News and Review: Pineapple Cotton Candy at Disneyland’s California Adventure

You know how we feel about Dole Whip. It’s a love/love relationship. And Dole Whip loves us back by being so delicious.

So we were pretty excited when we discovered Pineapple-Flavored Cotton Candy at Disney California Adventure while there for the DCA Food and Wine Festival. (You’ll recognize Pineapple-Flavored Cotton Candy by the white and pale yellow stripes.)

Disneyland's Dole Whip Cotton Candy

Disneyland’s Pineapple Cotton Candy

Of course, like any cotton candy, it’s just sweet. Super sweet. But this version also has a bit of a pineapple flavor.

It’s subtle and maybe a little disappointingly so, if you’re looking for a major hit of pineapple.

Dole Whip Cotton Candy

Pineapple Cotton Candy

Also: it’s massive! So you might want to share this.

Actually, you might want to share it for a few reasons. One, it’s ginormous. Two, it’s crazy sweet. And three, it tastes, well, okay. It won’t knock your Dole Whip-loving socks off. So don’t expect to finish it and feel that immediate craving for more. Which is how we all pretty much feel about the Dole Whip Float. And Dole Whip in a dish. And Dole Whip turned into slush in a cup (which you can now find at Art of Animation resort and Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace in WDW and at Trader Sam’s in Disneyland!).

Dole Whip Cotton Candy

Pineapple Cotton Candy

So here are the deets: soooooo far we’ve only seen this in California Adventure, at the many cotton candy carts around the park. It was originally just a limited time offering (and even disappeared for a couple weeks). Our Disneyland correspondent Heather Sievers (of @DiningInDisney fame) even noted that it wasn’t selling well at first.

Dole Whip Cotton Candy

Pineapple Cotton Candy

Enter Social Media. Once word spun out on the interwebs, the Pineapple-Flavored Cotton Candy crush was on! So it’s back (for now!) by popular demand! But we can’t promise it’ll be around forever, since Disneyland is sort of known for rotating its flavors. (We hear tell that Watermelon Cotton Candy is making its way in for summer.)

So, that’s the skinny on the giant, pineappley Cotton Candy. If you’re in the vicinity of a cotton candy cart in DCA, you definitely want to grab one of these as long as they’re around…just to say you’ve had it.

Are you a Disney Parks cotton candy fan? Leave us a sweet note in the comments below!


  1. Cheryl J says

    We tried this and it tasted like your standard cotton candy. We couldn’t taste much pineapple flavor.

  2. says

    Wendy — I’m not sure, but give Disneyland Merchandise Guest Services a call to check. Their number is (877) 560-6477.

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