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  1. Satu’li was the best food we had on the trip but Docking Bay 7 was a very close second.
    The Coral Reef was pretty underrated based on what I read here and elsewhere.
    Pecos Bill was highly overrated by those same sources.

    In all, we didn’t have any bad food. But Pecos Bill was no better than the local Mexican place.

  2. I think Garden Grill is the most over-rated restaurant at Disney World. We had the worst service AND the worst food here of every restaurant we’ve eaten at WDW. Kids wouldn’t even eat the mac & cheese, a usual fav of theirs. The turkey & stuffing was nasty & inedible. It’s the only time we’ve left a restaurant to head straight to a quick service because we were all hungry. And even though we were there for over an hour, we didn’t even get to see all the characters. Mickey never made an appearance.

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