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  1. I think they mean you will only have to PAY for 3 days of the tickets and you will get the other 2 free making it 4 night/5 day overall

  2. So in others words you want people to book 6 days in resorts to get free tickets for 2. Not a deal. It should be free tickets period! Come on disney

  3. Thank you for sharing this great news! Any idea on if there is a way to apply it to already purchased tickets for travel between these dates?

  4. Of course going from 4 day ticket to a 6 day ticket is a pretty small upgrade price anyway …

  5. Will we be able to combined the ‘up to 35%’ hotel discount with the free ticket offer ? I already have a trip booked with the hotel deal.

  6. We are staying at the GF from September 6th-12th. I bought 4 days of park tickets for each of us, I’m wondering if I could have the 2 days free applied?

  7. Question…can we use the 35% off a stay at certain resorts AND get the 2 days of additional tickets??

  8. So are the two free days added into the package or are they additional? Meaning do I have to book a minimum park tickets in order to get them?

  9. Michael 4 night / 3 nights is for the 2 extra tickets offer . If you want to stay longer make 2 reservations . People do this all the time .I am a D V C MEMBER we do it stay in 2 or more resorts . 2 or more reservations .

  10. How about a break on our monthly DVC dues…especially with the resorts being closed for the pandemic!

  11. great for the new bookings but those of us that had tickets for 2020 and still cant internationally travel, the only consideration is open tickets for a year. And now plain color wrist bands are u$s 5 (they were free)

  12. Interesting but I see that its with a package and not stand alone. I am sure they are competing with Universal which has been having tickets with Extra days for what must be a year now. Ido wish it was more like Universal with not requiring a package.

  13. Samantha, typically Disney will allow guests to add to/amend their current trips, but you’ll want to confirm with Disney.

  14. Is it 2 day tickets for each person in your party? We are planning a trip for April and will hold off on booking if we need to take advantage of this deal!

  15. Do you get still get the offer if you’ve already booked? Our trip got canceled last May due to Covid so we rescheduled for this coming May.

  16. Trena, with these offers it can be hit or miss. You might give Disney or your hotel a call to see if they can confirm for you.

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