Two NEW Special Effects Drinks in Magic Kingdom!

An Incredible Summer kicked off all over Disney World at the end of May, and the Incredible Tomorrowland Expo in Magic Kingdom is still going strong as part of the event!

Incredible Tomorrowland Expo

Incredible Tomorrowland Expo

We tried all the specialty snacks available throughout Tomorrowland for the occasion. But two items were delayed upon the opening, so we’re back at Cool Ship to try Violet’s Force Field Punch and Dash’s Super Lemonade!

Cool Ship Menu

Cool Ship Menu

As you can see, these drinks come complete with bubbling and smoke effects! But first, the basics: Violet’s Force Field Punch is made of VitaminWater in Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate with blood orange and blueberry boba balls (popping pearls).

Violet's Force Field Punch on the menu

Violet’s Force Field Punch on the menu

And Dash’s Super Lemonade is Lemonade with Hawaiian Island a blueberry boba balls.

Dash's Super Lemonade on the menu

Dash’s Super Lemonade on the menu

But the main things everyone is interested in upon seeing the menu are the bubbling and smoke effects, which come by way of dry ice at the bottom of a special glass.

Dash's Super Lemonade and Violet's Force Field Punch

Dash’s Super Lemonade and Violet’s Force Field Punch

We also encountered this effect recently at Lamplight Lounge on Pixar Pier in Disney California Adventure.

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It’s really fun… but here’s the rest of the story. Both drinks tasted fine — fruity, cool, and refreshing as you’d expect.

Dash's Super Lemonade

Dash’s Super Lemonade

Violet's Force Field Punch

Violet’s Force Field Punch

But at $6.99 a pop, they’re expensive for what you actually get in terms of a drinking beverage.

Dash's Super Lemonade

Dash’s Super Lemonade

Like, these are gone after a good couple of sips, and you have to keep in mind that a portion of the special glasses is blocked off by a barrier to keep the dry ice on the bottom to give the special effect.

Specialty glasses

Specialty glasses

And a couple of other things to note: first, the Disney menu pictures show a whole bunch-a boba balls. In reality? There were about six. Over at Pixar Pier there were a LOT of popping pearls in the drinks, so I’m hoping this changes in WDW soon.

Boba Balls at the bottom of the glass

Boba Balls at the bottom of the glass

And second, Cool Ship didn’t have large enough straws for the popping bubbles, so they’re kind of stuck at the end of the drink.

Cute idea. But is it worth it? Maybe not for you, but your KIDS are going to LOVE THIS.

Personally, my favorite Incredible Tomorrowland Expo snack remains the Super Stretchy Burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe… and you can see it stretch in our DFB YouTube Video below!

Other Incredible Summer offerings this year include Donald’s Dino-Bash in Animal Kingdom, and Guardians of the Galaxy-themed concerts in Epcot. And, of course, the biggest event of the summer — the opening of Toy Story Land — JUST took place last weekend so you can Play Big as part of the Incredible Summer in Disney World!

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Will you be trying the specialty drinks at Cool Ship? Please let us know with a comment!

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