New DFB Video: Join Us For the Monorail Crawl!

We have another fun adventure today, coming to you via our DFB YouTube Video series!

Have you ever completed it? I’m talking about the most famous Disney Crawl of Them All — the Monorail Crawl!

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It’s super easy — and fun! Because who doesn’t love a trip anywhere via Monorail?

But to complete the Monorail Crawl, just board the Highway in the Sky at the station of your choice — the Polynesian Village Resort, the Grand Floridian, or Disney’s Contemporary Resort — and hop off to enjoy a drink, snack, or both at each destination.

Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge

Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge? Sign Us Up!

Want to see our picks for each stop? Then check out our DFB Video all about our favorite way to do the Disney Monorail Crawl!

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But now, I really want to hear from you! Have you ever completed the Disney World Monorail Crawl? Tell us about it in comments below!


  1. nursejackie says

    Must be a real pain with all the new security at each monorail station. We do this every year but may give it a miss this year. I’m all for security measures but it’s definitely at a cost.

  2. Vincent says

    New security measures will not hamper. Yes it’s a wait and another line to stand in, but it will not be a big delay. Easter week, my daughter and I had tea service at the Grand Floridian then proceeded on the crawl without major delays. Guards were very friendly and joking making the delay less obvious.

  3. Lisa says

    We did this twice and had a wonderful time. We also included the pool bars at Grand Floridian and Wilderness Lodge one time (although WL is not on the monorail). If you can get into the Top of the World it is well worth it! They have a small food menu because they have to bring food upstairs since they don’t have a kitchen.

  4. Frank says

    It’ s royal pain w the new security.
    We love doing a monorail pub crawl before dinner,…. or lunch, or whenever actually, anyway, it’s a pain w the new security.
    Fortunately, we started at the Tambu Lounge, so I was able to have my Mai Tai. After 1 security line my wife said enough, and we quit.

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