DFB Video Review: The NEW Geyser Point Bar and Grill at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Today, we’re visiting Disney’s newest restaurant in our latest DFB Video!

Geyser Point Bar and Grill opened Monday at Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World, and we were there on opening day to give you a first look!

Wilderness Lodge Geyser Point Bar and Grill 2

Geyser Point opened with a relatively new hybrid concept: half bar and lounge, half counter service restaurant. This is a style Disney has been playing with for a while, and we kind of like it? We think? We’ll let you know in a year or so!

And with memorable drinks, small plates, and a gorgeous views, we suspect the spot will rival Territory Lounge — well, nearly — as one of our top bar locations!

For all the details, check out our video below!

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But now, I really want to hear from you! Will you be visiting Geyser Point Bar and Grill? Tell us what you think about this new spot below in comments!


  1. Kevin says

    I agree, even for Disney the prices were a bit high. The food choices were new and fresh and the items I tried were very good. Service from the kitchen was slow; the manager assured me they are working on it. I will be back for one of those burgers!!

  2. Roger says

    We’re looking forward to visiting Geyser Point in April. We’re from WA so this place should fit us well.

  3. Jared says

    We will only be in Disney World a short time and, unfortunately, will not be able to stay on property this trip so we had largely been thinking of avoiding the resort restaurants and sticking to the parks… However, your info on this location has us re-thinking that… in particular, I love the looks of the Cheesy Barbeque Brisket! Thanks for covering this.

  4. Rob H says

    GREAT new format with the video, loved the review and the way this was edited and put together … I will recommend, however, that none of my friends EVER watch one of these videos while hungry; they’re liable to gnaw an arm off … seriously, love it – well done – and I’m already picturing myself at a corner bar spot with my wife overlooking the water.

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