I Can’t Believe IT! MORE Citrus Swirl NEWS From Magic Kingdom!

Let’s take things waaaay back… to, like, this past Saturday.

We were surprised — and, honestly, a little dismayed — to learn that the iconic Citrus Swirl had been removed from the menu at Magic Kingdom’s Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace

But now?

It’s back on the menu!!? Oh, Disney, you’re so mercurial. Check out this photo we JUST TOOK IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM TODAY!

Citrus Swirl and Orange Swirl on Menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Citrus Swirl and Orange Swirl on Menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace

It was taken TODAY, my friends. So…as of right now, the Citrus Swirl with it’s super-tart frozen orange juice goodness swirled with vanilla soft serve — and the Citrus Swirl float as well — are back!

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Citrus Swirl Orange Float

Of course, we’ve obviously learned how things can change quickly ’round Sunshine Tree Terrace, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the status of the Citrus Swirl, for sure! (And as long as we see it on the menu, we’ll be sure to grab one, too!)

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Are you happy about this Swirl switcheroo? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Dave says

    Wow, 1st I read Disney may be backtracking on charging for resort parking, now Citrus Swirl reversal?? You mean Disney may be actually watching all of these sites and taking notice of the loyals true unhappiness with their decisions??

  2. teri says

    you mean I can’t get the orange soft serve swirl they were going to have? that is my favorite from before and I honestly like it better than the tart stuff.

  3. Kimberly says

    Weird. I’ve been going to Magic Kingdom since 1971 with thousands of visits under my belt. I’ve learned from history that Disney never listens or even cares when fans don’t like their changes. I wonder if what really happened is tons of people went back and returned their “new” Citrus Swirls. I’m glad to see both options on the menu. Now, Disney, if you’re going to start listening to us, bring back the Lighthouse Sandwich at Columbia Harbour House!

  4. DFB Sarah says

    Teri, it looks like both the Orange Swirl you enjoy and the Citrus Swirl are currently on the menu!

  5. Amy says

    Whew! This is good news. Hang in there, Citrus Swirl. We have a date in June and I hope I’m not stood up!

  6. Ann says

    They have been taking this off the menu and bringing it back for years. It seems like every few trips it disappears but then it pops back up again. I don’t know what Disney dining department is doing.

  7. JeffM says

    Never had one before. So, hoping it’s still available during my visit May 19th to May 26th!

  8. says

    Another place to eat is crystal palace almost $50,00 for dinner to eat there we no longer will ever eat there again have eaten there a lot why Disney r u charging so much that is unacceptable and keeps a lot of people from eating there and that price is for. One person u r ruining for a lot of people Disney must not care at all
    Shame on u Walt Disney would
    B so sad to c what u have done

  9. Joni says

    Save the Swirl!!!
    Gail there’s a big difference.
    The Whip is pineapple and very seeet. The Swirl is vanilla soft serve ice cream and orange juice slush. Sweet/Tart so good so refreshing. The best Disney treat ever.
    It was horrible when they tried to replace it with orange flavored ice cream, yuck !
    So so happy it’s back and I hope it stays !!!!

  10. DFB Sarah says

    Sheila, currently both Orange Swirl and Citrus Swirl are available at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

  11. Amy says

    Thank goodness! I loved the Citrus Swirl when I was there in January. Hope it sticks around for a long time!

  12. says

    Im getting so tired of all this complaining no matter what Disney does. Guys the parks are mobbed so if you cant handle a food decision or a price hike please go to Universal. While your there, by the way…see how much Comcast cares. Disney is an expensive vacation and it takes alot of $$$ to build the attractions that people will surely complain if Disney dosen’t build. Decisions have to be made and you cannot please everyone. Please..lets enjoy WDW and DL .. AND be a little more understanding.

  13. Joni says

    DVC Ray
    Do you have a favorite item you go back for year after year?
    How many years have you been going?
    It’s just when they mess with your favorite tradition that takes you back and let’s you feel like “ ah yes now I’m at my happy place “ it makes you sad is all, are we gonna stop going ? Probably not , but this is a place where people feel your pain , so let us get it out, and move on. We’ll get over it but, Dang the item,ride, experience will be missed and we will mourn lol

  14. Janet says

    Trips to WDW are precious memories and wonderful experiences to continue even into my 50’s. I love happy changes, but some changes are not happy. I am SO happy they brought back the C’Swirl!!! Now we need the return of the Orange Bird cup with fresh-squeezed FLA OJ!!!

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