Review: Kaki Gori Treats at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase

Let’s be real: the temperatures in central Florida can be downright stultifying. But thankfully, Disney has provided many, many, many options for ice cold refreshment. And if you’re in the World Showcase at Epcot, tons of these awesome options are just a short walk away.

Monorail Epcot Flower and Garden

One of our favorites is located in the Japan Pavilion. Die-hards know it well — it’s Kaki Gori, and it’s a winner! Kabuki Cafe itself is super cool, featuring architectural details in keeping with its pavilion. You’ll find clay tile shingles on the roof, and paper lanterns hanging from the eaves.

Japan's Kaki Gori Stand

Japan’s Kaki Gori Stand

Kaki Gori is shaved ice drowning in sweet syrup, with the option to add creamy sweet milk on top. You’ll find flavors like strawberry, melon, cherry, and tangerine.

Kaki Gori Menu

Kaki Gori Menu

The ice in the Kaki Gori used to be a little chunkier, and it used to be served in a shorter, wider bowl. That resulted in a lot of melty, drippy Kaki Gori running down forearms. The current serving situation is much more conducive to capturing the yummy melted juice. Plus…it’s HUGE!!

Rainbow Kaki Gori

Rainbow Kaki Gori

I opted for the Rainbow flavor, which is a combination of all of the syrups. For a while, you might be able to get individual flavors on your spoon, but this pretty quickly evolves into a mixed fruit flavor. And that’s fine by me!

Rainbow Kaki Gori

Rainbow Kaki Gori

And while you might think you spy some pale spots, rest assured there was plenty of syrup. As I dug around, I found that it had seeped into the core of the shaved ice. Kaki Gori is seriously so refreshing, cooling guests down from the inside out. And it’s worth its weight in gold on a hot Disney day!

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What is your favorite cool-down treat? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Essie says

    I love this cold treat and I get it on every trip! I always ask for the rainbow version with just the strawberry, melon and tangerine. I’ve never had cherry.

  2. John says

    Never tried this. Every time I walk into that place, I end up walking out with a Tokyo Sunset instead.

  3. Faith says

    I think the last time we were at WDW, my husband had one every single day. That was, uh… 5 days in a row? Something like that. Hahaha. But it truly is refreshing on a very hot day!

  4. Mike V says

    You mention it’s huge, what size is the plastic cup? Is that a 16oz?
    I’ve also never tried but with trip coming up and plenty of snacks to go around this is a perfect treat during the hot day,

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