New Boneless Chicken Wings at Mr. Kamal’s and Frozen Drinks at the Animal Kingdom

As I was slogging through the rain at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World last Saturday, I was starving.

Let me say — I’m rarely starving in Disney World. I usually book two or three meals per day, so my stomach doesn’t get much of a break. But last Saturday I hadn’t eaten a thing, it was going on 2pm, and I was on a mission to get pics of a new cupcake (post coming soon!), so didn’t have time to stop into a counter-service joint and battle the lines.

Introducing…the Animal Kingdom “Boneless Chicken Wings!”

So just when I was resigned to having zero sustenance, I came upon Mr. Kamal’s:

Boneless Wings Ahoy!

If you voted in our Corn Dog Nuggets VS. Spring Rolls post last year, you know that this little shack on the route between Africa and Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom used to serve Corn Dog Nuggets.

These days, however, it’s purely a new menu of “boneless chicken wings,” which are pretty much chicken nuggets as far as I can tell!

Chicken Nuggets Take Over for Corn Dog Nuggets

I chose to sample the Teriyaki “wings” on this very rainy day, and let me tell you — they were awesome. This could easily be because I was SO starving that just about anything would have tasted good. It could also be that I’m a big fan of Disney chicken nuggets, and this was my first taste of them during the trip. Either way — these really hit the spot!

The sauce was sweet and savory at the same time — as it should be — and had great flavor. I also liked this addition of a few sesame seeds on top.

Teriyaki Chicken Nuggets with Sauces and Apples

You can still purchase spring rolls at the counter-service location across the way, so there were several sauces available at the shared “condiment bar.”

Introducing…the Maharaja Margarita!

Now, on my way over to a small seating area that was (thankfully) under cover, I passed by this fabulous little location, which I believe is brand new in the AK:

New Bar!

This has recently been set up as a little oasis selling frozen alcoholic drinks, beers, and water. I’d heard about it from friends, and couldn’t wait to try it!

Bar Menu

When I finally decided to order the Maharaja Margarita, the cast member gave me a tiny little cup of the stuff and told me it was a sample so that I could make sure I wanted to purchase a whole glass.

What?! Frozen Margarita samples?!?

So of course I asked to sample another of the drinks as well! Here’s the Bali Hai Daiquiri with rum, strawberry, and blueberry syrup. YUM!

sample of the Bali Hai Daiquiri

The Maharaja Margarita tasted to me like many of the other frozen margaritas on property, but others have told me that they tasted a bit of spice in there! This makes sense since listed in the ingredients is a “splash of Habanero-Lime.” You’ll have to let me know what you taste when you get yours!!

All-New Meal in the Animal Kingdom

This was, honestly, one of my favorite meals from my trip. There’s just something about indulging in chicken nuggets and a frozen margarita when you’re extremely hungry…in the Animal Kingdom…in the pouring rain… Man, that really sticks to yer ribs! ;-)


  1. marcellina says

    I’m glad you got your choice of apples or chips with your teriyaki chicken because it looks to me like you got 7 “chicken wings” so they are what? one dollar a piece? I know Disney is expensive but wow.. that just seems like a lot. Honestly though, I know I’d probably pay it happily to try this. The chili garlic chicken has me intrigued. Also those margaritas sound amazing!

  2. Melissa Sue says

    Oh man. I am going to have to replicate this meal … except I think I’m going for the Kali River Colada. Did you get to sample that one, AJ?

  3. says

    Thank heavens! I was getting way too old and frumpy to visit Hooters any more… Now I can get some tasty-looking boneless chicken wings at AK!

  4. says

    Last week I order the Chili Garlic ones. They were quite tasty, good balance of garlic, and not too spicy (although I always seem to think that….)… but not sure worth the $0.75 or so per nugget cost (depending how much you value chips or apple slices). After we had them i was hungry again… So as tasty as they were I don’t think i’ll be getting them next time I’m down in AK.

  5. says

    Marcellina — Great point!! Yes — you do get your choice of apples or chips. :-D I was kind of bummed that I didn’t try the garlic chili, too! Next time!

    Melissa Sue — Nope, didn’t sample the colada! Lemme know how you like it!

    Sharon C — Yay!! Can’t wait til you get to try these!

    Becca — Ha ha!! Exactly. AK is the new Hooters!

    Elizabeth — So glad there’s someone else out there who loves them as much as I do!

    Josh R — Great point, Josh. Thanks for the review on the garlic chili!

  6. Dave A. says

    The Boneless Chicken looks great!
    Do the new frozen drinks come with the straw shown? If so, that’s a first at Animal Kingdom.

  7. says

    Dave — Animal Kingdom has, for many years, offered the paper straws shown here in their table service restaurants and at their bar locations :-) I think they’re great, but there are plenty of folks who would prefer a plastic straw!

  8. Alan says

    AJ – The words “boneless” and “chicken wings” should never be used in the same sentence. These may have been tasty but they are not wings. Thank you for calling them nuggets. Thanks for finding us a place that we can get free shots … er samples at the AK.

  9. Dave A. says

    Thanks for clearing up my “straw mystery” AJ. I never knew that they were offered at the sit down restaurants, we’ve only ever eaten at the “fast food” kiosks. I can see that they’re not as much of a problem in the closed environment of a restaurant, as opposed to an outside eatery.


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