2016 Holidays Around the World at Epcot — Booths, Menus, and FOOD PHOTOS

We’re looking forward to Epcot’s 2017 Holiday Celebration: the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays!

Click here to find all the details for the 2017 event!

New for 2016, Walt Disney World’s Epcot has expanded the Holidays Around the World event to include even MORE FOOD!

Epcot Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas at Epcot!

Walt Disney World’s Epcot has always been a beloved destination for guests visiting during the Holiday Season. The Candlelight Processional is an endearing, traditional way to celebrate the Christmas Story.

Conducting the Choir

Epcot’s Candlelight Processional

And Holidays Around the World offers guests a glimpse into how different cultures celebrate the holidays that take place during the Winter months.

Holidays Around the World -- Mexico

Holidays Around the World — Mexico

For the last several years, we’ve also enjoyed foods celebrating Holidays Around the World.

Yule Log

Buche de Noel in Epcot’s France Pavilion

But new for  2016, Epcot has introduced full blown destinations — Marketplace Booths! — to the mix. So mark your calendars for November 25 through December 30, 2016!

While we’re excited to see so many cultural celebrations of the Holidays, we’re mostly excited about the FOOD, of course! Epcot’s Holidays Around the World includes standalone marketplace booths featuring the flavors of the holidays. If you’re familiar with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, then you have the basic idea (though several dish portions for Holidays Around the World are closer to meal-sized as opposed to tapas-style). It’s a Food and Wine Festival — PLUS Holidays!

Be sure to click on our individual pages for each booth to see food photos of the dishes!

American Holiday Table

  • Roasted Turkey with Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, and Cranberry Sauce — $11.25
  • Pork Tenderloin served with Green Bean Casserole, Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges, and a Champagne Demi-Glace — $11.75
  • Holiday Cookies — $2.75-4.75
  • Shipyard Eggnog White Porter Aged on Bourbon — $8.75
  • Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux Brut — $9.00
  • Great American Wine Company Red Blend — $8.50
  • Firenog — TG Lee Eggnog with Fireball Whisky — $9.50
  • Great American Wine Company Red Blend — $8.50
  • Hot Chocolate — $3.00
  • TG Lee Eggnog (non-alcoholic) — $3.00
  • Cocoa Candy Cane – Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps — $8.00

Alpine Haus

  • Duck Confit, Dumplings, and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with a Fig Reduction — $13.00
  • Cheese Fondue in a Bread Bowl served with Steamed Vegetables — $8.00
  • Sachertorte, prepared in the traditional way with Chocolate Cake, Apricot Jam, and Dark Chocolate Glaze — $4.75
  • Chocolate Apple Shake featuring Twinings of London Winter Spice Tea and Barenjager Honey Liqueur — $10.75
  • Chocolate Apple Shake  featuring Twinings of London Winter Spice Tea (non-alcoholic) — $4.25
  • Weingut Stadt Krems Gruner Vetliner White Wine — $9.50
  • Heinrich Red Blend — $8.50

Holiday Eats and Treats

  • Holiday Sandwich made with Cranberry Bread, Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy — $8.99
  • Peppermint Sundae made with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and peppermint candy — $4.99
  • Hot Dog with Chips — $7.99
  • Leinenkugel’s Seasonal Shandy — $8.75
  • Samuel Adam’s Seasonal — $8.25
  • Chocolate Grasshopper with peppermint schnapps and candy cane crumble — $5.99
  • Chocolate Delights Hot Cocoa served with Godiva Chocolate Liquor — $8.50
  • Chocolate Delights Hot Cocoa — $2.79

Seasonal Southern Delights

  • Hoppin’ John – Black Eyed Peas, Ham Hocks, and Kale, and will be served over Rice with Cornbread Crumbles — $10.00
  • Blackened Catfish with White Cheddar Grits and Okra, Tomato and Onion Stew — $11.00
  • Frozen S’mores with Dutch Caramel Van Gogh Vodka — $10.50
  • Frozen S’mores — $4.25
  • Chocolate Pecan Tart — $4.50
  • Central 28 Up River American Pale Ale — $8.75
  • Central 28 Dancing Pierre Belgian-style Pale Ale — $8.75

Feast of the Three Kings

  • Shredded Beef Tamale with Avocado Crema and Cilantro Rice — $12.00
  • Roasted Pork with Mashed Yucca and Pickled Green Bananas — $10.75
  • Three Kings Bread – $3.50
  • Coquito with an Oak & Pam Spiced Rum Floater — $9.00
  • Coquito — $4.00
  • Presidente Pilsner — $7.50


  • German Artisan Cheese Plate — $5.00
  • Sauerbraten with Red Cabbage and Spätzle — $12.00
  • Stollen — $4.25
  • Possman Pure Hard Apple Cider — $8.00
  • Possman Pure Hard Black Currant Apple Cider — $8.00
  • Caramel Kiss — $3.50
  • Glühwein — $8.50


  • Chicken Enchilada — Corn Tortilla served with Mole Negro topped with Roasted Almonds, Sesame Seeds, and Mexican Cream — $5.00
  • Tacos de Carnitas — Crispy Pork Carnitas served with Tomatillo Relish and Corn Tortilla — $5.25
  • Sweet Tamale — Sweet Corn Tamale stuffed with Guava and Strawberry Coulis — $3.00
  • Horchata Margarita — $11.50
  • Mexican Coffee Margarita — $10.25
  • Rompope — $6.50
  • Kahlua — $9.75
  • Bohemia Pilsner with a Kahlua Floater — $9.50

More About the Holidays Around the World Booths

Set up around Epcot’s World Showcase, individual kiosks offer dishes and drinks that commemorate all of the diverse ways that we celebrate the Christmas and Winter Holidays all over the globe and give guests the chance to try delicacies from around the world.

Menu Pricing

While the Epcot Food and Wine Festival focuses on tapas-style dishes within the $3-8 range, Holidays Around the World is serving several meal-sized options. Click on the individual booth pages to see pictures of the menu for that booth and pricing for each item.