beans and beef, I guess it would be a fine one time experience since they throw in some fun souvenirs. Kids would love the hats and badges, as long as they enjoy taco salad!

  7. Jackie says

    The Nachos have chicken, taco meet and spicy beef! The cheese sauce is delicious! No one mentioned AP holders get 20% off!!!! And you get a table service experience with out having to pay a tip! Win win win in my book! My family and I love this!

  8. Bill says

    This is amazing! We ordered this upon the suggestion of a worker and we chowed down!!!! There were 9 of us and it was way cheaper than getting the $14 nachos and a drink per person and the guy refilled everything for us. It had chicken, beef, and taco meat. Our new favorite MK activity!

  9. Carolyn says

    It actually doesn’t seem like a horrible deal for eight people, especially if soft drinks are included, which is what I’m getting from the article. I’m wondering if they could be made all vegetarian, though I don’t think I’ll ever find enough people to share it with.

  10. Kristi says

    Does anyone know if this would count as a certain number of quick service meals or just not on the meal plan at all?? I’m hoping it will be the equivalent of say 6 quick meals for example…

  11. Mike V says

    People above that break this down to a per person value….Do you see what is involved with this?

    First the over the top Disney experience and special service that is offered, pitchers of your beverage of choice, additional queso and salsa (let’s not forget the HUGE toppings bar that is already in Pecos Bill), a ceremony, a certificate, and a cowboy hat and badge to remeber the experience.

    Guess some people just like to complain….Look at the big picture people, this would be well worth the price in my mind.

  12. Rebecca B says

    This looks SO FUN! My family would totally get a kick out of doing this. We will definitely try this out the next time we have a big group going to Disney.

  13. Angela says

    This sounds like a fun way to celebrate during my nephew’s grad trip this Fall. I really hope it’s an option for our trip. Thank you for the heads up!

  14. Holly says

    Curious what is on the Nachos…

    As a Texan used to Tex-Mex how does the taste compare A.J.? I avoid mexican food at WDW because it just isn’t the same as at home and I am usually disappointed.

  15. DianeN says

    This actually looks edible. I can’t handle foods like the Kitchen Sink or of the overstuffed burgers and desserts at the new Planet Hollywood Observatory. I swear I can feel my cholesterol and blood sugar rise from the pics alone!

  16. Ashley says

    This looks like a blast & I don’t even like nachos. My grandpa would have had a field day with this 15-20 years ago. He could have probably polished off half the platter on his own (he loved nachos).

  17. Veronica says

    Is it me or do the nachos not seem that big at all?
    Maybe a little bigger than what you would get at any sports bar for $12-$15? Definitely not enough for 6-8 people. Seems fun though, if you have that much extra cash laying around.

  18. Disney Damsel says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This article couldn’t have come at a better time, as we were headed to Disney World last weekend to celebrate my sisters birthday on Sunday! There were only three of us – all ladies- and we had an absolute blast! We got the AP discount, but gladly would’ve paid the full amount! People need to understand that you’re not just buying a giant nacho!( and it is quite large, the pic is deceiving) You are purchasing a completely unique, super fun experience… a memory that will be happily discussed for years to come. We got a later than planned start to our day, and hadn’t eaten, so I told the b-day girl that Pecos Bill had some new menu items they were trying out but that they weren’t offered until 3 o’clock. We grabbed some of the maple popcorn you recommended to tide us over. It was good, caramel cornesque. At three, up to the register we went. As soon as the cashier announced what we wanted, Eriq appeared by our sides, the cashier grabbed my phone to record, and the roaring announcement of our endeavor was made-all as the b-day girl stood there happy and dumbfounded, still trying to figure out exactly what was going on – priceless! On our way to the reserved table, Eriq pointed out a few different mementos and told us the stories behind them. Although unexpectedly shorthanded that day, they still went above and beyond, even bringing my sister red velvet cake. After we stuffed our faces(we ate more of it than they thought we would be able to:) we were sworn in while being adorned with Woody stickers by Glenda, a wonderful maintenance woman. Eriq and Glenda walked us out and made a grand announcement of our new deputy status(complete with hats, badges, and certificates)-hysterical!
    Bottom line : Totally worth it for a small group! A deal and a half for a large group!
    A big thank you to all the cast members at Pecos Bill and a special shout out to Eric and Tom, for going that extra Walt mile!

  19. says

    Disney Damsel — WOW!! Your comment totally made our collective DFB Day! Big hugs — we’re so glad we could help make this happen for you!

  20. Melinda says

    I wonder if these could be ordered without beef. e Don’t eat beef. I know that sometimes with these special things you can’t change them at all.

  21. Rebecca says

    This looks like a fun and unique experience ! Already planning this for our party of 9 on our WDW summer vacation. . Hope it’s still being offered.

  22. Kelly says

    I hope it is there in August. I’m always looking for something we haven’t done and this fits the bill! Can’t wait!

  23. Darlene says

    Half our group is gluten free/dairy free, can this be accommodated? Can you order something else in addition to enjoying this awesome experience???

  24. Heather says

    We have 6 adopted kiddos and 1 foster, I believe with 6 males that our family could totally clean all that up!

  25. Holly Albrecht says

    Headed there in a week and planning to have this as part of our experience.

  26. Colleen says

    Do we know if this is still available? Going next month with our three adult children who all love nachos! Sounds like a fun and entertaining experience. Hope it’s available! Also, we are season pass holders, does the 20% discount apply?

  27. Kathy says

    Hey Colleen…….we are going August 15-20 . There are five of us ( adults) looking for some people to share this experience since there is so much food. When are you guys going and would you be interested?

  28. Annette says

    Unpopular question: Does anyone know if the meat can be served on the side so that vegetarians and omnivores and enjoy it together?

  29. DFB Sarah says

    Sarah, that’s a good question. It appears that the secret menu nacho challenge was discontinued at the end of September. But ask when you’re there, just in case!

  30. Ryan says

    Can anyone confirm one way or another if these can still be ordered? I’ve also seen that a new “challenge” was supposed to replace the nachos 1 Oct. 2017, but haven’t been able to confirm that either.

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