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Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella Sign

Dine on counter service classics while watching the powerful Innovention Fountains in EPCOT’s Future World.

Electric Umbrella has been a landmark EPCOT quick service restaurant for the past 16 years; its prominent location near Spaceship Earth, the variety of classic counter service menu items, and its large outdoor and indoor seating areas have kept this restaurant bustling. Just outside the restaurant, which is located in the Innoventions East section of Future World, is the beautiful Innovention Fountains where 304 nozzles propel 30,000 gallons of water more than 150 feet into the air every 15 minutes. If you secure a good spot in the outside dining area of Electric Umbrella, you may just catch the water show. Open during lunch and dinner hours.

Service: Counter Service

Type of Food: American

Location: EPCOT, Future World

Disney Dining Plan: Yes, Counter Service Credit & Snack options

Tables in Wonderland: No

Official Disney Menu
Electric Umbrella Menu

Counter service classics: cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, and vegetarian options. Desserts include cheesecake, a no-sugar-added brownie, or chocolate chip cookie.

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Important Info:

  • Electric Umbrella is a good choice if you have a large party, fussy eaters, or during inclement weather; the large capacity seating areas and straight-forward menu items keep the drama to a minimum

Famous Dishes: Bacon double cheeseburger, grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets

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