Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards Include Several WDW Area Restaurants

For those of you who plan your Walt Disney World vacation around your gastronomical dreams, you may want to take note of the restaurants listed in this year’s 13th Annual Foodie Awards by the Orlando Sentinel.

Readers and critics chose these restaurants for their outstanding cuisine, and with five of the restaurants located within the WDW theme parks, you’ll need park admission and an Advance Dining Reservation to cast your vote for best meal. Check them out here!

As you can see, several hotel restaurants were mentioned as well! The Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge are Disney-owned hotels that offer inspired menus and ambiance. And garnering the attention of locals and tourists alike, the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek and Waldorf Astoria Orlando hotels opened in October 2009 offering elegant dining options. While Foodies need no reason to seek out a fine meal, dining at a hotel restaurant is a great way to celebrate your first night at Walt Disney World.

So which ones have you tried, and what do you recommend?


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    Other than the fact that African, Soul, and Caribbean are definitely not the same cuisine these are pretty solid choices. I’m hearing so many good things about Via Napoli it looks like I am going to have to try it. Well, being who I am I would have tried it anyway but I’m entering with a more open mind.

  2. Heather says

    I questions the judgement of the Orlando population when the Reader’s Choice for best Italian food is Olive Garden, just a thought.

  3. Alan says

    I noticed they mentioned The Brown Derby. It’s funny but this used to be one of my favs in WDW. And yet, I don’t recall it even being mentioned in the voting we did a short while back for favorite restaurants etc. This seems to be a place that has sort of been ignored recently with all the new eateries in Epcot and some of the non Disney hotels. I looked back at AJ’s review and it was very favorable.

    I would like to try every single entree on the menu but my wife would not be able to find a single dish she would like. Things like white truffle whipped potatoes, mushroom ragout and Cippolini Onions just stop her cold. But I wonder if the fact that it is a signature meal has some folks passing it by. All I know is that I love the idea of going into such an elegant restaurant with white table cloths and excellent service while wearing a Figment hat and wearing shorts and a Mickey shirt just makes me smile.

  4. says

    GG — Looking forward to your Via Napoli review.

    Carolyn — YAY! Can’t wait to hear your take.

    Heather — ;-)

    Alan — I’ll have to go back and check the nominations! I love this restaurant, too. Don’t forget, your wife could just have them fix her a plate of grilled chicken and regular mashed potatoes (or something else she would like) — I’m sure they’d be happy to do it!

  5. Alan says

    AJ – You’re right about asking for some plain food ( although the grilled chicken would have to be done to her specifications ). The question is; why have her eat something mundane when she like Italian food, steakhouse food, buffets and one dish at Chefs de France. We both like what I call bar food ( Raglan Rd. ) so we just tend to skip places that put sauces or other condiments on foods. I’m happy to accommodate her tastes.

  6. says

    Good point, Alan. I wouldn’t mind heading to Raglan Road a bit more often. ;-) Do you guys both like Rose and Crown, too?

  7. Alan says

    AJ – Rose and Crown is another old fav that we have been bypassing lately. If the menu has anything that she will eat, she would be happy to accommodate me. I took a quick look at the menus and the lunch would be ok with cottage pie and the hamburger. The dinner menu is pretty much a no-go. When we eat at Raglan Road she always gets the hamburger. She just has a very narrow food window.

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