Review: Pizza Planet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Time to head To Infinity…and Beyond! (Except you’ll pretty much stay in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.) Recently, I headed over for a late lunch (early dinner?) at Pizza Planet to see what was up!

A perennial kids’ favorite, families LOVE this place! The pizza-heavy menu and oodles of video games make this a good family stop in a park that’s not necessarily known for its kid-oriented counter service options. And while the food probably won’t wow you, the chance to let the kids burn off some energy might.


Did you know that Pizza Planet has been mentioned in every Pixar film except The Incredibles? Remember the “YO” truck in Toy Story? Pizza Planet Delivery Guy!

Modeled after the fictional restaurant Pizza Planet from the Toy Story franchise (complete with a huge arcade!), you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the film as you enter the place.

Outside Sign

It’s actually housed in part of the old Backlot Area at the Studios, right across the way from Muppet Vision 3D.

Pizza Planet

Even if you’re just looking to escape the heat for a little, this place is huge and offers seating upstairs, downstairs, or outside.

Pizza Planet Outside View with Seating

Inside, colorful murals depict a planet of hot, cheesy goodness!

Inside Decor

And look who flew in to keep watch and make sure the ordering process stays orderly?

Ordering Area Guarded by Buzz Lightyear!

Bright primary colors and fun theming are everywhere.

Utensil and Napkin Station

Once you get your food (don’t go during dining rush hours — lines here can get catastrophic), choose a downstairs seat, or take the stairs or elevator upstairs for more options. The outside seating is often nicely shaded, both under an overhang as well as umbrella-shaded tables.

Outside Seating Area

Seating Area Upstairs, and More Green Guys

Another Seating Area - Window View

The video games are, of course, a big draw here. It’s a great place to unwind in the a/c without having to stand in long lines. With so many games to choose from, there’s plenty to go around!

Video Games, Anyone?

Video Games and Seating Area

Little Dude in Action

And I love the giant Little Green Guys!

Little Green Guys Peeking In

See? Family time in action.

Dad Daughter Date

The cool claw vending machines let you try your luck at snagging a Disney plush! (These were always my favorite when I was a kid! …Well, these and skee-ball.)

Vending Machines - Care to Try Your Luck?

It’s pretty awesome to look down from above and watch the gaming action. It’s a great feature as well for parents who want to give the kids a little freedom – but not too much.

Video Games from Above

Looking Down at Video Games

One thing that I found to be particularly fitting (and funny) was the very conspicuous ATM and change machines. Disney leaves no opportunity to tell your kids that you don’t have any cash or quarters on hand for those video games. ;-)

ATM for Cash-Strapped Guests

Change Machine

But what about the food? Let’s get to it!


This huge counter service spot consistently gets good reviews from readers. It’s always among the top picks for counter service at Hollywood Studios. This I have to attribute to the fact that there are video games and that the place is massive, because there isn’t a whole lot of variety at Pizza Planet. Basically, you’ve got fast food pizza.

General Board of Eats

But there are also a few salads and desserts, including an interesting cupcake option that we’ll get to in just a sec!

Pizza Planet Pizza and Salads

Pizza Planet Desserts and Kids Picks

I spied a few side salads in the kitchen prep area. Since this was probably my third meal of the afternoon already, I decided to just go for the gusto and stick with the pizza and cupcake. ;-) I promise to get a salad next time.

Salads in the Kitchen Prep Area

Like I said, there isn’t much variety in the pizza. They’re all thick-crusted with a pillowy consistency, and reminded me of a slightly underdone, super-doughy chain pan pizza. The toppings didn’t cover the whole surface and were mostly bunched up in the middle.

It tasted fine, but it’s not the best pizza you’ll ever eat (I hope). That said, the kiddos will LURVE it. Well, they’ll take two bites then go play video games…which is LURVE when it comes to Disney World.

Pepperoni Pizza

My favorite part of the meal was dessert though, hands down. This Cappuccino Chocolate Cupcake was really good, and I’m not even a big coffee fan!

Cuppuccino Chocolate Cupcake

The coffee flavor was subtle enough to allow the chocolate to take center stage. The whipped buttercream frosting was much less heavy than what some of the Starring Rolls cupcakes feature. Think Contempo Cafe cupcakes as far as frosting texture here. And the crushed toffee and candied nuts around the edge provided some nice texture.

Chocolate Capuccino Cupcake

The rich, moist chocolate cake was a really nice foil to the lighter frosting.


Do I think that Pizza Planet has the best food ever? No way, man. If I’m after fantastic pizza, I would probably head to Via Napoli in Epcot’s Italian Pavilion, or to…like…New York City.

But I can see why this enormous eatery holds a special place in the hearts of readers, especially those with children. It’s a great place to chill and let the kids run around in a fairly confined space, while blowing off a little bit of theme park steam.

Be aware that it can become very loud and crowded, owing to its rampant popularity. Still, with such a large space, I’m confident that you’ll find a place to enjoy a bite and a game. And be sure to save room for that cupcake!

Do you love Pizza Planet for the games or the eats? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


  1. Raelynn says

    If you want your kiddo to eat more than a bite or two of that over-priced pizza, head upstairs so the video games are less of a temptation until after the meal. And AJ, everyone knows that Chicago style beats NY hands down. ;-)

  2. says

    As a Chicagoan I have to agree with Raelynn! I’m always disappointed at what Disney serves as pizza and puzzled as to why they can’t make a good one. It’s not that hard LOL.

  3. says

    Gah! Another cupcake without a filling! I’m sure it’s amazingly delicious but this is definitely a trend where Disney is cutting back. I have serious concerns. Thinking of starting a petition . . . .

  4. Janna says

    Yep, my boys LURVE Pizza Planet! This is always a must-do for us.

    In fact, I had the cappuccino cupcake on my last visit. It was tasty but I could only eat 1/4 of it. There’s no way I could hang in a cupcake crawl, AJ! ;)

    Now, if there were to be an artisan cheese sampler crawl or a best-of-the-best bread crawl…lol

  5. Jenn says

    Pizza Planet is a family tradition, we always go on every trip for lunch! Last trip my mom was the only smart one who got the cupcake. I know for my upcoming trip with DBf to not make the mistake of overlooking that gorgeous cupcake again :D 23 days!

    I was born and raised in the boroughs of NYC and I know the pizza is terrible… But since I’m eating it at Disney it’s magical anyway :)

  6. Alan says

    The thing is that it is just a short walk passed here to get to Mama Melrose and pretty decent pizzas. But if you have a bunch of kids with you, I get stopping here. The games, the prices and the informality of the place makes up for the below par food. Let’s thank the Disney folks for all the choices.

    Oh yeah, the adult beverages here will make the food taste better.

  7. says

    Firstly, let me say I agree with Janna… AJ, you need to come up with a cheese crawl of WDW!

    Ok, on to Pizza Planet. I’ve never been inside this place! Probably because I didn’t have any kids till now. I know Disney pizza isn’t the best… but it’s still pretty good. What’s that saying? About pizza and how even bad pizza is good pizza? hmmm… well, something like that. I’d have no problem eating here… plus I’d probably join the kids for a few rounds of video games! ;)

  8. steve76 says

    We ate at Pizza Planet a couple of years ago. The pizzas were really, really awful! Maybe it was just an off day, but I probably wouldn’t eat there again even if they were free! However, the one good thing about Pizza Planet is that they serve gluten-free pizzas (which apparently weren’t too bad).

  9. Lici says

    Thanks for the review! My 4 year old talks non stop about going to Pizza Planet! We missed it our last trip May 2011 but we’re definetly headed there this trip! 30 more days!!!

  10. Rachel says

    OMG I Love that Cappucino Cupcake!! The frosting is what makes it good. I am not a huge sugary dense frosting fana and that light frosting was so good.

    Pizza Planet is definitely my to go place in HS!

  11. David says

    We ate here last year and loved it. The only thing that could make it better is if they would add some of the Toy Story Characters for meet and greets here. Dont get me wront the Pizza is not the best ever but it atmosphere you are going here for. The cupcake was my first Disney World Cupcake, and it was LOVE at first taste. I am not even a coffe drinker but this cupcake had everyhing a person needs in a cupcake!

  12. Megan says

    We’ve never been a huge fan of Disney pizza… and I like almost every kind of pizza! Last time we ate here, the place was packed and we could only find an outdoor seat. In the sun. With birds squawking and pecking at everything, even landing on the table. It was not pleasant, and I would not go back unless my little guy begged.

  13. Steve H says

    I still maintain that the lack of a proper Toy Story Rocket Claw machine with REAL Green Aliens is a travesty. As is the lack of robots guarding a sliding door. My wife always makes me eat here.

  14. Essie says

    I have never been to P.P. because I love well made hot fresh out of the oven pizza (like Wlofgang Puck Express in the Marketplace), but since I discover your Blog AJ (and look forward to it) I’m so looking forward to the CUPCAKES!!!! I’m def going to P.P. for their Cap. cupcake and I want to take one (or two) home with me. Now I can’t wait to play Skeeball and see if there is a pinball machine there, also! And I love the Little Green Men; they’re just too cute. Oooooooh! DHS is going to be a ‘Buy Many Cupcakes Day’ for me. My friends are going to laugh like crazy at me because they’re all going home with me in a special handmade container on the plane!

  15. Phil P says

    We visited here on our very first WDW trip together. I do heartily agree with Steve that the lack of a claw game with the three eyed aliens is an oversight of astronomical proportions.

    The pizza is the same standard fast food pizza you get elsewhere at WDW… Catalina Eddie’s, Pinocchio’s Village Haus, etc…. it’s the same stuff. Edible, but hardly great. That said, even mediocre pizza can hit the spot sometimes.

    As said, the atmosphere is fun, and that’s part of the reason we haven’t been back. Not because we don’t like fun, but because that fun attracts massive numbers of people. If you try to eat at Pizza Planet during regular meal hours you’re going to be having serious trouble finding a seat. Not only is there the usual seat-saving that plagues other quick service locations, but the video games mean mom and dad will relax after eating while the kids burn off some energy at the games, occupying the table for longer. This is great if you can get a seat, but for those standing around holding trays of cooling food it is quite discouraging.

    A very late lunch here is worth a visit, but from 11:30am-1:30pm or so, you might want to find someplace else to eat or something else to do.

  16. Prof. Brainard says

    I was blurry-eyed this morning when I looked at the blog and at first glance thought you were reviewing a pizza cupcake! Not a bad idea, come to think of it.

  17. Marlene says

    We like the meatball sub!
    Is it no longer available?

    3 meatballs covered in melted cheese!
    (the kid meal has a smaller 1 meatball sub)

    BTW, we skip the salads, and ask for just the Pizza – usually saving a few dollars!
    (You have to ask if there is a price without the salad. It might not be on the overhead menu.)

    We like to sit upstairs – there is also an elevator – and there are rest rooms upstairs, too!

  18. Mary says

    We have eaten here and the pizza is terrible. I agree with other posters, it is the same pizza as everywhere else at WDW, but it is dismal. My family, kids included, avoid pizza at Disney. They do lots of things wonderfully well, but pizza is not one of them.

  19. Tara says

    Mentioned in every Pixar film except Incredibles? Where did I miss it in Brave?

    Seriously though, that cupcake wasn’t there my last visit and I will certainly be trying it next month. Always great to find another quick service place with dessert options other then chocolate cake in a cup or carrot Cake in a cup.

  20. Curtis says

    I’m a fan of Pizza Planet because of the kids’ meal. I try to save money when I eat at the parks by ordering the kids’ option for myself. Though the pizza isn’t great, it’s certainly filling enough to keep me going for a few hours, and the price is right. The atmosphere is fun, and it’s nice to sit outside near the Muppet fountain. PS I also get mids’ meals at the burger places that have the toppings bars!

  21. Laurie says

    I tried the PP chicken salad & it was surprisingly good! My husband seemed a little jealous I was enjoying my dinner while he & the kids were just picking/poking at their pizzas. Guess I made a good choice :)

  22. Michael R says

    Just returned from my first visit to Pizza Planet and was pleased with the food. We went there during peak lunch time and did have a short wait for a table but nothing to complain about. I am proud to report the meatball sub is still on the menu and is really good.

  23. Amy says

    My son has asked me a million times if we can “go to a Pizza Planet like Andy does sometimes” so this will be a must when we go to WDW! I do have a question, though! Can we go in and play the games without eating, or is it a eat to play type thing?

  24. Chad says

    We went there in April. While the pizza wasn’t the best, it was still tasty. However, the big thing for me was the dirt pie cupcake. That was amazing!

  25. Betty says

    We had dinner at PP this last Christmas and while the pizza wasn’t the greatest, but you can’t find a good pizza anywhere in Florida anyway, the kids loved it and it was filling for them. The adults all got the meatball sub and it was wonderful. I think this is a great place to have a quick meal.

  26. Payton says

    You know how awesome Pizza Planet seemed in the movie? You know how you thought as a child “Wow, I would love to play that claw game and get a Little Green Man!” Well, I can assure you, Pizza Planet is the place for you! Containing everything needed for having the FULL Pizza Planet experience! Features include:
    Awful Pizza: Are you from Chicago, and miss that beautiful pizza you eat? Well step right up to Pizza Planet! Filled with greasy, non-Chicagoan pizza, this beautiful slice of rubber the server probably spit in, I can assure you there is no better area to eat pizza then go and bake in the hot sun with your children right before puking all over the people riding Tower of Terror with you!
    Arcade Game Variety: Everyone has seen the awesome Space Rocket claw game from the movie, and you may have even dreamed of playing it. Well who needs that piece of junk game? Pizza Planet has games that blows that stupid game straight out of childhood dreams. With those awesome germ covered games pulled out of every Chuckie Cheese, your children will be running from the Pizza Place in tears when finished walking around this disappointment that hardly meets one birthday party at Chuckie Cheese!

    Don’t forget how closely it resembles the real movie! We don’t need robots opening doors or the Claw to make this a Pizza Planet, we just need two or three crappy games and a few crying kids, and bam! Welcome to Pizza Planet!

    Be sure to stop at what has ruined many childhood dreams (including my own) when you visit Pizza Planet in Disney World!

  27. Julie Myers says

    One of the most disappointing things Disney has done–take away the cappuccino cupcake! Basically everything is the same food wise as it was at Pizza Planet, but the cupcake is gone. Come on Disney–bring it back. If not here that somewhere—PLEASE!

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