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  1. How does Park hopping work for annual passholders? If I don’t have and initial reservation for a park before 2 pm, can I still hop to multiple Parks after 2 p.m.?

  2. Hi, I’m looking to visit Disney during my vacation in may. And I don’t know where to start. I’ve watched a bunch of your video but I’m still
    Completely lost lol. Would love your help planning our dream vacation

  3. If I am planning on a six-day ticket, do I have to buy a park hopper for all six days or maybe just the last two?

  4. What if the second park is at capacity but you have a dining reservation? Will they allow you in the park?

  5. Can you make a dinning reservation at a park other than the one you have a park pass reserved? Say I want to eat dinner at Epcot but want to start my day at Animal Kingdom. Will I be able to schedule a time for dinner in EPCOT if that is a park I plan to hop to?

  6. So there’s no way to make a reservation for dinner at any other park than the one you had a reservation at because there’s no guarantee you’ll get into the second park. Also, even if you make a dinner reservation in your original park, hop to another park, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get back into that first park for your reservation. That will make things a bit tricky.

  7. Scott, your Advance Dining Reservations are not dependent on your Park Pass, so yes, you can make your ADR for a park OTHER than the one you will visit using your pre-made DPP.

  8. Jay, typically Disney requires Park Hopper to be added to a full reservation. You could call to see if there’s any way to do this, though.

  9. Nichole, we have not had an opportunity to test this yet, but we have it on our radar to see how it plays out.

  10. We just returned from Disney on 12/30. The boats are running from HS to Epcot with their normal stops

  11. Any ideas about how it will work once Blizzard Beach opens? Will you need to have a park reservation for the water park? And will it need to be the first park of the day or could you hop to it after 2? Some researched information regarding the water parks would REALLY be appreciated!! Especially for summer 2021. Thanks.

  12. Essie, we don’t know if the Disney Park Pass will end up being a permanent feature, but we are also curious about that.

  13. Linda, you can still make the ADR, but we don’t know yet if an ADR guarantees you entry if the park is full. We are working on finding out for you.

  14. I was told that if you have a dining reservation at a park and it is the park you initially reserved, you will be allowed to hop back even if it is at capacity. If you have a dining reservation and the park you need is at capacity but it is not your initially reserved park, a cast member will help you to cancel your reservation so that you will not lose your deposit. I just came back and no park was at capacity any day all week after two.

  15. What if you have dinner reservations in a park that you want to hop to but that park is at capacity? Will they let you in?

  16. Maryann, we have yet to have this situation happen to us, so we can’t confirm yet. We have seen situations where the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT has been at capacity inside, and folks with reservations were allowed entry. We wonder if this might also be how they handle park entry, but we just haven’t been in that situation yet. We will update as soon as we can confirm.

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