Snack Series: Churros!

Churros are quickly joining popcorn, Mickey Premium Bars, Dole Whip Floats, and Mickey Pretzels as one of the go-to snacks in Walt Disney World and Disneyland!

Churro Stand in the Disneyland Town Square

These long, doughnut-y sticks dipped in cinnamon-sugar are a delicious, light snack for any time of day. I got mine while I was waiting for the next show with Mr. Lincoln!

Churro Stand Pricing

Churro Making

Standard Churro in the Parks

One little piece of info I concluded during my marathon Disney-World-to-Disneyland-in-two-weeks trip is that churros have a much bigger presence in Disneyland than in Disney World! While you can find them in the World, churro stands in Disneyland feel more prevalent and are intricately themed based on the land where they’re located. Here’s a very “Swiss”-themed one near the Matterhorn:

Matterhorn Churro Stand

Now, since we’re talking about churros, I have to mention the delicious churro-y dessert you can order at Downtown Disney’s Paradiso 37 in Disney World. Two words: dipping sauce.

Paradiso 37 Churros and Sopapillas for dipping

Where are your favorite churros in the parks? Have you seen them anywhere else besides street vendor carts and Paradiso 37? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. says

    Hahaha…this post made me laugh. When we went to Disneyland, the Churro stands were EVERYWHERE! And they all had HUGE lines!

    The one night, I wanted popcorn and couldn’t find it anywhere…finally found some on Paradise Pier. On our search though, we found about 5 Churro stands! My boyfriend took it as a sign that he needed to get one.

  2. Theresa says

    You can also get them as a dessert/snack at the Pepper Market at the Coronado Springs Resort in WDW

  3. says

    I know I got a churro for my dining plan QS dessert at Cantina de San Angel. I wonder of the new place will have them? We laughed b/c usually we just share a churro b/c they are so huge, but we got a full meal AND we each got a churro?! We were so stuffed!

  4. James (Disneynorth) says

    There is one part of this post that is down right frightening…. $3 for a Coke or bottle of water?!?!? Outrageous!!

  5. Lillian C. says

    Ahhhh…. churros… You can’t go to Disneyland without having at least one. Is it me or do the churros in Disneyland have a filling?

  6. Lynnette says

    Oh boy. Now you’ve done it! My mouth is watering for the divine cinnamony-sugaryness that is the churro. Hot and fresh, holding that golden crusty pastry, the cinnamon smell wafting up to your nose making you forget that you are waiting forty minutes to get on – whatever – ride (it just doesn’t matter any more – I got me a churro!). Ahhhh. Yes. Whoa – almost got carried away there…

    Usually grab one by the Haunted Mansion, or by the Matterhorn, or on Main Street, or by Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, or…you get the idea! Yes, at Disneyland they are everywhere! Poor Griffin. Feel for ya! Have one soon! Yum!

  7. Sarah says

    Whenever I think of churros, I can only think of Homer Simpson ordering one… One churro, please!

  8. says

    Ahhhh, the churro. My Disneyland weakness. I’m sure I’ve been to every churro cart on property, which is daunting AND embarrassing. :) But I do have a favorite cart…

    Now, I don’t get any dipping sauces or crazy flavors (I think they used to have a strawberry flavor in Disneyland?). Just a good ol’ original churro from the cart between New Orleans Square and Adventureland, please.

    And, I’m sorry Walt Disney World: the left coat has you beat on these. Is it me, or do the churros taste better in Disneyland than in Disney World? I’ve only tried a couple different churro stands at WDW – Epcot I believe had them. Also, during Food & Wine Festival, the Mexico City food cart offered small churros with a chocolate dipping sauce. But nothing is superior to sitting right outside Haunted Mansion with one or two piping hot “doughnut-y” churro sticks!

  9. Lynette W. says

    I always forget there can be a big difference between Disneyland and DisneyWorld….especially when you post something like the first Churro Stand Picture! As you were talking about them, naturally I’m agreeing….because I’ve been to Disneyland a bunch of times and only DW once! Churros are EVERYWHERE in DL and they are just there and in your face! I think I even noticed the lack at DW when we went on the family vacation there last year! The first place I think I ever saw a Churro, in my whole life, was of course DL! At least that’s what I remember! Funny, fun, fun!

  10. Lynne says

    I know that Disney is just expensive, and I’ve come to expect that, but I just cannot justify 3.50 on a churro when Del Taco has them for .99 I think this makes me a party pooper! :)

  11. says

    Only in American can you charge $3.50 for a treat consisting of dough and cinnamon, both incredibly cheap ingredients. Oy! Now i love me some churros but i’m already smelling second mortgage after my trip!

    Well at least the folks at Golden Oaks can afford them ;)

  12. says

    Kelly — It’s TRUE! Churros have taken over Disneyland! I’m glad you finally found some popcorn on Paradise Pier!

    Theresa — Thanks for the tip on the Pepper Market! I haven’t been there in way too long; I miss it! Will have to get over to CSR on the next trip.

    Aubrey — Looks like the new Cantina WILL have churros…as will the Hacienda!

    James — Come now. You must be used to THAT by now ;-D

    Lillian — I’m pretty sure mine didn’t have a filling, but perhaps I chose the wrong stand!

    Valeria — Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know about IoA!

    Griffin — You’re in the camp I was in a year or two back. Get the churro. You’ll be glad you tried it. (And if you’re not, come here and write a guest blog about it :-D ) By the way — you should do the post-it note trick like GG down there.

    Lynnette — I think “diving cinnamony-sugaryness” says it all! You should get carried away more often!

    Sarah — Ha! Good times. :-)

    Nate — Agreed. Disneyland has WDW beat on churros. And corn dogs. And Mickey pretzels. And, apparently, matterhorn macaroons. Must do a post about this, no?

    Lynette W. — I know! We kept exclaiming about how many churro stands we saw in DL! (Fine with me, though — I love ‘em!)

    Lynne — No way, my friend! Remember, that $3.50 can also be spent on some pretty huge cupcakes and cinnamon rolls over in the bakery!

    GG — Yessir!! You need to write on a post-it right now, “Get Churro.” Put the post-it in your suitcase. Go. Do it now.

    Jason — This is true. They can choose their own architects, too. Maybe they can build houses out of churros. There’s something imminently structurally sound about them, no?

  13. Fiona says

    I LOVE churros, and I have even learnt to make them at home, very very easy and a great way to relive time in the parks

  14. Betty says

    Being a native Floridian, ( and born and raised in Miami ) Churros are always a welcomed sight in WDW. Our Fav is the stand right in front of Country Bear Jamboree. We love to order some with the chocolate sauce and take the long walk on the boardwalk next to the lake to the Haunted Mansion.

  15. says

    I too have had the churros at Epcot’s San Angel Inn. The ones I got were apparently a bit undercooked, and a little gooey inside. I can honestly say that it might be the best dessert I’ve ever had.

  16. Laura S says

    I’m agree with Betty on the favorite spot – the churro stand in Adventureland is the only place in the park we get them from (Although back home in Texas, our local Sam’s Club carries them – not as good, but they’re an adequate substitute for Disney churros. And it served as a realization that this was, in fact, a real food and not made up for our pleasure in WDW).

    Years ago, there was night, just before the MK evening parade, when my dad and I managed to snag the last churro of the night from that stand. Magical ending for us, not so magical evening for the dad of the kid in line behind who melted down when he was informed that the churros were gone. They’re just that good.

  17. says

    Churros are my older son’s go-to snack at Disney World. A few years ago, there were more carts in EPCOT that sold them but it was harder for us to find them in the last year.

    Does anyone know where to find churros in DHS?

    Our favorite place to get them is at a cart near the Country Bear Jamboree. Our least favorite place is (was?) at Cantina de San Angel – the churros are fine but the wait time/inefficiency is atrocious.

  18. says

    Matt — If you like cinnamon doughnuts, you’ll like these. If not, don’t bother ;-)

    Fiona — I bet they’re cheaper at home, too!

    Betty — Wha?! Chocolate sauce?!? Must get me some of that. I had no idea they sold the churros with chocolate sauce!

    Laura — Great story about nicking the last churro from the kid behind you. Ah, memories. ;-)

    Janna — Ooh, not sure about DHS. I’ll ask Studios Central!

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