Snack Series: Street Food

While you can always get turkey legs, funnel cakes, Dole Whips, and Mickey Bars at kiosks throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland, sometimes you might be looking for something a little bit different:

Walt Disney World

In Disney World, every once in a while, when the wind is blowing correctly and there’s just the right amount of pixie dust, you can find… egg rolls and corn dogs!

Corn Dog and Egg Roll Stand in WDW's Adventureland

This kiosk is in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, and it sells Pork and Shrimp egg rolls, vegetable egg rolls, and corn dogs.

Disney World Egg Roll Kiosk Menu

Corn Dogs! Egg Rolls!


And across the country in Disneyland, you’re treated to more interesting theme park “street food.”

Kiosk in Disney's California Adventure -- Paradise Pier

Corn on the Cob in Disneyland

In several places throughout Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, you can find kiosks selling chimichangas and corn on the cob (either plain with just butter, or flavored with chili-lime).

Corn on the Cob and Chimichangas in Disneyland

What are your experiences with fun “street food” in Disney World and Disneyland? We’d love to hear about what you’ve found on your trips — let us know your story in the comments section below!


  1. says

    We noticed quite a few stands selling corn dogs at WDW this past trip. There’s one on the Boardwalk for sure, but I also think we saw them at Studios and Animal Kingdom.

    My long time favorite street food at Magic Kingdom was Sleepy Hollow Caramel Corn, which was right next to the Hall of Presidents. It’s been gone for a few years now, and boy do I miss it!

  2. says

    At least its not, Pork Egg Corndog Rolls.. Kind of odd to have the corndogs witih the egg rolls lol

  3. Sarah says

    Matt and I love the Adventureland egg roll cart! We get the vegetable egg rolls there, and were upset last fall when we were in the park and it had gone away for refurbishment. We had walked down Main Street talking about getting them, and *poof*, no cart! We ended up trying the fried chicken meal at Pecos Bill’s and were pleased, nonetheless!

  4. says

    I’ve never seen the egg roll cart either. Are they better than the ones sold in the China pavilion at Epcot?

    I’d really love to see the baked potato cart. Sounds like a reasonably healthy snack.

  5. says

    Beth — Yep, they’re definitely trotting the corn dog out more than they have in the past (I’m waiting for WDW to get into the hand-dipped corn dog like you can get in Disneyland — woah nellie that’s yum!)

    Mark — Ooh! Pork Egg Corndog Rolls, now that’s something I’d like to try!

    Sarah — Don’t you hate when that happens?!? I try to not set my heart on certain WDW food items that I had on previous trips, because I’ve had my heart broken too many times… :-(

    Kelly — Oh, yes! Churros will have their very own blog post (as will popcorn!).

    Ro — I’m pretty sure it’s a seasonal thing, so check for it next time you’re back!

    Stephanie — From what I can tell, the egg roll carts come out during busy seasons, but that’s just a guess.

    John — I know. The baked potatoes were always a fun treat to have after a ride on the Haunted Mansion or a visit to Hall of Presidents!

    Chris — Not sure about quality on the egg rolls, personally, but folks who’ve tried them have liked them (there’s a huge “egg roll following” among WDW guests, apparently). And, alas, the baked potato place now sells hot dogs.

  6. Davina says

    Ooh, i wish WDW sold chimichangas (never been to California). EPCOT is always good for different “street food” as most of the countries have little carryout type places for egg rolls, tempura, fish and chips, etc. I know in France we’ve done the baguette and cheese plate; not exactly hand food but works well for a quick nosh. There are also a few places you can go healthy, just get fruit I think in all the WDW parks. FWIW.

  7. Carole says

    There is a “permanent” stand that offer egg rolls in Asia at the Animal Kingdom as well.

  8. Galloping Gourmond says

    I stay away from the egg rolls at that cart. When I have had them they varied between greasy and/or dry. I’ve also found that each one tastes very similar. I’d wager they are all cooked in the same fryer. They also lay heavy on the stomach and can slow you down in hot, muggy weather. I understand that they are a cult food and have quite the small but loyal following, and respect that.

    I am proud to say I have never had a corn dog anywhere ever.

  9. says

    Davina — Great point that Epcot offers some great counter-service options. My husband’s favorite is the bratwurst at Sommerfest!

    Maria — Ha ha! They’re huge, too!

    Carole — Thanks for the info!

    Galloping Gourmond — Thank you for the review; great point on the greasy fried “rock” in the stomach during HOT touring days. To your corn dog point, I must say that I’d never (!!!) had a corn dog before I sampled the hand-dipped versions in Disneyland last month. That thing was outstanding! I think, when it comes to corn dogs, Disneyland has it down pat. (Just in case you ever DO decide to try one… :-) )

  10. says

    of all the times, i’ve been to DL, i never noticed the chimichangas. will definitely pick one up next time i go! thanks for the tip, AJ!

  11. Susan says

    The corn dogs at Disneyland are big and worth the price when you compare it to other things that cost even more for a meal.

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