Snack Series: Citrus Swirl at Magic Kingdom’s Sunshine Tree Terrace

There’s tons of awesomeness in every corner of Walt Disney World, but the Magic Kingdom is where the Florida magic got its start! And we’re headed there today!

As much as I’m loving all the new spots in New Fantasyland, it’s still a joy to come back to old favorites like Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Nestled off the beaten path in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, this spot is home to some great menu items, like the Lemonade with Wild Berry Foam and the Pina Colada Slush.

But its real claim to fame is the snack of legendary proportions that’s recently been restored to its former glory — the Citrus Swirl! And even though we’ve talked about it before…it’s about time to revisit this classic!


For all the talk about Disney history, this is the real deal. Sunshine Tree Terrace has been a staple of Magic Kingdom since the very first day the park was opened.

Sunshine Tree Terrace at Magic Kingdom

Originally, the spot served as a showcase for one of Adventureland’s biggest sponsors, Florida Citrus Growers (FCG). This was a great spot to get a refreshing glass of orange juice and other treats featuring the flavors of Florida.

Florida Citrus Growers’ Orange Bird

Sunshine Tree Terrace was also the home of the Orange Bird. This little guy, created by Disney, became the mascot for FCG and was used in promotions, both inside and outside the park. And guests young and old were delighted to pose for pics with the Orange Bird at a character meet and greet!

Due to a very vocal Disney fan base, the Orange Bird, who had disappeared from this spot in the mid-80s, has now come home to roost once again!

Sunshine Tree Terrace Sign and Roofline

Once you finish jumping up and down about the [Read more…]

“Is This Place Ever Open?”: Sunshine Tree Terrace

There are three places in Walt Disney World where you can order the coveted pineapple Pineapple Float: Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, Captain Cook’s quick service restaurant at the Polynesian Resort, and here…Sunshine Tree Terrace, also in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland. (Note: Sunshine Tree Terrace no longer serves Pineapple Dole Whip, but the Citrus Swirl is back as of early 2012.)

Sunshine Tree Terrace

Sunshine Tree Terrace was an original fixture in Walt Disney World. With the Florida Citrus Growers (FCG) as a sponsor of the pavilion, this was the place to get orange juice and citrus-based concoctions, including the Citrus Swirl.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Open for Business

Sunshine Tree Terrace Open for Business

The FCGs’ Orange Bird mascot became a well-known fixture in Adventureland, and he appeared as both an audio-animatronic at Sunshine Tree Terrace and as a costumed character outside of the restaurant. The little Orange Bird has been removed from the restaurant’s decor in the years since the FCGs’ sponsorship expired in 1986.

Florida Citrus Growers' Orange Bird

Florida Citrus Growers' Orange Bird

Today, the Sunshine Tree Terrace is the place to get your pineapple float (a “dole whip float” with vanilla soft serve), along with other ice cream floats, slushes, milkshakes, and snacks. You can still get orange juice here, I’m happy to note.

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu circa 2009

Sunshine Tree Terrace Menu circa 2009

Sunshine Tree Terrace is probably open a bit a bit more often during the year than the other two restaurants highlighted in the “Is This Place Ever Open?” series, but it’s a seasonal restaurant and has rarely been open when I’ve been in the World.

Juice at Sunshine Tree Terrace

Juice at Sunshine Tree Terrace

A lot of fantastic “vintage Disney” posts have been written about the Sunshine Tree Terrace and the Orange Bird recently, and I’m going to send you over to one of my favorite websites, Widen Your World, to read up on the extensive history of Sunshine Tree Terrace and its Adventureland surroundings.

Orange Bird sticker photo via Jason Liebig‘s flickr stream, creative commons.