News: Starring Rolls Cafe in Hollywood Studios Closing February 5th

Say it ain’t so…

Actually, those are the same words that came to mind when Writer’s Stop — a unique little coffee and pastry shop that used to be open in Hollywood Studios — closed a few months ago to make way for construction of the future Toy Story and Star Wars lands.

Only this time, these words apply to yet another beloved pastry stop in Hollywood Studios: Starring Rolls Cafe, located on the intersection of Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

While Starring Rolls IS open today from 9:00 am – 3:00PM, we were told when we were in the shop recently that starting February 5th, 2017, the location will be shuttered.

Here are the details: Starring Rolls Cafe is, indeed, closed starting tomorrow, February 5th. The Cast Members — who will be moved to other locations — have not been informed as to whether or not the spot will reopen in the future.

Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Wow. While Writer’s Stop was known and loved primarily for one snack above all else, the Carrot Cake Cookie, but I don’t even know where to begin with Starring Rolls. How can I possibly narrow down from ALL the favorites that have come from Starring Rolls over the years?

Butterfinger Cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe

Butterfinger Cupcake at Starring Rolls Cafe

First, this was one of the key spots you could ALWAYS count on for amazing cupcakes. We’re talking total home runs here, from the Butterfinger Cupcake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, to the ol’ Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake and the (much missed) Marble Cupcake.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake

Starring Rolls, in my opinion, was one of the places that put Disney World squarely on the map when it comes to cupcakes.

Not into cupcakes? Not a problem. You could always grab a Tiramisu, an Eclair, a Turnover, a White Chocolate Chip Brownie, a Fruit Tart, a “Banana Split,” a Napoleon… the list goes on and on.

Napoleon at Starring Rolls Cafe

Napoleon at Starring Rolls Cafe

Starring Rolls has also been a place to find savory sandwiches like the HUGE and gorgeous Pastrami, among others (until now, as the sandwiches have already been removed) and a few speciality coffee drinks.

Pastrami Sandwich

Pastrami Sandwich

Speaking of coffee… several of those aforementioned snacks, many of which were previously unique to Starring Rolls, were suddenly also found at The Trolley Car Cafe — the Studios Starbucks location — when it opened in 2015. Though some items went by other names (i.e., the Butterfinger Cupcake was known as the “Chocolate Toffee Cupcake” in opening days, and is now called the “Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake”), these special snacks were so well known to us that it was impossible not to spot them all over the Trolley Car bakery cases.

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

So, yes, several Starring Rolls snacks are still available in Hollywood Studios. In fact, here are a few pictures taken today, where you can spot a few of the favorites in the Trolley Car case.

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

Trolley Car Cafe Bakery Case

But much like the Carrot Cake Cookie, which you can still find at Sweet Spells now that Writer’s Stop has closed, I can’t help but think that even my perfect Butterfinger Cupcake (or, should I say, “Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake”) might taste a little less sweet going forward.

"Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake" sign, a la Butterfinger Cupcake

“Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cupcake” sign, AKA Butterfinger Cupcake

We will miss you, Starring Rolls Cafe.

What are your thoughts on this latest dining change in Hollywood Studios? Please let us know with a comment. 


  1. Virgil says

    What Bothers me is That Disney Feels the Need to Close this Location , and NOT announce what it’s Plans are for it. If you know of this Sight, you are aware that it was ALWAYS Crowded. So why the Closing? There is already a Starbucks across the St? Disney Doesn’t do something Just for the Fact of Doing it. So the Question must be asked to Disney: ” Have You Guys Lost Your Minds?”

  2. Kim says

    I can’t believe how sad I am about this. AJ, you introduced me to Writers’ Stop and Starring Rolls. My kids have eaten an M&M brownie there for breakfast (it’s vacation!) and I love love love the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake. My big issue is that the Starbucks locations in all of the parks are always packed, and I don’t like that they are consolidating baked goods into one place. I was just in DHS last week for a quick weekend visit and now I can’t believe I didn’t stop into Starring Rolls. I wish I would have known it was leaving.

  3. says

    I am really upset about this! My favorite snacks in Hollywood Studios are almost all located at Starring Rolls. We eat there every single time we go. Why in the world would they close this? I hope they aren’t planning to put all pastries at the Starbucks locations. They are way too crowded and I don’t plan on waiting in a line just to get a pastry. Surely they are planning to have cupcakes and pastries at other locations too.

  4. Kimberly H. says

    Ugh! :( We stopped going to the Main Street Bakery when it turned into Starbucks and we had to wait forever just to get some pastries. The Trolley Car is always packed with Starbucks goers so we never even attempt to go in there. Starring Rolls was always busy, but the line moved fast since people were just picking stuff to put on a plate, not ordering 4 non-fat extra hot 1 pump vanilla, half pump amaretto lattes with whip…

  5. Jenny says

    This REALLY stinks. Super disappointed. Do you know if they’ll relocate their awesome cupcakes elsewhere – especially the Butterfinger Cupcake???

  6. Essie says

    Devastating…..this was one of the best places for a sandwich and cupcake, not just in HS, but in WDW! I can’t believe they would get rid of one of the guests favorite, busiest spots. :(

  7. Kris says

    Ugh, this makes me so sad! I loved this place and always looked forward to eating there! I too think it’s terrible that they haven’t said WHY, when they know it’s a beloved place and that people will be upset.

  8. Eileen Barton says

    I’m betting the Trolley Car didn’t want the competition. I have found that the portion sizes are quite small at the Starbucks locations for the prices the charge and while they’re breakfast sandwiches are tasty, they are just not filling. Starring Rolls was a lovely place to grab an outside table and watch the people go by early in the day. My husband and I will miss it.

  9. M'Shel says

    I am stunned, and not in a good way. My daughter and I have gone to the Food & Wine festival without my husband and son for the past 5 years. We love DHS and ALWAYS had “breakfast” at Starring Rolls. I fell in love with the red velvet cupcake and have had it every year since 2012. We even introduced 2 other sets of mothers/daughters on our last 2 trips. I am so sad that they’ve closed my favorite eating spot at the Studios.

  10. Kim B. says

    Thanks for letting us know where to find our favorites going forward. The sad thing is that I’ve eaten here often with my now teenagers. So many of the restaurants they’ll have memories of will not be around for them to enjoy as adults.

  11. Kimmi says

    Love Starring Rolls, always had breakfast there on arrival at HS, don’t understand why they are closing it?!

  12. Dave says

    As much as I loved this place as well, I think Disney has better plans. Its a prime location, carries much of the same things as Sweet Spells next door and Trolley Car cafe across street, so I think they have plans to make something bigger here. I do agree no advance notice, ok we are closing tomorrow, caught us all off guard. While we will get over it like we have with Writer’s Stop closing, we have to applaud Disney’s vision to rebrand and refresh and add new areas of parks and new restaurants, etc. I know these places are nostalgic and have special places in our hearts, but at the same time you do need to constantly update, diversify eating options, and make use of prime spots for prime eateries, not places that have the same offerings mere feet away. Excited to see what the game plan is for this prime spot.

  13. Megan says

    This makes me sad! It was sitting at Starring Rolls, having one of those awesome sandwiches, watching the world go by, that made me truly appreciate Hollywood Studios and the ability to relax there. Till we meet again, Starring Rolls.

  14. jenna says

    Agree with @kim – AJ, you introduced me to Writers’ Stop and Starring Rolls. We had been going to WDW for years when I stumbled upon your blog, bought your guide and read your news/reviews. We never would have found either place without this blog and we will miss Starring Rolls :(

  15. Laura says

    We will miss Starring Rolls- my favorite CS location in the Studios. However, I have to say that the last time we were there, the ordering process and flow through the restaurant was very difficult. Crossing fingers for something awesome to happen in this location soon.

  16. Bill says

    big loss for a great little spot…….this probably was not influenced by the CEO of Starbucks, who sits on the Disney Board of Directors!!!!

  17. Michelle says

    so sad to read this:( I love Starring Rolls, never missed dropping in at every visit to the park. They had the best dessert selection around. My family and I would all pick a different pastry, cupcake to so that we could all try something different, because the there was to many things we wanted try! First the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom, and now this, very sad to this close. Can’t they relocate the bakery in another location within the park?

  18. Annie says

    No sushi at Starbucks, though. I’ll miss the best lunch in the parks ever: sushi and a cupcake.

  19. Tracy says

    I kind of expected this as soon as Starbucks opened up across the street. What will be closed next?

  20. Andrew Z says

    @Tracy Starbucks has been open for 2 years now. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation. We’ll have to see if Starbucks will start serving SR cupcakes.

  21. Lisa P says

    Many here seem to be lamenting the loss of the sweets, but we came here for the deli sandwiches which were very good. Our other favorite lunch spot was Studio Catering for their buffalo chicken sandwiches and cold crisp Caesar salads, but that’s gone now, too. I don’t see Disney replacing these eateries with much that would appeal to us. Certainly not the new pizza offering.

  22. cherie says

    Where will the Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes be relocating to????? I LOVE those cupcakes and cannot find them ANYWHERE else!

  23. Heidi says

    This is just another flawed view of the Disney administration – who comes up with this stuff??? Why feature places you can visit anywhere else in the country (aka Starbucks) – was the competition from Starring Rolls too much for them? I would not mind change if it was unique, innovative and even more creative than before…but you can bet that will not be the case here….the almighty dollar drives Disney today..not the vision of Walt. So sad…

  24. Dr. Leonid K. Soup says

    Get a grip. You people sound like you were being barrel-bombed in a Syrian refugee camp.

  25. Kelly M says

    I literally cannot express how much this bothers me.
    Wondering when it will re-open as Star Wars gift shop/Frozen gift shop/generic stuff you can get anywhere gift shop.

  26. Jen says

    Thinking this is a rehab, not a closing. That space was always difficult to navigate but a big revenue spot for sure… I can’t see them closing it permanently. Possibly just reimagining the space to be more conventional to the crowds it garnishes. Only time will tell I guess!

  27. Linda says

    It is sad, we have been eating breakfast in this location since my boys were 3 and they are 15 & 13. DELICIOUS cupcakes and napoleans but also a nice atmosphere with the outside seating. SAD:( I’m glad to hear that many of the favorites (such as the Butterfinger Cupcake) will be be The Trolley Car Cafe BUT, I’d rather you get rid of Starbucks than a Hollywood Studios classic.

  28. Fernanda says

    OMG, AJ! That’s just sad news.. As others said, you introduced me to Starring Rolls!! Actually, the first posts I read in this blog were about Starring Rolls and I spent like 2 years planning my vacation and reading all the tips here, but what had me most excited were the cupcakes…! I’m from Brazil so I don’t visit Disney as often as I’d like, but last time (February 2016, one year ago!) I dreamed about the butterfinger cupcake during the flight to Orlando! hahaha… Anyways, it makes me happy that I had the chance to enjoy this place with family, but it’s sad to hear that it has come to an end, and even sadder because as others have pointed, we have no clue of what is coming/if something is coming! Starring Rolls, you will be missed and I wish I had the chance to say a properly goodbye =(

  29. Andrew Z says

    As AJ just confirmed, The Trolley Car Cafe still has the Butterfinger cupcake, so everyone needs to shush and re-read the article. I’ve heard rumors that FoodQuest at Disney Quest may have them too. (But who actually goes to Disney Quest? ROFL!!!)

    My last 2 cents is that it seems there’s an overwhelming love for Starring Rolls. I’m sure Disney has something up its sleeve. This closure wasn’t predicted and was last-minute….both signs Disney didn’t want to hear feedback….which means there’s something in the works. In other situations where Disney was to close a restaurant, they would give the public weeks of ample notice – sometimes in effort to get feedback about whether people cared or not.

  30. Tricia says

    I’m sad about the closing, but as long as the offerings will be elsewhere, I’m ok-ish… so the cupcakes have moved to Trolley Car? And the Carrot Cake Cookie was moved to Sweet Spells? Correct?

  31. Cindy says

    EEEK! All my favorites are closing. Starbucks are all over, but Starring Rolls was unique. I would walk through there just to see the colorful sweets!

  32. Becky says

    We really liked their options for lunch – sushi and their excellent fresh sandwiches. There isn’t another spot to grab lunch like this currently in HS. Really hope Disney is expanding Starring Rolls or going to offer a similar lunch elsewhere in this park. Otherwise, Starring Rolls can go…because while their food was great, the restaurant itself was the pits. Very limited seating and a total disorganized mess inside for ordering and paying.

  33. Leslie says

    I share in the collective sadness; this was an every year thing for me too – I preferred the napoleon here to the one in France/Epcot. Yes, we realize that the sky is not falling, but some of us love our traditions at WDW. I know in a few years it will be amazing, but as HS goes through growing pains, I can’t help but lament the loss of some great places, like Writer’s Stop (when it was first opened) and Starring Rolls. It’s not bad to miss these things, even if greater things might be on their way. It’s not like anyone has said they’re not going to WDW again or anything rash like that. We’re just a little nostalgic.

  34. Lisa says

    I am so disappointed in the decision to close Starring Rolls. I hope they reopen or offer the food in another location. This was our #1 stop for the turkey sandwiches and especially the banana split dessert! The decision makes no sense to me because it was always crowded and a popular and beloved place to eat. Shame on Disney.

  35. says

    Lisa — We agree, and we’re hoping the closure is temporary. Stay tuned to DFB; we’ll share any information we receive about the future of this beloved spot.

  36. Jay says

    What timing! I went there on the day they closed. There was no sign on the door or anything. Thought it might have been temporary, I was about to head back over. Very disappointed.

  37. Tim says

    Starring Rolls and the Writer’s Stop were our favorites for a quick breakfast, but with both gone there is now no decent counter service breakfast.
    Starbucks is not an option because the service is so slow; it took my SIL over 45 minutes to get a coffee and a roll. Personally I find their coffee undrinkable.

  38. George Young says

    Wow , we couldn’t wait to get the morning Chocolate Croissants! We will never go to Starbucks because of a protest . In California they only hire illegal immigrants and not college students they also do the same in San Francisco!

  39. Melissa says

    Just saw this. I love the red velvet cheesecake cupcake, it is the ONLY reason I set foot in HS. Did it relocate? Allears still has Starring Rolls listed with a menu, is it really closed?

  40. Eddie says

    On April 24, My wife and I Went to HS to specifically go to Starring Rolls to get a Birthday Cupcake and yikes, it was closed? Had trash cans in front of the doors. Why was our favorite gourmet snack destination closed? After reading the responses in DB about the closing, maybe DW needs re-make and reopen Starring Rolls.

  41. Leticia Bilotti says

    This is by far the best place to grab the best sammies in the park! I hope this is temporary. Why would you close a place that’s always PACKED?! Come on

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