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  1. Hi!

    You said that you “drop” into the kitchen. Are there any actual drops on this ride? I can’t even do the drop on Pirates, but I have no issue doing Flight of Passage because the ride doesn’t actually drop.


  2. Kaliopi, I just watched a ride through of the Paris attraction, and the “drop” into the kitchen doesn’t appear to be a real drop. I can’t tell from the video if the ride vehicle tilts to enhance a certain effect, but I’m pretty sure there’s no actual dropping. When we ride, we’ll report, and I can get a first-hand answer on this.

  3. Kaliopi,

    No, there is no actual drop, all done via video screens. It is the same effect as the waterfall on Runaway Railway, if you’ve been on that.

    You are flat on the ground the entire time.


  4. This ride is identical to the one in Paris which we have ridden many times (although it is in French like everything else obviously).

    The drop isn’t an actual drop as the floor is completely flat. The ‘rat’ which you are riding in actually tilts up a touch at the same time as the 3D and screen make you feel like you’re falling off the roof, through the skylight into the kitchen.

    The ride vehicle is no different to Mickey and Minnies Runaway Train so fun for all ages!

  5. Do you know when Genie + and individual attractions selection will be available? Our Disney vacation is the week of Oct.4 th.

  6. It’s a shame that Disney’s Cash Cow…WDW….can only give us a decade old attraction and hype it’s opening !

  7. DFB-Sarah, do you know if these rides will be wheelchair accessible? Or if they will have a special car just for wheelchairs?
    Thank you.

  8. Arlene, yes! I just got the info this morning. Remy’s has wheelchair-specific cars that you can wheel onto. ECVs, unfortunately, do not fit on those vehicles according to the info from the CM we talked to this morning. There are also vehicles with wider entrances so that it’s easier for folks to maneuver if they choose to transfer from a wheelchair into the vehicle.

  9. Amy, yes, this morning we confirmed that wheelchairs can load onto the vehicles. ECVs are not able to load, however, so a user would need to transfer to a wheelchair or directly onto the ride if they’re able.

  10. Charles, so far Disney is only saying fall 2021, so unfortunately they aren’t being specific. We will update as soon as Disney announces!

  11. Paul, thanks for sharing this! That’s what I was leaning toward (no pun intended) from when I watched the video, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Ken, I hope this helps!

  12. Thank you Sarah! That’s very exciting to know! Now our family member who is in a wheelchair will be able to enjoy this new ride with us! Yeah! He’s going to be thrilled and so are we! We plan on being in Disney World in November so we are really excited to be able to have the opportunity to get on this new ride

    Also, just want to send a shout out to you Sarah, AJ, and the whole team there a DFB: THANK YOU so much for all you do! There has been lots of news coming out of Disney this week and the DFB team is doing a fantastic job at keeping us all informed. Frankly, I don’t know what we would do without you guys or how we would plan our trips to Disney.

    From the newsletters, to the DFB Guides, to the videos and all of the timely information that we receive from you is invaluable!

    We truly rely on you all and on all the news and advice in this newsletter. You make planning our trips fun, informative, and exciting! Thank you all again for all of your hard work! It is really appreciated : )

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