News: Mario and Enzo’s Restaurant — Plus Rum Running Tunnels!! — Coming to The Edison in Disney Springs

According to Orlando Weekly, The Edison Complex — which is slated to open late this year — will house an Italian restaurant by the name of Maria & Enzo’s.

The Edison Complex construction

The Edison Complex construction

And this seems to be supported by a job posting on the Patina Group website! A posting for the position of Sous Chef in Disney Springs reveals the following:

“Four new concepts that will be connected as part of one large complex and will be introduced to Disney Springs in the Fall of 2017. Each of the concepts is housed in key locations that play an integral role in the Disney Springs origin story, such as the former airline terminal, an underground rum running tunnel, and the former electrical power plant, providing rich territory for story-telling. The locations will treasure Italian authenticity create unique cultural immersion experiences through fine cuisine, beverages, and atmosphere.”

And did you catch that bit about the rum running tunnel?!? According to, this would likely replace the Neverland Tunnels and Walt’s concepts that were originally rumored for the space.

Also, per Orlando Weekly, the Italian restaurant may feature a fast-casual (or counter service) component as well.

The timeframe for the opening of The Edison is currently listed as November 2017.

Are you excited to learn more about everything coming to The Edison Complex? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Lee Hoagland says

    Can’t wait! Going to try and book my wedding rehearsal dinner here for February 2018.

  2. Nicole H says

    Oh good, that’s what WDW was lacking… Italian restaurants… *eye roll* I’m Italian and enjoy Italian food quite a bit, but jeez, enough already.

    The tunnels are super intriguing, though. I’m looking forward to seeing what those are all about!

  3. Kaz says

    Well, at least with Italian, maybe there’s a better chance at having more than just a token vegetarian option on the menu… Even Morimoto’s vegetarian main dishes are very uninspiring.

  4. Polly Long says

    Finally! You have the most up to date info I have been able to find. Even reps at DVC have no clue about anything with The Edison! Thank you !! Please keep updates coming we are hoping it is open when we go in November!

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