New Menu Item: Appetizer Trio at Epcot’s Rose & Crown Restaurant

So, we chatted a few weeks ago about a food trend that seems to be taking Disney World by storm — trios! And we’ve found another new menu trio over at the Rose & Crown Restaurant that we thought was pretty great — almost as good as the English Bulldog!!

While the Yorkshire Dales was definitely on the tip of my tongue to order, that appetizer trio is new on the menu since my last visit, and I couldn’t wait to try it. It included Rose & Crown’s delicious Potato & Leek Soup — a strong contender for my favorite soup on property, scotch eggs, and Beef Pasties. The trio comes “to share,” so there’s two of everything — perfect when you don’t want someone stealing any of your soup!!!

Rose & Crown Appetizer Trio

First, I dug into that delectable soup. That stuff is cream + butter + salt + cream + butter + salt + essence of potato and leek I’m pretty sure, and it. is. divine. But soon I had to switch my attention to the scotch egg, which I’d never tried before.

See, I’m not a huge fan of boiled eggs, but I couldn’t really pass up the chance to sample this. I mean, it’s wrapped in sausage meat and then it’s deep-fried! How could that possibly be bad?

Scotch Egg with Mustard Sauce

And it wasn’t bad. It was quite good. We’re pretty much scotch egg converts now. ;-) But I’m looking forward to hearing from any UK residents out there who can tell me how much this is an “approximation” of a scotch egg. What’s missing and/or different from what you get at home?

Then it was on to the final piece of the trio — the beef pasty. Now, once again, how can you go wrong with beef and veg in a buttery pastry?! Delicious.

Beef Pasty

Beef Pasty Cross-Section

So I’m eager to see who else has tried this — and who wants to try it! Since this meal, we’ve been counting the days until we can head back to Rose & Crown. Stay tuned to read all about the “perfect” beer flight we had as well… that one’s coming up soon!


  1. Heather says

    I love the leek soup! However, in my humble opinion a Scotch Egg should be soft boiled. The white should be cooked like a hard boiled egg and the yolk should still be runny. I tried the Scotch Egg on a recent trip and was disappointed that I got a hard boiled egg. I am guessing that they are hard boiling the eggs, then wrapping them in sausage, battering, and frying–this isn’t actually how you make a Scotch Egg.

  2. says

    Ohhh now this looks fabulous! I’ve never heard of a Scotch Egg until recently and it intrigues me. hmmmm!

  3. Ashley W says

    I’ve always been scared of Scotch eggs for some reason, but I think you’ve convinced me to try it on my next trip! And I MUST have the soup. :-)

  4. says

    If the soup there is as good as the soup at Biergarten, I’m sold! I’ve been wanting to try the Scotch Eggs for a while, but Matt HATES eggs so I’ll likely be eating both of those. ;)

  5. Adhi says

    The last time I went to Rose and Crown, I had the Scotch Egg with my girlfriend. She is no fan of eggs, but we both absolutely loved it. Neither of us had ever tasted (or heard of) a Scotch Egg prior to that trip, so we cannot comment on the authenticity, but be sure that the flavors and textures were great to us. Also, it is not too large or heavy, so it does not fill you up too much before the rest of the meal. I have an ADR for Lunch in June, and you can bet the Scotch Egg (and probably the soup as well) will be included in my order!

    On a side note, I cannot wait for the flight review. I attempt to try beer flights as often as possible, and would love to see how this compares to the Germany sampler!

  6. Michelle says

    I’m so happy to see this appetizer trio! I was thinking about ordering all three of these appetizers and having it as a meal next month when we go! Now I don’t have to do that, yay! My husband and I can sample them and then still have something else too.

  7. A-Newton says

    Why be disappointed on receipt of a hard boiled egg when the menu says “hard boiled egg”?

    Every scotch egg I’ve ever seen has been HB. Not to say there’s anything wrong with a SB scotch egg (I would probably prefer that myself), but HB is certainly part of the norm. Expressing a preference is one thing but saying it should be SB is a little much, even when attempting to qualify it as an opinion. It dips into defining what a dish should be and ignores what it traditionally is, a realm of fact and not of opinion.

  8. Wendy says

    That looks really good! Being from Scotland we never eat at Rose and Crown though have stopped in for a drink. And in my opinion Scotch Eggs should never be runny – just checked with my mum, who is much older and she has never heard of them being runny.

  9. Kayleigh says

    Mmmm! We always stop by the Rose and Crown for dinner, even though we’re British! A scotch egg is always hard boiled..!

  10. says

    Yup, I agree with Wendy, I’ve never heard of a scotch egg being soft boiled – they’re always hard boiled, in my experience. But I’ve also never seen them on a restaurant menu either. You usually buy them either at pertrol service stations or maybe from the supermarket for a picnic but not really as an appetiser. They do look tasty in the picture – quite honestly they can often be really cheap and nasty, but they look nicer here! I’ve also only ever had them covered in breadcrumbs – I couldn’t tell from the pic if this one had them but I’m guessing maybe not if they’re deep fried? That soup looks really yummy though!

  11. says

    Heather — I respect your opinion 100%! :-)

    Jenn — I’m pretty sure you can get scotch eggs at the pub, too! Sounds like a good field trip!

    Janna — It went through a rough couple of years, but it’s really come around in the past few years. We love it now.

    Ashley — Oh yes! The soup is amazing!

    Sarah — The soup is truly outstanding. I think I like it better than Le Cellier’s cheddar cheese soup. Did I just say that out loud?

    Adhi — You’re going to LOVE the flight! My husband is still talking about it!

    Laurie — Hope you get to try it!

    Michelle — Yay!! Perfect timing!

    Jul — For real! But what about the bangers and mash!?

    A-Newton — Thanks for the info!

    Wendy — Hope you get to sample this on your next trip :-) Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Lisa — Sounds like you’ve gotta come back to Epcot!!

    BritMick — Great info, my friend! I’m going to your petrol stations from now on.

  12. Shelley says

    Already have an ADR for our October trip and this has me even more excited than I already was! Thanks!!

  13. says

    I’ve never seen a soft-boiled one, either! Mick – I’d like to attribute my early twenties weight gain to the great petrol station pasty. The problem with not having a sweet tooth…

    I do think the Rose & Crown menu is odd. I really don’t think the chef has ever been to the UK! Shepherd’s pie doesn’t usually include cheese, Ireland isn’t in the UK, and despite having spent a considerable amount of time in Wales, I’ve never encountered a tomato-based fish stew.

    This is what a scotch egg usually looks like… and pasties definitely need a proper rind – that’s the best bit!

    Having said that, Carl is a lovely, friendly chap and a pint of cider is very welcome on a hot day, so we will definitely be frequenting the place in future!

  14. Mark D. says

    I have got to add this place to my (getting very long thanks to the DFB) list of places to try.

  15. Greg says

    You didn’t actually get two of everything, as that is one egg cut in two. People would have to be out of their minds to pay $8.99 for ONE egg. I can order them at our local bar for $6 and get 3 whole eggs.

  16. Sandra says

    I learned to make Scotch eggs from an elderly English woman. Boil the eggs firm to hard and peel; pack a good quality sausage round the egg; dip the covered egg in beaten egg or egg white; then roll in dry bread crumbs. Let dry a bit and fry. Perfect picnic food, hot or cold. With a really good beer, of course.

    We will definitely be looking at this for a special stop in Epcot on our next trip. I was shocked at the price for a single egg (not even any chips with it for $8.99?) but I think the price seems fair for the new trio.

  17. says

    Just last nite I was complaining that the chicken pastys were gone from the menu at Rose and Crown. I can’t wait to try the beef ones! Along with the other goodies on the trio.YUM

  18. Gary K says

    The Rose and Crown is a special location, to enjoy all the wonderful appetizers especially the trio & Carl, the best bartender. My wife look forward to a few cold ones every time we visit the Rose and Crown.

  19. Carol says

    I am 50 and have NEVER seen a Scotch Egg with a runny yolk! I am English and my hubby is a Scot and we have eaten at The Rose & Crown a number of times and have always enjoyed it. Having said that however, it’s not really British grub they serve, but rather a ‘North-Americanised version of it. We expected that though. I do like a scotch egg and a Cornish pasty, but have not tried them at the R&C. The scotch egg in the photos are pretty authentic looking but the pasty looks a bit suspect! You can get a nice pasty at Cookes of Dublin, although they list it on the menu as a beef and lamb pie.

  20. Cheryl says

    The scotch egg was my husbands favorite food item of our entire last trip. He loved them so much I made some when we got home. While they weren’t bad they did not compare to the original we had at Rose and Crown. We will be back in a couple of weeks and he has talked nonstop about how he can’t wait to get some more of those eggs.

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