First Look! 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Merchandise

More Epcot Food and Wine Festival info comin’ your way!!

While we wait for the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival menus to be revealed, let’s take a look at some of the merchandise that will be sold at this year’s Festival scheduled for September 28 – November 12.

According to the DisneyParks Blog, Disney’s Event Merchandise department has created some unique items for this year’s event.

Pins and Vinylmation

First up, I HAVE to show you these limited edition pins. Cranberry bog fans will want to collect the Mickey Mouse in a cranberry bog version… Now, I ask you, WHY does Mickey get to go in the cranberry bog and I DON’T?!??!

I’ve been asking Ocean Spray on twitter (@OceanSprayInc if you’d like to petition for me) for months to let me get in the bog, and, alas, no answer…

2012 Food and Wine Vinylmation and Pins

Also showing up in pin form: The main logo pin features Chip and Dale. Disney Vacation Club members should look for a Minnie Mouse pin, and Annual Passholders might want to pick up the new Figment pin (!!!!) — yes please.

Vinyl fans will love that limited edition Vinylmation figure! The 3-inch figure features Tony from “Lady and the Tramp.” Designed by Billy Davis, the edition size is ONLY 2,500.

Signature Artwork This Year

Check out this piece – it’s the signature artwork element that will be used on some of the merchandise pieces like cutting boards, trivets, spoon rests, coffee mugs, and coasters. (Looks like we also get a sneak peek at what the Marketplace Passports will look like!)

2012 Food and Wine Festival Artwork


Two drinkware pieces that will be showcasing the festival logo include a wine glass and light-up tumbler.

(Yes, I am getting a light-up tumbler and you can’t stop me. I’m putting it on my tray when I walk through the festival. Yes, I bring a tray to the festival.)

2012 Food and Wine Merchandise

Apparel and Other Kitchen Items

Look for the following “sketch” on kitchen items like oven mitts, pot holders, aprons, drinkware, towels, and dishes.

2012 Food and Wine Merchandise Items

Chef Duffy

And, of course, Chef Duffy will also be on a limited edition (4,000 pin).

Chef Duffy Pins 2012 Food and Wine Festival

Speaking of Chef Duffy, he was very popular at the 2011 festival — only the cookbook outsold him! This year, the 12-inch bear has donned a bow tie.

Chef Duffy 2012 Food and Wine Festival

Where to Find ‘Em

You’ll find these items at the Festival Welcome Center as well as at locations throughout Epcot. A select number of items will be for sale on as they were last year. :-)

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OK, what Food and Wine Festival merch MUST be yours this year? (No, you can’t have my tumbler.)


  1. Michelle says

    I may need to increase my souvenir budget! I do collect pins, and I particularly like the Mickey in a Bog pin. How cool!!

  2. Madoka says

    I won’t be at Food & Wine this year but I really want the Duffy pin!!! I am a Duffy collector (especially costumes and items from Tokyo DisneySea) so this pin is really perfect. I hope it will be available at I like the Chef Duffy outfit a lot too, but I refuse to buy 12″ pre-dressed bears. I wish they had offered this as a costume for the 17″ Duffy also.

  3. Todd says


    If you really want the item, I’ll be at the Food & Wine festival this year. If you send me the money before I depart, I’ll purchase it for you & send it to you.

  4. ChrisJames says

    Hey guys, completely off topic but… I use my iPad to view the DFB and for the past two days, the site isn’t loading properly. It’s like a HTML version or something! I feel so cut off, I absolutely NEED my daily fix of DFB!!

    All other sites are working fine. Any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing this?

  5. says

    Melissa Sue — Me too! ;-)

    Michelle — I know, right? Mickey in a Bog? What could be better? Oh YEAH — ME IN A BOG! ;-D

    Emma — He’s cute! I love the spaghetti and “bella noche” on his ears.

    Madoka — I’m so sorry you won’t be there this year! :-(

    Todd — You rock!

    ChrisJames — It’s working for me. Reboot! REBOOT!

    Ashley — It actually came in REALLY handy!!

    Paige — Do you have other festival posters? So cool!

    Dana — Yes indeed!

    Lauren — Fingers crossed! They usually have a TON more merch than what they “preview.”

  6. Heather Sievers says

    Ummmm, if you go in that bog without me, I am so not your friend anymore! That Mickey in the bog pin is SO on my shopping list. Can’t wait!

  7. Patricia says

    I absolutely cannot wait. I agree with Michelle – I see a larger budget than originally planned!

  8. catherine says

    OK, that vinylmation is ug-lee. Most of them are, but this one really is.

    Dear Disney. Enough with the Duffy already.

  9. says

    Heather — Bog sisters 4-ever.

    Patricia — Looking forward to seeing you again this year!

    Catherine — Ha ha! I’m not a duffy fan at the moment either, but that just means more money for food.

    Shayne — You and me both!

  10. says

    Any news on Foodie Fest? We’ll be down there for opening weekend and would love to meet everyone if you’ve got events planned. Thanks!

  11. says

    I wish I were going to be at Food and Wine this year. I love the pins and the vinyl. I liked last years vinyl, but it was kind of boring. The pins from last year were a bit on the safe side too. It is great how they are bringing in non-Fab 5 characters and featuring signature FAW staples, like the cranberry bog.

    If they sell chef Duffy online, I am totally buying him. Super cute!

  12. Ro says

    Oh, I am in so much trouble with the merch this year. So want that Figment pin and maybe the light-up tumbler and coffee cup.

  13. Rach says

    Crossing my fingers for the Figment pin, since the Annual Passholder pin for the Flower Festival was never sold. (Apparently the Donald w/bee on nose pins were substandard somehow.)

    AJ, what kind of tray do you use?

  14. says

    Rach — I use a cheap little tray from Target, but I have bungee cords this year to try to mock up a hanging version that I can put on the World Showcase railings!

  15. Margaret says

    It’s just too bad the food samples are so small and too expensive! It’s gotten more and more costly and really tight with the sample size year after year….When will people realize that this is a rip off? You can better spend your hard earned dollars on a nice dinner!

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