News: Sweet on You Opens on the Disney Fantasy (with a New Mickey Pants Sundae Bowl!!)!

If you’re preparing to set sail on the Disney Fantasy, you need to know that a brand new sweet shop recently opened on board Disney Cruise Line’s youngest ship!



Sweet On You is fashioned after classic Mickey Mouse short films and features stylized Mickey and Minnie statues sharing a frozen treat. There’s even a matching table nearby where you can recreate their adorable-ness!

This ice cream joint will scoop out a variety of ice cream and gelato, as well as swirl milkshakes (Caramel Waffle Cone, what?!). And they’ve got a super. darling. new Mickey Pants sundae bowl! You might want to book a cruise just for the bowl.



Seriously. Look at his little foot pushed out. IKR?!?!?

Disney Cruise Line is really stepping up its sweets game. Back in July, we couldn’t wait to tell you about the Go-Kart Sundae on board the Disney Dream.

Go-Kart Sundae from Vanellope's Sweets & Treats

Go-Kart Sundae from Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats

Just like the Mickey Pants, the Go-Kart at Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats is yours to keep! We lurve a sundae that doubles as a souvenir!

What’s your favorite way to snack on a Disney Cruise? Confess your cruise snack style in the comments! 


  1. Rachel says

    The gelato was absolutely amazing! Peanut butter snickers and hazelnut! They have the enormous milkshake of the day, often with a donut or cupcake on top!!!

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