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  1. Don’t like change to Keister slide at BW! DVC member since ‘92, tradition! Disney magic is disappearing fast! Hopefully I can sell!

  2. NOOOO! Not Wolfgang Puck Express. Our family loved this affordable Wolfgang Puck restaurant. The others are so expensive.

  3. My husband and I always ate at Wolfgang puck’s Express on Sunday evening after arriving at Disney World. We will truly miss it 😢

  4. Loved the ice cream shop on the boardwalk. One of my favorite areas of Disney to visit is the boardwalk.

  5. How about the restaurant in the campground? Trails end! Will it ever Open up for. Breakfast ?

  6. Totally bummed, I put off seeing River Of Lights until our next trip that was supposed to have happened 2/20. I never guessed it would leave so soon.

  7. NNNNOOOOOOO! Not Primeval Whirl! So sad about this one. We have been riding it since our kids were little. It’s a tradition. They are 19 and 20 now.

  8. I hope your son gets his first fish
    We made our son a first fish certificate and took his picture with it
    He is now an adult and still has it

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