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  1. I rented DVC Points back in April to stay at the Polynesian then because of the virus Disney closed. I was lucky that the points I rented could still be used within the 11 months so It was booked for the last week of January. Now the refurbishments are happening and everything I wanted to experience there is not open/running, I’m so disappointed. This is my dream resort and I spent a lot of money to stay there, with rental you are locked in so I cannot change again. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to afford to stay there again once things go back to normal.

  2. My daughter IS the cast member in the photo for the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique! She sadly, was furloughed, and now laid off. She just wants to make magic again!!!! She speaks 2 others languages and LOVES being a Fairy Godmother in Training! Stupid Covid

  3. We felt that way with one Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Fireworks party. We were seated in the third line of tables and the terrace overhang partially blocked our view of the high fireworks, as we had to remain seated, as a bonus the trees blocked our view of most of the castle. We have a child with super high anxiety and we experienced a fireworks mob horrorific episode with her that left her traumatized. We didn’t want to waste 2 hours trying to save a spot in front and thought the party was a good alternative. For 5 of us , it was a very expensive experience for a mediocre viewing spot but our kiddos loved it.

  4. While I do agree with much on your list (there are always ways to make Disney World less expensive), I have to disagree about the tours. I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour in 2006, and it was PHENOMENAL!! Yes, it took five hours, and YES, it was a lot of walking, but we sent the younger members of the family off with Dad while we did the tour and LOVED it!! I’m a major Disney buff, so finding out how they did what they did was a huge highlight for me–if I remember it so vividly 15 years later, it must have been! I recommend it to ANYONE who wants to understand the backstage part of Magic Kingdom. Well worth the money AND the time!

    I also highly recommend (if you can do this during Covid) resort-hopping–we spent time at The Boardwalk, which was marvelous, and not just because of Beaches & Cream, which we adored. We enjoyed the actual shows put on there in the afternoons; they were fantastic and a great way to relax while not running from one ride to another in the parks! You can do this in Epcot, too–almost every land has its own little show–we opted for the acrobatics in France and enjoyed it thoroughly! Make that part of your day–it’s fun and it’s FREE, once you’re inside the park–and how much can you say that about in Disney World?

  5. So many of these things feel “worth it” to me — at least once. Breakfast at the Cinderella Castle was truly a dream come true for me–and I’d do it again for sure, despite the meh food, because it’s absolutely one of a kind and SO cool to look out the window and feel like you’re Queen of Fantasyland!! I’ve enjoyed the tours I’ve had, too — The Land tour was very memorable and worthwhile, for instance. And nothing beats sitting on your balcony and watching the giraffes stroll by with their babies in tow. In fact: those are the kinds of things that keep us coming back to Disney. Otherwise, we’re just getting the same kind of theme park experience we’d get at Hershey Park — not bad, worth returning, but hardly a world-class spectacular!

  6. When traveling as a couple we stay at GF or CR. We enjoy every minute as we are not rope drop – stay until close park people. However, when I go for the Garden Show and travel alone I stay at Pop. I think the extra expenditure depends on who and what type of trip. We have also taken over a dozen of the extra tours. All have been fantastic. My adult son was dreading the three hour Marceline to Magic. After we did M to M, he said I wish I would have done the five hour Keys to the Kingdom. With another couple we did Keys even though we wanted to do Backstage Magic again. They loved Keys and said we are ready to do Backstage. Every tour I have gone on I was sad it was so short!!! Those that have gone withus have said the same. The guides and tours are just amazing. I think dining experiences are also personal. Depending on who I travel with I love fine dining yet with others quick service is best. I am pleased there are many choices for the type of trip you are taking and who you are traveling with. We also love the dessert parties. We have done three different ones. These are not something we do each trip but every few trips. All have been very nice.

  7. I like the dining plan for the convenience more than the value- when we go as a group of more than one family, without the plan they usually give one ticket for the group and we have to figure up and reimburse whoever pays. With the dining plan they collect all our individual info and it’s much easier to pay.

  8. If you are an Annual Pass holder, park hopping is TOTALLY worth it. You’ve already paid for it as part of your pass. It was a great day when they reintroduced it (modified version) on January 1st.

    My adult son and I used it on January 11th. We had our reservation for Hollywood Studios in place (and even managed to get in the Rise of the Resistance que at 7AM from home). After enjoying Studios we took the Skyliner over to EPCOT around 2:00 and got right in. It was seamless, and such a joy to be able to hop again!! When we left EPCOT we took the Skyliner back to our car at Studios.

  9. As far as splurges go. Do you have to pay the parking fee to go eat at the on site deluxe hotel restaurants? If you are driving your own vehicle that is.

  10. Tony, day guests at the Resorts (i.e. those with Advance Dining Reservations there) do not have to pay for parking.

  11. If you are there on a super busy day with kids, dessert parties with preferred firework viewing is worth every penny! We were at MK over Christmas a few years ago and having a nice gated area to watch with the kids was awesome. Plus they loved getting all the desserts (whom I kidding, so did I)

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